heeeeeeiiii adeku... =)
lagunya bagus banget..
aku seneng deh, kiriman lagu2 dr km memang sangat layak untuk dikoleksi hehe..

"adeku" endhasmu..

if i gave u more songs would u b my boyfriend? =p


I am thinking it's a sign that the freckles
In our eyes are mirror images and when
We kiss they're perfectly aligned
And I have to speculate that God himself
Did make us into corresponding shapes like
Puzzle pieces from the clay
And true, it may seem like a stretch, but
Its thoughts like this that catch my troubled
Head when you're away when I am missing you to death
When you are out there on the road for
Several weeks of shows and when you scan
The radio, I hope this song will guide you home

They will see us waving from such great
Heights, 'come down now,' they'll say
But everything looks perfect from far away,
'come down now,' but we'll stay...

I tried my best to leave this all on your
Machine but the persistent beat it sounded
Thin upon listening
And that frankly will not fly. You will hear
The shrillest highs and lowest lows with
The windows down when this is guiding you home

hehe.. ulma kembalilah ke jalan yg benar.. =D

unproductive day 2

another day went by
hari ini cuma ngambil fax, masuk2in registrasi, berusaha bikin project description.. gw msti baca laporanny.. tp udh berkali2 baca kok ga masuk2 ya =S
percetingan hari ini.. indah, elphien d yahoo.. widy, indra, n fariq d msn

this morning i woke up extraordinarily early.. 6 am! bayangkan!
co gw mobilny diderek =p heheh kacian deh lu..
y su went online n chatted with him a bit
oh ya ketemu ma sodara gw juga trus ternyata adek2 gw lagi maen d rumahny dia,.. y su ngobs2 ma mereka

pagi dapet email dari itha (bukan itha jogja tp itha bogor)
tp males balesnya, tak ada inspirasi
jadi si itha-bgr ini, gw kenalny wktu gw mo nunjukin vidklipny tori amos yg sleeps with butterflies k itha-ygy... (my friend since junior high 3rd year), tp gw lupa emailny.. itha85 apa itha_85 gitu.. ya uds gw kirim kedua2ny.. tp ternyata dua2ny nyampe..
so akhirny si itha-bgr ini mengimel balik, nanyain gw sapa, bla bla bla.. yg jls last weekend dia ngimel pngen nyari temen curhat (*gubrak)

ngeupload album yg d yahoo k multiply (sangking nganggurny akhirny ngutek2 ni site)
cek2 email mba supervisor
ngeprint document about child abuse n mistreatment d indo --> ga ada hub.ny ma kerjaan
gw kira hari ini semuany pada balik, ternyata engga.. cuma atu orang dan dia juga yg datengny after mid-day gitu.. weeww..
dgn badan yg tan abis (ya iyaaa abis dari lisabon gituuu)
trus gw jug nelp nyokap
humm bener2 dah...
ah iya.. browse2 FS dan stumbled upon this blog, punyanya kk kelas d ypj dulu (in which gw ga perna ktmu in person). tp gw suka gaya nulisnya..
dan setelah melihat2 foto albumny.. huhuh gubrak. ternyata anakny this mantan GM d freeport.. yg barusan dtarik k New Orleans buat kerja d freeport sana.
me n lina were always making fun of this guy.. abis.. gayany dandy dan perlente sekali, huhuhuh... klo pas lagi ad mass meeting gtu, udh deh gw ma lina yg ngekek2 sndiri

postingan ini tidak penting !!!

saat ini saya bosan..

im bored
15 minutes left before tomorrow starts
hari ini nobody's at the office
semuany are in Lisabon (or Lisbon?.. however they spell it)
10-16.00 browsing2, chatting (lemmesee.. sama guruh, siska, indra, prima, ardy, melati, dan elphien), donlot2 lagu dari filter, mtv2 n mtv.
lumayan, hehehe..
ngeprint n baca2 berita (karena lbih well-informed jadiny wktu ngobs ma guruh lbih bisa nyambung, kqkqkq)
on the mid-day imel2an sama reza, sofie (ex-supervisor yg skrg d gent), indah, dan mr b.. lalu akhirny mmutuskan untuk menelp anak itu, eh.. pria itu. :)

congrats buat elphien yg akhirny beli rok :)
im very proud of you, sis.. :) hehehe

di atas jam 4 i started to try to work on real stuffs. tp ternyata susah banget.. i kept on wandering everywhere (incl. k friendster *udh loggd in 5 kali hari ini). saya.. ngecek2 inbox supervisor, for spams n yg kira2 bisa gw kerjain, gw kerjain..

nelp nia, ditelp ardy

all-in-all, a very unproductive day :(
bsok udh pada balik kayaknya..
hwah.. harus pasang pose rajin, hehehe..

tadi pulang jam 8. smpe rumah twice ke wc.. trus brosing lagi, ceting lagi ma indra, ma prima n ari juga

tried to read some article in filter-mini mag.. tp stopped bcause my mind was too umm.. stuffed.. with nothing..
maen da urbz juga cuma 10 mnit gtu terus berhenti.

daftar minuman hari ini:
kopi 5 cangkir (trying to make it a daily dose)
coklat 3 cangkir
air putih 2.5 x 500 ml.. 1,25 L.. not bad :)

mummy, mummy, i want...

hwa,... lutuna..

# Motor 600W Equake(tm) electric motor
# Battery Type- Rechargeable SLA System (24V12ah)
# Charge Time- 4-6 hours from flat, 1-2 hours from partial charge
# Rated No. Of Charge/discharge cycles- 300
# Charger Fast Charger with Smart Charging System.
# Input: 100-240v
# Drive System- Rear belt drive
# Throttle- Motorcycle Style with Right-hand twist Throttle
# Chassis- t304 surgical stainless Steel Alloy
# Chassis Weight- 70 lbs or 32kg with batteries
# Front & Back Suspension- Independent coil spring with shocks
# Brakes- Cross Drilled Ventilated disk with piston calipers
# Wheels- 14 inch x 2.125 multi-terrain tires on lightweight spoke wheels
# Seat- ergonomic molded foam
# Handlebar- Motocross Styled Chrome with rear Mirrors
# Kickstand- Front deployed stainless Steel kick stand
# Lights- Meshed head lights, with tail/brakes and signal lights
# Bell- anodized aluminum
# Max Speed*- 18 MPH or 25 Km/h
# Max range* - 15-18 miles or 25-30 km
# Rider Load- 240 lbs or 110kg
# Grade- 12.5% with 120 lbs/55kg loading
# Dimensions (l) 51`` or 1295 mmx (w) 26`` or 660 mm x (h) 42`` or 1066mm

uhm, and for less than a thousand bucks ($995) hehehe.. yeah rite.. the one's that was shown in this post was already accessorized with extended seat, kickstand, mirror,etc. costing not more than $210 =p

bayangkan cruising on a'dam's bike-track with this sweety,.. woo-hoo..

the philosophy of an idler

i love just to sit down n do nothing. daydreaming. in the middle of a hectic day in the office i would steal some time to just stare blankly at the monitor, my mind just wanders off, mouse pointing n clicking purposelessly.. idling.

and this guy (man) wrote a book about idling.
idler means someone who does no work.. :D

well Mr. Hodgