ulma chicken shit
doesnt know what she wants


so.. new leaf ceritanya..
cant u smell the fresh air :) ?
its -5 here
cold.. freezin.. tp refreshin ;)

perlu new layout.. tapi entar2 aja deh


lg ga bisa ngeblog
ive lost contact wif my inner self (..blogger,writer,etc.)
so its official. cuti ngeblog until unforeseen time.
my apologies.

thank you very much for your kind attention, hehe :)

am i not trying hard enough to keep everything together?
do i take things too much at a time?
today i did nothing while i know i shouldnt
tp kali my mind needed a break
bwegh xp

so i said to myself, if i can get through this i'll b proud of myself
n im no supergirl
tp lets try.. hup hup

nature boy

There was a boy. A very strange enchanted boy. They say he wandered very far, very far, over land and sea. A little shy and sad of eye, but very wise was he.

And then one day, one magic day he passed my way. And while we spoke of many things, fools and kings, this he said to me:

The greatest thing you'll ever learn,
is just to love..
And be loved in return

btw kenapa judulnya nature boy yak? kesanny jadi kayak tarzan or george of the jungle.. orang utan.. =p
By the time you swear you're his,
Shivering and sighing,
And he vows his passion is
Infinite, undying -
Lady, make a note of this:
One of you is lying.

(Dorothy Parker)
Piety does not consist in whether you face east or west during worship. True piety consists in this:
believing in God and in his final judgement;
believing in his angels, in the Book, and in the prophets;
giving your wealth, for the sake of God, to your relatives, to orphans, to the needy, to wayfarers and to strangers;
ransoming slaves;
attending prayers and paying the poor-rate;
being true to your promises;
and being steadfast in times of distress, adversity and war.

Those who show true piety, are genuine in their faith; they honour God.

-Qur'an, Al-Baqara, Surah 2:177

hv you? i hvent.

my love..

i want you
i really need you
please dont go away
would you please stay

need you in my life
please make me your wife
all of the times when we're together
will always remain in my heart forever

i cant get enough
would never have enough
dont go, just be
nothing can take you away from me

its always in my dream
to touch and feel
to smell and taste
oh my longing
i almost cant bear it

my love
my one and only
duren.. <3 <3 <3

ga mau...

ku tak mau
ku tak mau..

tak mau
sudah kulempar ke laut
sudah kubuang jauh2
hus hus

the package

this morning there was a man
stnding in front of the door
he got a package
a box, a carton one

inside the box
a green plastic bag
four things inside

one is unwanted, no more
one would burn the tongue
another one would never arrive
and the other reminded him of a sad old love

the sender
is someone who loved him very much
i thought it was there all along
but with a blink of an eye its gone
the thing i've craved so long
suddenly i want of it no more

smoke comes out of the mouse's head

i need a break


but i will wear you out
i will wear you out
i will wear you out
and you'll get tired
and you'll leave

i will push you away
i will push you away
i will push you away
then you'll get fed up
then you'll leave

The Great Theft

The Great Theft

A moderate Muslim's struggle to wrestle Islam from the extremists.

by Melanie Colburn

November 18, 2005

In his new book, The Great Theft: Wrestling Islam from the Extremists, Dr. Khaled Abou El Fadl explores the poorly-understood divide between what he calls the moderate and puritan strains of Islam in the world today. The former, he says, is a religion of mercy; the latter an unbending ideology with dire consequences for nations struggling with post-colonial identities and living under oppressive regimes. Abou El Fadl calls on Muslims to join in a counter-jihad against sects such as Wahhabism, a radical branch of Islam that has influenced the Taliban and al-Qaeda. He seeks, for instance, to liberate the word jihad�which has classically meant a spiritual struggle to serve God�from its narrow use by terrorists and politicians to connote a holy war against non-Muslims.
Abou El Fadl�s efforts to reclaim the tolerant foundations of Islam that have been erased by Wahhabi evangelicalism are of concern not only to Muslims seeking to reclaim the roots of their religion but also to non-Muslims. Though he seeks to cultivate moderate Islam among Muslims, who, he says, are "woefully ignorant about their own faith," non-Muslims are also meant to benefit from his jihad against Islamic extremism. Too many misconceptions about Islam continue to plague Western policy�from Europe's apprehensions about letting Turkey, a majority-Muslim country, join the EU to President Bush's various pronouncements on radical Islam.
Dr. Abou El Fadl, a professor of law at the University of California-Los Angeles, recently spoke with Mother Jones about the battle over the future of Islam and its role in the world.
Mother Jones: In your book, you write about a growing divide between moderate and puritan Muslims as a profoundly important event in Islam, as important as the Reformation was for Christianity. When did this historic transformation begin, and what are its causes?
Khaled Abou El Fadl: First, the Islamic nation�like all religions�has confronted extremist movements in the past. The mainstream institutions of Islam have usually been powerful enough that, although the extremists were able to inflict considerable mayhem at the time, eventually they were marginalized and became a historical memory.
But the current crisis that you're talking about has its genesis in a profoundly chaotic and traumatic era when the traditional institutions of Islam were crumbling in the wake of colonialism, and during which many of the traditional institutions of Islam were being challenged by the new reality of nation-states. At that time an intelligentsia emerged that was secular and educated in the West, but who did not have democratic ideals. So you have a new ruling class in the Islamic world that brings the worst the West has to offer, while putting off the best the West has to offer�humanitarian and democratic values�as inappropriate for Islamic societies.
Now after World War I, Britain and France signed the Sykes-Picot Agreement to ensure that a Muslim empire did not arise again in the Middle East by dividing up Muslim countries in such a way as to create numerous tensions and ensure that there will be enormous ethic and social conflicts. And as Muslims were trying to figure out their own destiny, to decide whether secularism was good or bad, they were often struggling with really vicious military regimes�like Syria and Egypt�that were not just secular, but anti-religious.
But the really important factor [contributing to the rise of the current crisis] was the Al-Saud family. With British help, the family seized control of Arabia and transformed it, from a territory of holy sites shared by Muslims around the world, into a militia state, where they have an exclusive and hegemonic domain. Seeing that there was a vacuum in religious authority in the former institutions of Islam, the Al Sauds created a marriage of convenience with the Wahhabis. They decided "We don�t want other people challenging our monopoly over the area of Najd, the area of the holy sites, so we are going to aggressively attempt to Wahhabize the rest of the Muslims." In the 1970s, when it was most pronounced, the Al Sauds began a very aggressive evangelist orientation to redefine Islam according to Wahhabi parameters; in other words, according to the new puritanical, literalist orientation and to de-legitimate every other orientation.
MJ: Is puritanical Islam on the rise for other reasons since the 1970s?
AEF: Sure. People in the United States don't like to hear it, but puritanical Islam has been on the rise because of our unequivocal policy of absolute support for Israel, regardless of what Israel does�even if they invade Lebanon and bombard a major city like Beirut, full of civilians. Israel has, by conservative estimates, 40 atomic bombs, but we go nuts if any Arab country or Iran develops even nuclear capabilities. In addition, the American obliviousness towards the suffering of Palestinians refugees plays a major part in radicalizing people. And we are fanning the flames of puritanism.
And also, a very prominent part, is the highly authoritarian, despotic governments, often secular�for example Syria, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria. In all these governments, we have a policy of "if you're friends with Israel, then you're our friends." But these highly authoritarian governments add to the element of sheer frustration among Muslims, and living with that sort of fear day in and day out makes people insane. And torture is literally, in a very real sense, a factory for extremism.
Finally, there's the amazing disparity of wealth. Egypt is second in the world in terms of Mercedes Benz ownership�this is a country where 1 percent of the population enjoys 90 percent of the wealth of the country. There is an amazing, shocking disparity of wealth in the case of Saudi Arabia because of the monopolization of resources in the country; in the case of Egypt because the elite opens the doors for American businesses. Or, there is sheer corruption, as in the case of Syria.
MJ: You yourself were a victim of torture in Egypt. Would you talk a little bit about what happened?
AEF: In my case, I had become well-known for my advocacy in the United States for democracy, and had become active for a few human rights organizations. I published some articles that were very critical of the military being involved with politics in the Middle East, called "When the Military Rules." The basic idea was that when the military governs, civil society is destroyed. And I also wrote another article called "the Myth of the Just Despots" saying that there is no such thing. If you're despotic, by definition you're unjust.
[The Egyptian regime] didn't want any specific information from me. It was just simply to destroy me as a human being. The reason we talk about 'survivors' of torture is that it really destroys a human being. If you manage to survive, it's a miracle. And it has the effect of producing extremism. Everyone who cared about the individual is destroyed because the family and friends see what used to be a lively, vibrant human being, but now is just a shell. And that has a remarkably powerful effect of producing extremists. In some rare situations, one survives the experience and develops an empathy with any human being who suffers.
The net result of this experience is that I am thoroughly convinced that no human being deserves to be treated in this fashion�I don't care where they're from or what their truth is. If you tell me, this human being cursed God or urinated on the Koran�the most offensive act you can imagine for a Muslim�and ask, can we torture them? My answer is: it is fundamentally inconsistent with all Muslims of religiosity and divinity to take away the dignity of a human being through infliction of intentional pain. And that is why when I hear about what our forces are doing in Iraq or Guantanamo, I can't believe the level of dismay and depression that I feel, partly because I know we are constructing our own enemies.
MJ: Can Islam be "wrestled from the extremists"?
AEF: Absolutely. It's mentioned in the Koran and also in other holy books that God does not change what is in people until they change themselves. The extremists are an extreme minority in numbers, but are able to create acts which get a lot of attention.
In the book, I call for a counter-jihad. "Jihad" doesn't only mean a holy war against non-Muslims. Extremists are willing to sacrifice life and everything to achieve what, I believe, are very evil causes that destroy everything that the Islamic religion stands for. The side that's willing to sacrifice more is ultimately the side that wins. If the moderates had an attitude of "You think what you do is jihad? Well, I know that jihad is not a jihad unless it is linked to a moral cause; and the moral cause is to prevent you from corrupting my religion." If you allow that to fire you up, in the sense of religious power and zeal, then sure, extremism can be defeated.
MJ: In your book, you write about "harkening back to tradition" as a way to move forward toward liberal values in Islam. How can average Muslims differentiate between two Islamic traditions that each claim authenticity, when they are not themselves intimately familiar with the expansive body of texts that compose Islamic law�which you yourself say provide the guidance needed to fully understand Islam?
AEF: That's a very good question. Basically, not everyone can be an expert in Islamic law. But the mining of the tradition to support humanitarian values is the type of tedious theological work that needs to be there as the reference source providing legitimacy across the decades and centuries. But you know, how many Christians have read the Summa of Thomas Aquinas? How many Jews have actually read the work of Martin Buber or even Maimonidies? But it is the existence of these purely thought-out theological theories that provide material for those individuals who go out and engage the laity.
Now, someone like me cannot go out and engage the laity; I can't give a straight and simple answer to anything�as you've noticed�that's the way my mind works. But there are people who can study the theology and can reduce it to fundamental core values that appeal to Muslims. Now, I believe that if the effort is made to constantly engage the mainstream and, importantly, if moderates are willing to put their money where their mouth is�providing aid for those who do a lot of this counter-jihad work�then extremism can be discredited, de-legitimated, and exposed for the corruption that it is. That has happened in Islamic history several times. And eventually it will be marginalized.
MJ: What are some of the obstacles to this happening?
Unfortunately, a lot of people just think, "What's the big deal? They're Muslims too, rather strict but what's the harm?" That attitude has to change. That sort of wimpy, soft, justifying attitude must end. Also a problem is the attitude that what Muslims need the most today is unity. It's an idiotic idea: unity over what�unity over evil? Unity over what: treating a woman like garbage? No, I'm sorry, please first define what we are unifying over and then we can talk.
Just before you got here I got a call from a woman�and this is so typical: She married a guy who is remarkably abusive. They're both Muslim, so she has gone around to imams seeking their help. But imam after imam doesn't want to be involved. She contacted me because she knows that I will stand by her despite the slander I hear about "he goes to the courts of non-Muslims", "he empowers women against their husbands," "he disunites Muslims." I don't care about all this crap. Why? I read the Koran, and the Koran says very clearly one should stand by justice even if is against your family, your friends, your tribe, or even if it is against yourself. And the meaning of justice is compassion and mercy. The woman I am talking about is suffering; this dictates that I stand by her and leave politics to the politicians. What has often corrupted us is when we put politics ahead of morals and principles.
MJ: Are moderate Muslims getting enough support from the West?
Let me tell you another story�it simplifies so much. Saudi Arabia recently signed a deal with England for $43 billion worth of arms. The arms deal had two conditions: first, that England stops an ongoing investigation of some members of the [Saudi] royal family on corruption charges; second, that England desists from offering asylum to two well-known Saudi moderate dissidents. Now, England is supposed to expel these two very well-known Saudi moderate dissidents. If they can't find another country that is willing to offer them asylum, they must be turned over to Saudi Arabia, where you and I know what's going to happen to them. They're going to be tortured and then killed.
Now, if you reflect just on this one incident, it speaks volumes about what is wrong. These are two Muslims who put their lives, the lives of their families, and very courageously stood up to the evil. When Bush talks about the axis of evil he never mentions Saudi Arabia. If he was being honest, he would. Muslim individuals who espouse democratic and human rights ideals find themselves, for money, betrayed by a country that is supposed to stand for the old ideals of democracy, etc. Now, the whole Muslim world has heard about this deal two weeks ago. Saudi Arabia tried to keep it secret, but it was leaked to al-Jazeera and they did whole documentary investigation on it.
It puts moderates in a position to ask "Who are our friends? Who are our supporters in this world?" The United States practices torture and brought in people like Alan Dershowitz to try to theoretically justify torture as acceptable. England is throwing principles and ideals out in order to receive money. All this rhetoric that you hear about the West supporting human values: is any of it true or does it all just fall into serving political ends?
MJ: Earlier this month, President Bush discussed radical Islam, noting that "some call this evil Islamic radicalism; others, militant Jihadism; still others, Islamo-fascism." How accurate do you find the Bush Administration's understating of Islam?
AEF: It's all very loose talk. Often I feel the influence of the paradigm from Samuel Huntington's Clash of Civilizations at work in the Bush administration. For those who are familiar with extremists, talking as he did about an empire that goes from Spain to Indonesia is a hallucination. The center of extremism is Saudi Arabia�which Bush leaves out of all equations. I can understand that we are after these individuals who commit acts of terrorism, fine. But, when we start saying we're at war with "Islamic fascism," we're using such loose categories that it is easy to slip into a war with Islam itself. Basically, we need to define what is and is not acceptable. What's really scary is that the type of talk that I heard in the last speech is the same talk I've read in the works of these Islamophobes, career Islam haters, anti-Arab Semites, who use expressions like Bush used.
Extremists keep selling the idea that Muslims are dealing with a modern-day crusade�that Bush and his administration are basically Christian fanatics who hate Islam. You put all the pieces together: Guantanamo torture, betrayal of moderates, the creation of a very vague enemy that could be anyone and anything and anybody, sending [former al-Jazeera television correspondent, Taysir] Alouni to prison in Spain. The extremists start weaving all these little bits together and create a recruiting manual that attracts an overflow of volunteers. This is a time when we need rational heads, and very wise, balanced policies, not adolescent-type behavior that adds fuel to the fire.
MJ: The recent draft of the Iraqi constitution was based, in part, on Islamic law. Does basing a country�s constitution on religion come into conflict with its role in preserving human rights and civil liberties?
AEF: No. It largely depends on how you interpret religion. For instance, the Christian Democratic Party in Germany clearly says that all democracy is based on Christian values; and in Israel, there are parties that clearly base themselves the culture and heritage of not just the Torah, but also Talmud traditions. The critical question is how a religious tradition is interpreted. Is it interpreted in ways that are pro-human rights or in ways that are a throwback to the Dark Ages?
MJ: Can Islam and democracy co-exist?
AEF: In my view, yes. But if people are going to say "God is the sovereign and I rule in the name of God," then that�s another thing. If human beings pretend to be God, then forget about democracy. If they understand that no human being can represent God, then sure. I�ve written a book entitled Islam: the Challenges of Democracy, because it is a challenge. It requires careful interpretation of the Islamic tradition and Islamic theology, and there�s a lot in there that would support democratic ideals.
MJ: What about Islam and feminism?
AEF: Islamic tradition is full of examples of that support the autonomy of women and the empowerment of women. Very few people know that in Islamic history there have been well over two thousand women jurists. Think about that: at a time when it was inconceivable to have a woman rabbi or a woman scholar of Christian theology or canon law, the Islamic civilization boasted hundreds of women who were authorities in Islamic law and Islamic theology and that taught some of the most famous male jurists and left behind a remarkable corpus of writings. Wahhabism goes and takes elements from that Islamic tradition that are most oppressive of women, and highlights and enlarges them and makes them the whole of Islam. In my view, that�s a clear corruption of the Islamic tradition.
MJ: Do you think the invasion and war in Iraq are radicalizing Iraqis?
AEF: Definitely, yes. Sadly, Iraq has become a hotbed of extremism. And for those who know Iraq, it is remarkably sad because Iraq had a very strong tradition of moderate dissidents against Saddam Hussein, and the voices of these moderates are becoming increasingly silenced in the process of radicalization.
MJ: Do you see Austria�s recent effort to limit Turkey�s status to that of a privileged partner of the EU, and deny full-membership, as a sign of underlying misconceptions about Islam?
AEF: That was a remarkable disappointment. It�s very interesting because Europe�particularly England�was the one that so thoroughly dismantled the idea of an Islamic nation as fundamentally illegitimate in itself. Does the idea of Europe creating a Christian union and seeing an Islamic country as a problem feed into the cause of extremists? You bet. Does it dishearten and demoralize moderates? You bet.

Melanie Colburn is an editorial intern at Mother Jones.

@2005 The Foundation for National Progress

Read the article online:


Check out the latest from Mother Jones at:


I want to, I want to be someone else or I'll explode
Floating upon the surface for
The birds, the birds, the birds

You want me, well ****ing well come and find me
I'll be waiting,
with a gun and a pack of sandwiches
And nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing

You want me, well, come on and break the door down
You want me,
****ing come on and break the door down
I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready...
Ramadhan is the (month) in which was sent down the Qur'an, as a guide to mankind, also clear (Signs) for guidance and judgment (Between right and wrong). So every one of you who is present (at his home) during that month should spend it in fasting, but if any one is ill, or on a journey, the prescribed period (Should be made up) by days later. Allah intends every facility for you; He does not want to put to difficulties. (He wants you) to complete the prescribed period, and to glorify Him in that He has guided you; and perchance ye shall be grateful.

-Qur'an, Al-Baqara, 2:185
O you who believe! Fasting is ordained for you, as it was ordained for those before you, that you may attain piety. Fast a certain number of days, but those among you who are sick or traveling may fast the same number of days at a later time. But for those who are able to fast and do not, there is still redemption in the feeding of a needy person. However, for those who are given to increased virtue on their own accord, it is more valuable for them, though fasting is far better for you, if you only knew.

--Qur'an, Al-Baqara, Surah 2:183-84

6.15 pm

It’s 6.15 pm and I have only drunk 4 cups of coffee (including the one at the poffertjes-house) today. So-not-normal

Pingin nelpon itha, pingin nelpon elvin, pingin nelpon chietra, pingin nelpon B :p, pingin nelpon ... heuheuhue… my last day, dan hectic ( senangnya…

7.40 pm: all this time i thought lute is a wind instrument (why? because it rhymes with flute :p)
tapi ternyata it's a mandolin-string-instrument thingy.
Some links on lutes (kayak penting aja, Ma xD ..dhee biarin napa sih)
  • The Belgian Lute Academy
  • The Czech Viola da Gamba and Lute Society
  • Air Lute: A Short Historical Perspective
  • The Italian Lute Society
  • How to read lute tablature --> penting nih! :p
  • dan yang tak kalah pentingnya: The Lute - A Brief History

    enjoiy ;)
  • Poffertjes* for Lunch, 5 Dozens of White Rose, and 2 Books about the Dutch

    Tomorrow would be my last working day at the AEC office, folks. Oh, dear, I am never good at Good-Byes.
    As a farewell thingy, my office colleagues (that’s Martin the Chief Executive, Janneke the Office Manager, Christine the Project Manager and Ilaria, the new intern from Italy) had a lunch in this poffertjes-house near the central station. Christine and I ordered a normal portion with chocolate-sauce on it, Janneke without, Ilaria small, and Martin the large one, water for Christine and Ilaria, tea for martin, cola-light for Janneke, and of course, for me it has to be cappuccino.
    So we talked about stuffs, how Martin started the whole Office concept by himself, the AEC used to have the administration taken care of by the institution which was appointed as the Secretary General. It also means that every year the office personnel changes. He also mentioned that with the current state of membership (around 20% of the member institutions are always late in paying the membership fee, if not never at all), in 2 years the AEC can only support one-and-a-half person to keep the Office running.
    But if the Office is growing like it is now, (with all the projects and the monetary support from the European Union), in 10 years the AEC could hire the Ganzenmarkt** building all for themselves :D

    Speaking of job, we also talked about the ups-and-downs of working part-time in a restaurant (even those with Dutch owners are not any better). Ilaria used to work in a French cuisine restaurant in Muiderpoort, while Christine has experiences working at an (filthy) English pub, and Janneke has worked in six restaurants, Martin spent of his student-lifetime working as a cellist (well.. he was a music student, and according to him, music students made money by doing performances)

    Talk about my school life, I told them that the school is arranging a joint-student project with a university in Essen, twenty-students from Diemen and another twenty from the University, and that we have to organize a corporate event. Janneke exclaimed that with a group of 40 people, we could as well start our own government (really..? that’ll be rather cool)

    Oh, and as a farewell gift they gave me the rose bouquet (my first ever bouquet), ‘the Dutch, I presume?’ and ‘De Hollandse keuken / Dutch Cuisine’ ( a COOKBOOK.

    *) Poffertjes = small pancakes, traditional Dutch snack, di Jakarta udah banyak yg jual – incl. my sister’s school canteen
    **) Ganzenmarkt building is where the Office is situated right now, we share the building with other companies working in the field of culture and art.


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    ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    emm.. did Cak Nur really had died? there goes another good person.. may God bless his soul and may God bless this country

    klo lg mellow gini deh..

    it's sad when you cant do anything for the ppl you love
    you yourself is stuck in a rut
    n when their crying eyes (or smiling faces)
    or even the :) and the :D
    the cheerful melodic tone in their voices
    the :( and the :'(
    the sad-depressive tone that you wish never came out from them

    well i'll be
    wishing all the best and happiness for them
    i'm so sorry i couldnt do anything
    celebrate your happiness
    or pull you out from the mud-sucking-thing

    i still hv to sort myself out
    i'm glad that you are fine
    i'm happy to know that you still care

    with hugs n kisses
    - me

    ulma went clubbing

    it was saturday nite, n me went clubbin
    u see all weird ppl
    chinese women shaking their head non stop
    from midnite to mornin
    and weird guys asking you questions
    with their half-closed eyes
    and beer in one hand
    and people sway their hands
    their troubles once forgotten

    i met some friends
    i saw the other side of them
    one i know had a wife
    but a woman is dangling on his neck
    introduced herself as her girlfriend
    and the music went so loud
    bodies movin glasses breakin
    dj's quite good though

    drank 3 baileys n 3 kahlua
    my friend pushed me to drink some more
    but my stomach felt so full
    i couldnt take it
    so she danced away
    jigglin wigglin with another guy
    whom as she told me the next day
    she just knew that night

    and it was 5 am
    she's too drunk to open her eyes
    i ask that guy she'd been wriggling with to help me
    drag her carry her find a cab
    and clilmbed the stairs (two floors)
    till we got to her house
    open her shoes, took off her earings
    put a plastic container on the bedside
    if she ever wanted to throw up

    took off my lenses
    brush my teeth
    went to bed

    the next day woke up at 2 pm
    she said to me
    "i never throw up before, however drunk i am
    even 6 shots of tequila, wont ever got me drunk
    maybe after 3 weeks of not going to the clubs
    i am not quite used to it anymore"

    dont u ever heard about self-control?

    the blabberings of thom yorke

    thom yorke punya blog!!! (slash-journal)

    mo tau apa isi kepala "the genius behind radiohead"?

    go to:

    n i dont get what is he trying to say..

    is this how a genius mind works? sapa sih yg bilang thom yorke genius? he just rambles about incomprehensible stuffs with distortions.. n ppl will spend sleepless nights just to figure "the meaning behind the rambles"


    h ahaha '
    gw ju*g bs'
    b t the y wont
    id Er me a s a
    G E N I u $$$$$$$$$

    tp kata adek gw keren tuh..

    i wonder brp lama si thom bisa tahan nge-update terus blognya.. dave navarro of Jane's Addiction is surprisingly very keen on blogging :D dan his blog is interesting to read from time to time..

    revision: ternyata Mr. Navarro punya blog su pindah e.. so now it's http://www.6767.com

    tool barunya blogger.com

    ACHTUNG! Ngetes blogger +Word

    New AEC Website

    Welcome to the new AEC Website!

    The AEC

    At its inception in 1953, the Association's goal was to develop relations between schools of higher education in music throughout Europe and, more specifically, to develop relations with countries behind the Iron Curtain, from the Atlantic to the Ural. Its permanent seat was at the time situated in Switzerland; two presidents, one from Eastern Europe, the other from the West, led the organisation.
    Following the fall of the Berlin Wall, the November 1990 Glasgow Congress dismantled the two-headed organisational system. Sir John Manduell, a Principal of the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester, became sole president of the organisation until November 1996. During this period, the seat of the Association moved to Angers, with the election of John-Richard Lowry, Director of the Conservatoire National de Région d'Angers, as Secretary General. In the period 1996-2000, the AEC was based in the Conservatoire de Paris, with Marc-Olivier Dupin (director Conservatoire de Paris) as Secretary General and Ian Horsbrugh (director Guildhall School of Music and Drama) as President. In 2001, following a decision at the General Assembly during the annual Congress in November 2000 in Vicenza, the AEC Office moved to join other national and international organisations in the field of culture in a cultural centre in Utrecht, The Netherlands. In the new AEC Office a new organisational infrastructure was developed, adding the post of AEC Chief Executive to the already existing post of the AEC administrator. With this new team, the AEC is hoping to respond better to the needs of its members and the sector it represents.
    A detailed description of the AEC History from 1953-1988 can be found in a publication written by Claude Viala, which can be ordered from the AEC Office.

    The AEC objectives and activities are based on the aims outlined in the AEC Credo, which was endorsed by the AEC members during the AEC General Assembly in Vicenza in November 2000. The AEC Credo contains the following text (in PDF):

    1. Although the primary focus of the Association is on professional music training, the AEC supports the importance of music in all levels of education in our society, ranging from early childhood to higher education and lifelong learning.

    2. The AEC promotes the role of music and therefore music education as an outstanding example of non-verbal communication in the integration of Europe and as a tool for cooperation in an increasingly multi-cultural modern society.

    3. Representing institutions throughout Europe, the AEC acknowledges the national and regional cultural traditions within Europe.

    4. The AEC stands for the strongly individual character of music education, the one-to-one teaching of instrumental and vocal studies being at the core of this education. By stating this, the AEC would like to urge the relevant authorities to acknowledge the financial implications of this particular quality.

    5. The AEC encourages critical thinking about all approaches to learning, teaching and management in institutions for professional music training.

    6. Representing the main body of professional music education on a European level, the AEC stresses the value of the knowledge and expertise of its membership.

    7. The AEC reflects on changes in society and musical professions and provides members with relevant insights and information; the AEC is therefore a constantly forward-looking organisation.

    8. The AEC serves as a platform for the exchange of opinions, experiences, and examples of good practice and for the development of joint projects and initiatives, thus contributing to the enhancement of quality in its member institutions.

    (image placeholder)

    The AEC Council consists of twelve representatives from member institutions in twelve different countries: the Executive Committee (President, Secretary General and two Vice-Presidents) and eight regular Council members.

    President:                Johannes Johansson, Director Malmo Academy of MusicVice-Presidents:           Marie-Claude Ségard, Director Conservatoire National de Region de Strasbourg
    Rineke Smilde, North Netherlands Conservatoire Groningen

    Secretary General:          George Caird, Principal Birmingham Conservatoire

    Members:      Erling Aksdal, Director Department of Music, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim Norway
    Thüring Bräm, Rektor Musikhochschule Luzern
    Dan Buciu, Rector National Academy of Music Bucarest
    Peep Lassmann, Rektor Estonian Academy of Music Tallinn
    Krystyna Makowska-Lawrynowicz, Vice-Rektor Chopin Academy Warsawa
    Wolfgang Meyer, Rektor Staatliche Hochschule fur Musik Karlsruhe
    Haris Xanthoudakis, Dean Music Department, Ionian University Corfu
    Cristobal Zamora, Director of Studies, Conservatorio Superior de Musica "E. Martinez Torner"

    Honorary President:           Ian Horsbrugh, Former Principal Guildhall School of Music and Drama London

    The AEC Council meets 3-4 times a year. Particularly important documents are the AEC Annual Report, the AEC 4-year strategic plan and the AEC Statutes. Members can order any of these documents from the AEC Office.

    The AEC Office is situated in an office centre specially designed for national and international cultural organisations in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The AEC team currently consists of Martin Prchal, the AEC Chief Executive, Janneke Vrijland, the AEC Project Manager and Christine Masure, the AEC Project Administrator.

    AEC President               Johannes JohanssonAEC Chief Executive           Martin PrchalAEC Office Manager          Janneke VrijlandAEC Project Administrator      Christine Masure

    The AEC Policy Papers
    One of the tasks of the AEC is to draft policy papers in response to important European developments or consultations issued by the European Union, in which the needs and characteristics of the professional music-training sector are explained. Full texts of such policy papers can be downloaded here. The following policy papers have been produced:
    Various publications have been made covering the many projects done by the AEC. The AEC Newsletters serves as a yearly overview of the AEC activities and is available for mail order via the AEC Office and/or downloaded in PDF version.
    • 2005

    • 2004

    • 2003

    • 2002

    • 2001

    Every year heads of AEC member institutions meet up at an AEC Annual Congress. Aside the congress, another event that also takes on a yearly basis is the Annual Meeting for International Relations Coordinators.

    The AEC Annual Congress
    On every November, the AEC holds a congress meeting for its members to meet and attend workshops for a couple of days. Taking place in different locations every year enables congress participants to embrace different local cultural values while having the opportunity for discussion of specific themes, the exchange of important amount of information and the elaboration of multiple partnerships (exchanges within the framework of networks, co-productions of concerts and a variety of events, etc.). In addition, the congress is seen as an occasion for informal and convivial encounters within members of the AEC.

    The AEC Annual Meeting for International Relations Coordinators
    During this meeting, officials from European conservatoires responsible for the international contacts and the participation in European exchange programmes meet to exchange information and discuss future initiatives every year in September.

    In congruence with the organization’s activities, specific meetings related to the AEC project framework are also being held regularly, these kinds of meetings can be found underneath the Upcoming events section.

    Upcoming events

    Annual Congress 2005
    The 2005 AEC Annual Congress will take place in the city of Birmingham on 3 – 6 November. Birmingham is a lively and culturally diverse city in the Heart of England, and the AEC is very grateful to the Birmingham Conservatoire for hosting this event. Next to the annual General Assembly for AEC member institutions, this year’s Congress will mainly address topics that will be studied in the framework of a new AEC project called ‘Polifonia’. These will include presentations and discussions on current and future European developments in music education and professional music training. A session on the role of the conservatoire director with speakers from various parts of Europe will also take place. For detailed discussions with all Congress delegates, breakout groups will be included into the program. Printed versions of the registration brochures and additional information will be distributed to all AEC members during the month of June.

    Congress brochures and registration forms for the 2005 Congress can be downloaded in PDF and Word-format here (English, French and German versions):

    2005 AEC Congress brochure (EN, DE, FR)

    2005 AEC Congress registration form (EN, DE, FR)

    Previous Annual Congresses
    The AEC Annual Congress 2004
    Attended by yet another record number of participants (exceeding 250), this year’s AEC Annual Congress took venue at Oviedo in the Spanish region of Asturias, wherein the Conservatorio Superior de Musica ‘E. Martinez Torner’ as the host had done everything with such efficiency and hospitality whom the AEC is very grateful of.
    Subjects addressed during the Congress include a project entitled ‘European Forum for Music Education and Training – EFMET’. In relation to the theme of this project, two eminent speakers, Mr Peter Renshaw (arts and music consultant, London) and Mrs Karen Wolff (dean University of Michigan, School of Music and NASM President) were invited to give keynote speeches on the topic ‘Leadership in Music Education’. It was followed by a plenary discussion facilitated by Ian Horsbrugh and continued with a presentation of the EFMET project in general and of the EFMET research on training programmes for music teachers in Europe.

    Various parallel workshops were organised with subjects closely connected to the EFMET theme:
    • A workshop on the role of pedagogical courses in the conservatoire curriculum with presentations by representatives of the European Association of Music in Schools (EAS) and the European Music School Union (EMU)

    • The use of new technologies in music teaching was addressed in a workshop on the HARMOS Project of the Fundación Albéniz and a presentation by a professor of the Conservatorio in Oviedo on Organology.

    • The cooperation between conservatoires and youth and community music organisations was discussed in a workshop with presentations of the ExTEND project coordinated by Jeunesses Musicales International with the outcomes of an extensive European research project on music activities of young people up to age 22, and a presentation about the CONNECT project coordinated by the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London

    • Representatives from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London and the Royal Conservatory The Hague addressed modes of teaching in professional music training in a workshop on current research on 1-to-1 teaching.
    Two *cut*

    long time no c...

    klo udh lama ga ketemu orang gitu.. and kebetulan tu orang dulunya deket ma kita.. psti feels weird, dan maybe wlo ga enak, msti accept the fact juga.. klo people (two friends, a couple) sometime grow apart.

    sukur2 klo pas ketemuan lagi bisa work out the differences, and develop a (re)new(ed) relationship. some might just be frustrated with the change and decided to stop seeing each other again, or stop wanting to have any kind of relationship with the other.

    right now saya sedikit anxious saja, kecampur curious. bakal ketemu lagi ma anak2, ma "temen2".. wlopun ga ketemu cuma setahun, tp aku ngerasa, we all have changed. I have. wktu "dilempar" ke acara PPI, I found myself being a mouse again :D (meminjam istilah dari mas berly, yang juga pernah dipakai Nik Healey when he made comments after my group's presentation).

    anyways, i didnt feel ready to see such crowd of people i hadn't met for a year (some were even more). so i silently drew away from everybody, found myself a nice corner, and stayed there (like a mouse :p).

    so i guess i just have to wait and see. fourth year is supposed to be fun (or not?)
    oh yeah, i have to think about thesis and planning how am i going to start my report, and those resits that i still have to take, oh dear oh dear oh dear..

    teman-temanku.. wlopun ga keliatan on the surface (i am not at all competent in showing or expressing my feelings), i'm happy and will be waiting for your return ^^

    indonesia enam puluh tahun

    so.. sixty years of the so-called independence..
    gw bukan tipe2 org yg suka belajar sejarah :D
    tapi.. through the ups and downs, dan despite ga semua orang bisa ngeliat this sixty years of independence as something positive, there would always be the hope of a better future for Indonesia..

    I still dont know what I can do for my country, but I will do something.

    Buat yang have the dream of making Indonesia a better place to be, let's rejoice! let's pull-out and think of plans and strategy!
    Buat yang pesimis dan yakin negara kita ga bakal bisa diapa2in.. well, good luck in your green card application, atopun bentuk2 pindah warga negara yang lain :)

    For now gw masih pusing dgn urusan2 sederhana dan sangat personal seperti: mencari calon suami, ngelarin urusan ma IND (application ID saya buat 04/05 ternyata ditolak sodara2 :p), ngelarin kerjaan kantor (14 days to go =s), belajar masak, belajar lebih peduli (dan menyesuaikan diri) sama keadaan sekitar, belajar lebih adaptif, belajar tidak terlalu negatif, enz., etc., dst.

    >> tidak ikut acara tujuh-belasan d wassenaar atopun bntuk perayaan yg lain tp bukan berarti being completely ignorant atas nasib bangsa dan negara

    How to Forget About an Ex - eHow.com

    "Be sure to wait until you are definitely over your ex before you make the plunge into a new relationship. Until all hope of reconciliation with the ex is gone, it will be impossible to begin a new, rewarding affair."

    should have read this sooner :p

    For more on getting over and moving on after a break-up, please click here ;p


    An unseen force behind the turning leaves,
    Drives them all vermillion and green,
    You never gave up on me somehow,
    I don't know why I haven't turned by now

    Ooh I know love sounds impossible,
    Some words are just so hard to say,
    And there's times you feel unlockable,
    An' all you ever want,
    Is someone to try...to open up...and find a way in

    Don't ever say you were wrong for me,
    For you were always strong enough for three,
    I never let you in my world somehow,
    I'm asking you to please, allow me now

    Truer skies beyond the swirling clouds,
    The other birds are off and flying south,
    We'll have to make our own way there somehow,
    An' I'm asking you to please trust me now

    All Cultures Are Not Equal - New York Times


    Let's say you are an 18-year-old kid with a really big brain. You're trying to figure out which field of study you should devote your life to, so you can understand the forces that will be shaping history for decades to come.

    Go into the field that barely exists: cultural geography. Study why and how people cluster, why certain national traits endure over centuries, why certain cultures embrace technology and economic growth and others resist them.

    This is the line of inquiry that is now impolite to pursue. The gospel of multiculturalism preaches that all groups and cultures are equally wonderful. There are a certain number of close-minded thugs, especially on university campuses, who accuse anybody who asks intelligent questions about groups and enduring traits of being racist or sexist. The economists and scientists tend to assume that material factors drive history - resources and brain chemistry - because that's what they can measure and count.

    But none of this helps explain a crucial feature of our time: while global economies are converging, cultures are diverging, and the widening cultural differences are leading us into a period of conflict, inequality and segmentation.

    Not long ago, people said that globalization and the revolution in communications technology would bring us all together. But the opposite is true. People are taking advantage of freedom and technology to create new groups and cultural zones. Old national identities and behavior patterns are proving surprisingly durable. People are moving into self-segregating communities with people like themselves, and building invisible and sometimes visible barriers to keep strangers out.

    Not long ago, many people worked on farms or in factories, so they had similar lifestyles. But now the economy rewards specialization, so workplaces and lifestyles diverge. The military and civilian cultures diverge. In the political world, Democrats and Republicans seem to live on different planets.

    Meanwhile, if you look around the world you see how often events are driven by groups that reject the globalized culture. Islamic extremists reject the modern cultures of Europe, and have created a hyperaggressive fantasy version of traditional Islamic purity. In a much different and less violent way, some American Jews have moved to Hebron and become hyper-Zionists.

    The members of these and many other groups didn't inherit their identities. They took advantage of modernity, affluence and freedom to become practitioners of a do-it-yourself tribalism. They are part of a great reshuffling of identities, and the creation of new, often more rigid groupings. They have the zeal of converts.

    Meanwhile, transnational dreams like European unification and Arab unity falter, and behavior patterns across nations diverge. For example, fertility rates between countries like the U.S. and Canada are diverging. Work habits between the U.S. and Europe are diverging. Global inequality widens as some nations with certain cultural traits prosper and others with other traits don't.

    If you are 18 and you've got that big brain, the whole field of cultural geography is waiting for you.


    The agency said illegal logging in Papua involved Indonesian military and civilian officials, Malaysian logging gangs and multinational companies as well as brokers in Singapore and dealers in Hong Kong.

    blah blah blah

    that brilliant spark
    bright and colourful in the dark
    cheerful and light as it may seem

    you blew the candle out
    a small wisp of smoke
    a little smell of burn

    u know i'll never leave you
    you know i'll always stay
    i'll re-light the candle
    so you know to whom you should come back to

    Oni Press: "Comic Books for People Who Like to Read Books"

    | Oni Press |

    suka sama Courtney Crumlin ^^
    dan yg paling penting.. ada free comics-ny juga,.. hohoho ^o^

    senang ber-Beatles dgn anda

    Help! I need somebody, ..Help! not just anybody, ..Help! you know I need someone, Help!

    When I was younger, so much younger than today,..
    I never needed anybody's help in any way.. But now those days are gone, I'm not so self assured,.. Now I find I've changed my mind and opened up the doors

    Help me if you can, I'm feeling down.. And I do appreciate you being round.. Help me, get my feet back on the ground,.. Won't you please,.. please.. help me?

    And now my life has changed in oh so many ways,.. My independence seems to vanish in the haze.. But every now and then I feel so insecure,.. I know that I just need you like I've never done before.

    Contact Us Feedback

    wow.. these guys r reaaalllyy friendly.. n he/she(?) really wrote back like 2 paragraphs.. longer than what i had written for them. kewl kewl..

    ---------- Forwarded message ----------
    From: Brooke Siegel <...@dailycandy.com>
    Date: Jul 14, 2005 5:56 PM
    Subject: RE: Contact Us Feedback
    To: ulma.nurriva@xxx

    Thanks for writing in. From time to time, we do hear from exasperated
    readers about not being able to get onto the websites that we write about.
    We take special care to contact each website and have them alert their web
    server before the article runs. But it is the Web, and unfortunately,
    crashing is the nature of the beast. Until we stop writing about smaller,
    more indie companies -- and I hope that never stops -- we'll have to face
    load issues.
    I can only suggest that you give it a day or two, and go back to revisit the

    (It may not be altogether different from wanting a pair of shoes that are
    limited edition -- not everyone is going to get the satisfaction they want.)
    But we try our best to accommodate everyone and keep sites from becoming
    overwhelmed. I do hope you'll keep reading. In the meantime, we'll try our
    best to work out all the kinks in the system.

    Thanks again for the heads up -- we really appreciate it!

    Brooke Siegel
    DailyCandy, Inc.
    584 Broadway
    Suite 510
    NYC 10012

    -----Original Message-----
    From: ContactUs@dailycandy.com
    Sent: Thursday, July 14, 2005 6:35 AM
    To: Contact Us: info
    Subject: Contact Us Feedback

    Feedback sent from: ulma haryanto <ulma.nurriva@xxxxxx>

    hi.. i just want to informu you guys that the link for allymoon (daily
    candy - everywhere) on today's edition (July 14th) did not work. mybe its my
    computer or ... myb something else.

    thanks :)

    you guys rock!

    ingin memaki tapi tak bisa

    she's been talking non-stop for 30 minutes!!!
    my supervisor must be a very good listener..
    im glad she's not talking to me

    i dont hv the patience :p

    n she said that "i find it difficult when talking in english. sometimes i got lost for words, n it's harder to formulate things". anjrit.. ga nyadar ya klo dari tadi udh nyap-nyap?

    gw udh selese transfer2an lagu ma si komar (padahal transfer rate-ny lagi lemot banget) n she's still talking. trus i left to make another cup of coffee, balik, n drank it up,.. she's still there.. standing.. talking..

    well its nice to hear all of her experience and thoughts and all that.. but pleeeaasee.. somebody's trying to work here :p

    n she said she had difficulties in talking? busettt..

    Summer Lexicon :D

    a.c. pee
    n. The nasty drip from an air conditioning unit. Also known as 'liquid garbage.'

    n. The exchange of sweat by people in close quarters (i.e., dance floors, cramped elevators). See also: filmic moment.

    despair conditioning
    n. An unexpected waft of cool air (e.g., from a passing bus) that is at once disgusting and welcome in 90-degree heat.

    filmic moment
    n. A glistening sheen of sweat on your body or your belongings, and the realization that the sweat may not be your own. (That messenger and I shared a nasty but hot filmic moment in the lobby.)

    glute glue
    n. The cohesive agent that develops on the backs of thighs in July, forcing one to peel them off park benches, car seats, or bar stools.

    little white line
    n. The thong outline seen on girls wearing the wrong white pants. (Does that skank with the little white line not check her reflection before going out?)

    n. 1. The unavoidable underarm stains one gets from wearing tight, nonbreathable tees. 2. One's inability to avoid wearing tight, nonbreathable tees.

    n. Summer house freeloader. (Chad is such a shamtonite. He's been hanging out in Bridgehampton for the past three weekends and he doesn't even rent.)

    v. To reduce the amount of cloth used to cover the body. (Summer's here. Time to skimplify the wardrobe.)
    Suara hati manusia pada dasarnya bersifat universal, dengan catatan, manusia tersebut telah mencapai titik zero dan terbebas dari paradigma dan belenggu.

    :: Elliott Smith :: Twilight ::

    Haven't laughed this hard in a long time
    I better stop now before I start crying
    Go off to sleep in the sunshine
    I don't want to see the day when it's dying

    She's a sight to see, she's good to me
    I'm already somebody's baby
    She's a pretty thing and she knows everything
    But I'm already somebody's baby

    You don't deserve to be lonely
    But those drugs you got won't make you feel better
    Pretty soon you'll find it's the only
    Little part of your life you're keeping together

    I'm nice to you, I could make it through
    That you're already somebody's baby
    I could make you smile if you stayed a while
    But how long will you stay with me baby

    Because your candle burns too bright
    Well, I almost forgot it was twilight
    Even if I think that you are right
    Well, I'm tired of being down, I got no fight

    You're wonderful, when it's beautiful
    But I'm already somebody's baby
    And if I went with you I'd disappoint you too
    Well, I'm already somebody's baby
    Already somebody's baby

    On Father and Daughter

    Dear my dotta :

    dear dad,
    umm i just called my big bro yesterday and now i am feeling a lot better
    … Alhamdu lilLaah, GOD has given you the courage to fix your wrongdoings.

    the root causes of the sad story:
    basically it's me
    (n him to b deleted )
    that were still not ready for a long distance relationship
    ..Next time, have a short distance one ( eye 2 eye communication )

    the attraction was there, when we met
    Always look for attraction before extending our meeting, of course
    but when we're away, things started to change
    …. See above (have a short distance one )
    well i was the one who first got insecure
    ….In near future, securing is the third step after a first sight, then second is ideas exchange for max four months only

    i never really trusted him
    … Always trust everybody, then if someone is proven to abuse our relationship then FIRE him/her
    apalagi pas dia cuti, i felt that wktu kerja, komunikasi malah lbih lancar.
    … O my smart lil lady, u know that even a tree was so beautiful here. Let alone my sweetie n smart dotter. Jakarta or Bandung ? Boy, it's different story, u can ask yer lil bro why he's chosen Bandung for his study ;-D)
    i know that it was just me who was being uselessly paranoid, and that made me realize that at some extend i can also be so distrustful and anxious. because all this time i thought that im the coolest person when it came to relationships =p
    .. Never underestimate anybody/ it is pretty close to arrogance ( devil )
    The aftermath, he got weary, and i was still freaking out, until one day we came to the point that his feelings for me was similar to a friend. so.. that being said, and boy it hurts.

    and on the same day someone popped in, so i just said 'yes'
    ….. Two wrongs never make up one right!!!
    i dont know if that that made my bro looking for an another girl, but anyway
    …. See above : Two wrongs never make up one right!!! That is the only logical response of a NORMAL male ( or at least, DaD would do the same ;-D )
    as far as i'm concerned, the girl's a nice person. she should suit him well. An ex of his a couple years back, and they got separated (if i can still remember the story correctly) because her father didnt really like him
    …. This time yer ol' man was much smarter than this "ST….D" gentleman
    but after they broke up, i guess the old man realized that my big bro was not that bad (of course)
    … Wish it were too late
    as i was saying, she should be a good companion to him
    ….. DaD must have had a chance to meet this lucky girl before agreeing upon your remarks
    considering they went out together before, so she should know him (inside-outside) better than i do
    … Sadly, DaD has to admit " YES "
    im trying to look it in another way, maybe i was meant to make the mistake so that he can be with this girl. which, if it's God's plan, then with or without having anything with me, he would be with this girl anyway
    … I suggest to keep this comment till one of you ( either u or BigBro ) gets married
    and as for me, well im glad i can be at least less negative (umm deppresive) about all this.
    Always say SubhanAllaah, alhamdu lilLaah to keep devil away from your heart/mind
    though painful (admitting defeat and loss), im trying to be supportive to myself and to my big bro as well
    … Victory is for believers who do good things
    of course i learn a lot from this, didn't i tell you that now i realize that maintaining a relationship is hell harder than pursuing a career?
    … This is now my recommendation:
    Next time u meet a boy, who believes in GOD + The Day of Judgments ( + Angels + AQ + all Messengers ), u must exchange ideas only for max four months ( why four months ? U should know why ) before telling me to give you to the luckiest man in the world ( but only a second person to me, of course )
    … Build / maintain always future relationship with every body in this world and don't demolish your bridge after you cross it. As you might always need that bridge to return.
    im sorry i've caused quite a commotion into the family.. i bet it'd been a good example for my other bros and sisters on having a relationship, hehehe..
    There is gain after pain, indeed, there is always gain after pain ( They are Quranic verses ).

    [94:5] With pain there is gain.

    [94.6] Indeed, with pain there is gain

    with kisses, hugs n love
    … I always love you but I must learn very hard to put you n all d family third. DaD has also been in this learning curve to understand AQ 9:24, may GOD bless our family and show us HIS right path, all praise be to GOD d Lord of the multiverse. Aamiin.

    [9:24] Proclaim: If your parents, your children, your siblings, your spouses, your family, the money you have earned, a business you worry about, and the homes you cherish are more beloved to you than GOD and His messenger, and the striving in His cause, then just wait until GOD brings His judgment.GOD does not guide the wicked people.

    song of the day

    Beatles - With a Little Help from My Friends

    A little help from my friends
    What would you think if I sang out of tune,
    Would you stand up and walk out on me?
    Lend me your ears and I'll sing you a song,
    And I'll try not to sing out of key.

    I get by with a little help from my friends,
    I get high with a little help from my friends,
    Going to try with a little help from my friends.

    What do I do when my love is away.
    (does it worry you to be alone?)
    How do I feel by the end of the day
    (are you sad because you're on your own?)

    No I get by with a little help from my friends

    (Do you need anybody?)
    I need somebody to love.
    (Could it be anybody?)
    I want somebody to love.

    Would you believe in a love at first sight?
    Yes I'm certain that it happens all the time.
    What do you see when you turn out the light?
    I can't tell you, but I know it's mine.

    Oh I get by with a little help from my friends,

    (Do you need anybody?)
    I just need someone to love,
    (Could it be anybody?)
    I want somebody to love.

    I get by with a little help from my friends,
    Yes I get by with a little help from my friends,
    With a little help from my friends...

    dam - di - dam..
    I get by with a little help from my friends.. =)
    N of course with the Guidance, Strength, and Blessings from The Almighty
    thank You Thank you thank You
    two wrongs doesnt make one right

    so i need to sort them one by one

    one's done

    and the other one

    well one wrong is okay.. no?


    I never had a dream that I could follow through
    Only tears left to stain, dry my eyes once again
    I don't know who I am, or what I'm gonna do
    Been so long I've been hopelessly confused
    This can never really end, it's infinitely sad
    Can someone tell me when
    Something good became so bad
    So if you have a cure
    To me would you please send
    A picture of my life
    With a letter telling how
    it should really be instead

    The precipice is there
    But will I ever dare
    Throw myself in the sky, so at last I can die
    See I've become a man
    Who holds nothing too dear
    Who will mind if I just disappear
    This can never really end, it's infinitely sad
    Can someone tell me when
    Something good became so bad
    So if you have a cure
    To me would you please send
    A picture of my life
    With a letter telling how
    it should really be instead

    Oh, tell me how it really should be

    Polisi EYD

    watch out of what u type! they might b watching you!


    heeeeeeiiii adeku... =)
    lagunya bagus banget..
    aku seneng deh, kiriman lagu2 dr km memang sangat layak untuk dikoleksi hehe..

    "adeku" endhasmu..

    if i gave u more songs would u b my boyfriend? =p

    THE POSTAL SERVICE LYRICS - Such Great Heights

    I am thinking it's a sign that the freckles
    In our eyes are mirror images and when
    We kiss they're perfectly aligned
    And I have to speculate that God himself
    Did make us into corresponding shapes like
    Puzzle pieces from the clay
    And true, it may seem like a stretch, but
    Its thoughts like this that catch my troubled
    Head when you're away when I am missing you to death
    When you are out there on the road for
    Several weeks of shows and when you scan
    The radio, I hope this song will guide you home

    They will see us waving from such great
    Heights, 'come down now,' they'll say
    But everything looks perfect from far away,
    'come down now,' but we'll stay...

    I tried my best to leave this all on your
    Machine but the persistent beat it sounded
    Thin upon listening
    And that frankly will not fly. You will hear
    The shrillest highs and lowest lows with
    The windows down when this is guiding you home

    hehe.. ulma kembalilah ke jalan yg benar.. =D

    unproductive day 2

    another day went by
    hari ini cuma ngambil fax, masuk2in registrasi, berusaha bikin project description.. gw msti baca laporanny.. tp udh berkali2 baca kok ga masuk2 ya =S
    percetingan hari ini.. indah, elphien d yahoo.. widy, indra, n fariq d msn

    this morning i woke up extraordinarily early.. 6 am! bayangkan!
    co gw mobilny diderek =p heheh kacian deh lu..
    y su went online n chatted with him a bit
    oh ya ketemu ma sodara gw juga trus ternyata adek2 gw lagi maen d rumahny dia,.. y su ngobs2 ma mereka

    pagi dapet email dari itha (bukan itha jogja tp itha bogor)
    tp males balesnya, tak ada inspirasi
    jadi si itha-bgr ini, gw kenalny wktu gw mo nunjukin vidklipny tori amos yg sleeps with butterflies k itha-ygy... (my friend since junior high 3rd year), tp gw lupa emailny.. itha85 apa itha_85 gitu.. ya uds gw kirim kedua2ny.. tp ternyata dua2ny nyampe..
    so akhirny si itha-bgr ini mengimel balik, nanyain gw sapa, bla bla bla.. yg jls last weekend dia ngimel pngen nyari temen curhat (*gubrak)

    ngeupload album yg d yahoo k multiply (sangking nganggurny akhirny ngutek2 ni site)
    cek2 email mba supervisor
    ngeprint document about child abuse n mistreatment d indo --> ga ada hub.ny ma kerjaan
    gw kira hari ini semuany pada balik, ternyata engga.. cuma atu orang dan dia juga yg datengny after mid-day gitu.. weeww..
    dgn badan yg tan abis (ya iyaaa abis dari lisabon gituuu)
    trus gw jug nelp nyokap
    humm bener2 dah...
    ah iya.. browse2 FS dan stumbled upon this blog, punyanya kk kelas d ypj dulu (in which gw ga perna ktmu in person). tp gw suka gaya nulisnya..
    dan setelah melihat2 foto albumny.. huhuh gubrak. ternyata anakny this mantan GM d freeport.. yg barusan dtarik k New Orleans buat kerja d freeport sana.
    me n lina were always making fun of this guy.. abis.. gayany dandy dan perlente sekali, huhuhuh... klo pas lagi ad mass meeting gtu, udh deh gw ma lina yg ngekek2 sndiri

    postingan ini tidak penting !!!

    saat ini saya bosan..

    im bored
    15 minutes left before tomorrow starts
    hari ini nobody's at the office
    semuany are in Lisabon (or Lisbon?.. however they spell it)
    10-16.00 browsing2, chatting (lemmesee.. sama guruh, siska, indra, prima, ardy, melati, dan elphien), donlot2 lagu dari filter, mtv2 n mtv.
    lumayan, hehehe..
    ngeprint n baca2 berita (karena lbih well-informed jadiny wktu ngobs ma guruh lbih bisa nyambung, kqkqkq)
    on the mid-day imel2an sama reza, sofie (ex-supervisor yg skrg d gent), indah, dan mr b.. lalu akhirny mmutuskan untuk menelp anak itu, eh.. pria itu. :)

    congrats buat elphien yg akhirny beli rok :)
    im very proud of you, sis.. :) hehehe

    di atas jam 4 i started to try to work on real stuffs. tp ternyata susah banget.. i kept on wandering everywhere (incl. k friendster *udh loggd in 5 kali hari ini). saya.. ngecek2 inbox supervisor, for spams n yg kira2 bisa gw kerjain, gw kerjain..

    nelp nia, ditelp ardy

    all-in-all, a very unproductive day :(
    bsok udh pada balik kayaknya..
    hwah.. harus pasang pose rajin, hehehe..

    tadi pulang jam 8. smpe rumah twice ke wc.. trus brosing lagi, ceting lagi ma indra, ma prima n ari juga

    tried to read some article in filter-mini mag.. tp stopped bcause my mind was too umm.. stuffed.. with nothing..
    maen da urbz juga cuma 10 mnit gtu terus berhenti.

    daftar minuman hari ini:
    kopi 5 cangkir (trying to make it a daily dose)
    coklat 3 cangkir
    air putih 2.5 x 500 ml.. 1,25 L.. not bad :)

    mummy, mummy, i want...

    hwa,... lutuna..

    # Motor 600W Equake(tm) electric motor
    # Battery Type- Rechargeable SLA System (24V12ah)
    # Charge Time- 4-6 hours from flat, 1-2 hours from partial charge
    # Rated No. Of Charge/discharge cycles- 300
    # Charger Fast Charger with Smart Charging System.
    # Input: 100-240v
    # Drive System- Rear belt drive
    # Throttle- Motorcycle Style with Right-hand twist Throttle
    # Chassis- t304 surgical stainless Steel Alloy
    # Chassis Weight- 70 lbs or 32kg with batteries
    # Front & Back Suspension- Independent coil spring with shocks
    # Brakes- Cross Drilled Ventilated disk with piston calipers
    # Wheels- 14 inch x 2.125 multi-terrain tires on lightweight spoke wheels
    # Seat- ergonomic molded foam
    # Handlebar- Motocross Styled Chrome with rear Mirrors
    # Kickstand- Front deployed stainless Steel kick stand
    # Lights- Meshed head lights, with tail/brakes and signal lights
    # Bell- anodized aluminum
    # Max Speed*- 18 MPH or 25 Km/h
    # Max range* - 15-18 miles or 25-30 km
    # Rider Load- 240 lbs or 110kg
    # Grade- 12.5% with 120 lbs/55kg loading
    # Dimensions (l) 51`` or 1295 mmx (w) 26`` or 660 mm x (h) 42`` or 1066mm

    uhm, and for less than a thousand bucks ($995) hehehe.. yeah rite.. the one's that was shown in this post was already accessorized with extended seat, kickstand, mirror,etc. costing not more than $210 =p

    bayangkan cruising on a'dam's bike-track with this sweety,.. woo-hoo..

    the philosophy of an idler

    i love just to sit down n do nothing. daydreaming. in the middle of a hectic day in the office i would steal some time to just stare blankly at the monitor, my mind just wanders off, mouse pointing n clicking purposelessly.. idling.

    and this guy (man) wrote a book about idling.
    idler means someone who does no work.. :D

    well Mr. Hodgkinson (the author of How to be an Idler) was putting it this way, "It wasn't exactly the old 'do nothing all day,' it was just that youa ppreciate the value of a good portion of doing nothing in your day -- for your mental health, your physical health, your relationships, that sort of thing. But also appreciate the importance of getting out of this wage-slavery thing, more or less, and try to look after yourself."

    An Idler's Life

    Seth's Blog

    si botak lucu

    on social enterpreneurship... what the Quran has been telling us all along.. ?

    AlterNet: A World of Economic Do-Gooders: "The message woven throughout 'The New Heroes,' a four-hour PBS series that begins on June 28, is that well-meaning individuals can create immense change in the world. Each episode visits places where enterprising people have combined business skills with a desire to improve peoples' lives. The results are magnificent and uplifting. In India, Kailash Satyarthi raids a camp to free children and adults enslaved by the international rug trade. In Peru, Albina Ruiz Rios turns garbage into money by helping people start waste-management companies. Closer to home, Mimi Silbert runs the Delancey Street Foundation in San Francisco, a cluster of businesses including restaurants and a moving company that give ex-cons a chance to turn their lives around.

    Several of the projects featured in the series make use of innovative technology to solve very basic problems. Nick Moon and Martin Fisher's company ApproTEC has distributed low-cost irrigation pumps and oilseed presses throughout Africa; the boost in productivity allows people to move beyond subsistence farming to make a better living, and the resulting boom in businesses contribute about $35 million a year to the developing country's economies.

    And in India, Dr. Govindappa Venkataswamy and David Green revolutionized medical care based on their belief in 'compassionate capitalism.' The two men trained local workers in high-tech medical and manufacturing procedures, and have since opened five hospitals across India that treat nearly 2 million patients a year, at a cost low enough to make health care available to India's poorest people.

    What these very different projects have in common is 'social entrepreneurship,' the concept at the core of 'The New Heroes.' Instead of seeking to reap profits, social entrepreneurs use their innovations to create social change, starting frothe bottom up. It's an idea brilliantly summed up by the work of Bangladeshi banker Muhammad Yunus, who says, "The whole principle of conventional banking is 'the more you have the more you get.' I said the logical thing would be the less you have, the more attention you should get, and if you have nothing, you are the one who should get the highest priority."

    Yunus' Grameen Bank in Bangladesh started in 1976 with a loan of $27, split between 42 people who used the money to start small businesses like selling rice at the market. In the last 29 years, Grameen's "micro-credit" loans have spread worldwide, and in Bangladesh the bank has provided nearly $5 billion in loans to four and a half million people. And because 96 percent of Grameen's borrowers are women, Muhammad Yunus' simple idea of small loans has changed the social structure of Bangladesh by giving women the power of self-sufficiency.

    This is the spirit of social entrepreneurship writ large, and it's the idea behind "New Heroes" house parties organized by the Skoll Foundation, a major funder of the series. "We believe that if you see these stories you will be inspired," said the Skoll Foundation's Terri Nagel. "We're hoping to motivate people to actually get out there and help, whether it's writing a check or starting your own social entrepreneurship program."

    The idea behind the viewing parties is to get friends, families and coworkers to discuss the ideas of social entrepreneurship, and especially how everyone can make a difference.

    dari ayah

    4:12:35 PM : u cant prohibit some1 from doing them.Answer is NO, I can't. Just 2 suggest u 2 cry evrytime u remember GOD n ALL HIS messengerS.. U increase yr GODspot , Gw
    MOBILE REPLY 6/21/2005
    4:01:28 PM : both of them made by the same Creator - YES, inclsve of us. So don't u weep nor cry when I die. D only way GOD had prmisd 2 HIS creatures 4 meetin HIM 4ever .
    MOBILE REPLY 6/21/2005
    3:49:03 PM : put those stuffs on my blog.Answer is YES, QS is abrvtn of Qur'an Surah , of course they are not in S Covey's books. But I felt his thoughts are Quranic.
    MOBILE REPLY 6/21/2005
    3:33:10 PM : The 8th habbit - From effectiveness 2 greatness, S Covey, Nov. 2004. 15 mllns copies on 7 habbits sold in 15 years.
    MOBILE REPLY 6/21/2005
    3:25:10 PM : nurriva: so what should one do to solve Answer is YES, 1st ask his/ her own mind-IQ then ask his/ her heart-EQ n 3rd ask his/her GOD spot- SQ. Prblm's solved Gw
    MOBILE REPLY 6/21/2005
    3:14:42 PM : ESQ: Dan ikutilah yg plg baik dari apa yg diturunkan kepadamu dari Tuhanmu.(QS 39:55)
    MOBILE REPLY 6/21/2005
    3:12:50 PM : ESQ: Sesungguhnya Allah tdk akan mengubah nasib satu kaum kecuali mrk sendiri mengubah keadaan jiwanya.(QS 13:11)
    MOBILE REPLY 6/21/2005
    3:10:25 PM : ESQ: Bacalah! Tuhanmulah Yang Maha Pemurah! Yang mengajar dengan kalam. (QS 96:3-4)
    MOBILE REPLY 6/21/2005
    3:08:59 PM : ESQ: Spt gerakan Galaksi Bima Sakti(Milky Way), gerakan Atom(Bohr), atau gerakan jamaah Haji mengelilingi Kabah, semua melakukan thawaf dan sujud kpd Allah.
    MOBILE REPLY 6/21/2005
    3:08:02 PM : ESQ: Kecerdasan spiritual adlh kecerdasan utk menghdpi persoalan makna hidup,kecerdasan utk menempatkan perilaku dan hidup kita dlm makna yg lbh luas dan kaya
    MOBILE REPLY 6/21/2005
    3:06:50 PM : ESQ: Sungguh, tlh berlalu aturan2 (Allah) seblm kamu. Mengembaralah di muka bumi, dan lihatlah, bgmn akhirnya org yg mendustakan (kebenaran). (QS 3:137)
    MOBILE REPLY 6/21/2005
    3:05:41 PM : ESQ: Lingkaran terluar terdpt lima lingkaran kecil dimana semuanya terletak pada area Dimensi Fisik (IQ) pd alam sadar.
    MOBILE REPLY 6/21/2005
    3:04:49 PM : ESQ: Lingkaran kedua terletak pd Dimensi Emosi, alam prasadar.
    MOBILE REPLY 6/21/2005
    3:03:14 PM : ESQ: Lingkaran terdlm (God Spot) terletak pd Dimensi Spiritual pd dlm bawah sadar.
    MOBILE REPLY 6/21/2005

    im trying to be funny here...

    ever think of making ur own holiday?

    well here are some ideas to begin with:
    Be a Dork Day, July 15 -- Give your inner dork free reign to trip, snort or geek out over the latest high-tech gadget.

    Have a Bad Day Day, Nov. 19 -- Store owners can send off customers by saying, 'Have a bad day,' on this cynical holiday. (love this one, -ulm)

    No Housework Day, April 7 -- Just say no to taking out the trash and cleaning the toilet (as if you did any of those things to begin with, you lazy bastard).

    Blah Blah Blah Day, April 17 -- Are people nagging you to make that dentist's appointment or quit smoking? Well, get to it!

    Lost Sock Memorial Day, May 9 -- Take a moment to reflect upon the millions of lost socks that never make the short trip back from the dryer.

    source: Hatch Magazine

    enterpreneur tell tale

    Today was hot.. sesuai ramalan emg sminggu ini bakaln panas abis..
    so dtengah2 hawa panas dan pengap
    serta sayup musik dari tropical station (favorit supervisor saya)
    well skip the introduction
    jadi intiny i read this article on forbes trus ad ttg boosting ur economy. n the columnist-nya (yg seorang enterpreneur aka wiraswasta) bilang klo salah satu carany itu dengan memacu pertumbuhan wiraswasta.
    dan emang bukan daya beli yg nunjukin majunya suatu negara, tp production level.

    here are the things he said, for a country to do, to boost the enterpreneurship of its people:

  • Taxes must be reasonable.
    kesanny umum sekali ya..
    Entrepreneurs and capital will be attracted to lower taxes.
    yah of course..
    tp tax buat usaha d indo tinggi ga sih? kayakny engga deh

  • Trade and labor markets must be free.
    hmm im beginning to think klo authorny mendukung european charter, hehehe..
    Typically cash-strapped, they (the enterprenurs, red.) need the flexibility to tap suppliers and customers anywhere in the world.
    well we would hv no prob in that.. indo's laborer are cheap!

  • Regulations must be light.
    ahahah.. ya ampown..
    well he gave an example about doing business in France: French startups are choked by paperwork, which is why a generation of French restaurant entrepreneurs has decamped to London.
    Yup, they (referring to bird talks - kabar burung =p) said that the best French restaurant is actually located in London.

  • The rule of law must be understood and enforced.
    Jadi mksudny apa yah? well sumthin like the law has to be strong enough n has to be enforced to every business to avoid big companies taking over the whole thing (monopoly?)

  • Entrepreneurs come in all types.
    oh i love this part: Countries that place too much emphasis on showy scholastic achievement, such as France and Japan, will be short on entrepreneurs.
    humm i should ask my supervisor bout this..
    jadi emang scholastic achievement tu ga perlu =D *lol

  • Immigration must be encouraged. Australia, New Zealand and, to a lesser extent, the U.K. are booming because of immigration, just as America historically has. Educated immigrants start tech companies. Noneducated immigrants also boost the economy, if they are willing to assimilate. They start mom-and-pop businesses, some of which grow to be large. Memo to France and Germany: The U.S. has made a disastrous wrong turn regarding skills-based immigrants. Because of its H-1B visa plan, the U.S. is admitting only a third of the peak number it did five years ago. That's terrible policy. It will damage U.S. technology for years to come. I hate to suggest this, but now's the time for other countries to take advantage of our shortsightedness.

  • Waste and inefficiency must be accepted. Old Europe has been infected with a bad idea from its Green parties. The idea is that "sustainability" is good and waste is sinful. But "sustainable" never brings the big breakthrough. For that, you need armies of entrepreneurs "wasting" time and resources in experimentation.
    Indo ppl r exceptionally good in wasting time, heheh.. (eh,.. or is it just me? :p)

  • Honest failure must be tolerated. One of the secrets of Silicon Valley's success is an acceptance of multimillion-dollar cock-ups. Billionaire venture capitalist John Doerr says a VC isn't seasoned until he's crashed the equivalent of an F-18 fighter jet--booted $20 million on a startup that didn't work. In countries where bankruptcy laws are too tilted toward creditors, you get fewer risk takers.
    hmmm.. risky,..

  • Social mobility must be applauded. Why would a French entrepreneur want to struggle for success, only to find at the head of the receiving line someone like Dominique de Villepin, a haughty mandarin eager to cut him down? One of the reasons Silicon Valley surpassed the Boston area in tech leadership is that Boston was more class-riven. Graduates of Harvard Business School, wanting to protect their social status, tended to go into white-shoe consulting and banking. Graduates of Stanford Business School felt less social pressure and gravitated toward misfit startups. In the U.S. the best entrepreneurial hives offer the most social mobility: New York City, the New South, the West.
    pretty much ppl in Indo are like this..
  • My Quote of the Day

    "I think that all attempts at rancid nationalism are dangerous. Tradition offers us effective resources for communication, with its arsenal of common codes and signs, but a repetition of tradition tends to bore and tire society. Cultures need to conserve themselves by constant renovation"

    (Pedro Luis Ferrer, June 2005)
    Taken from Underground Man: An Interview With Pedro Luis Ferrer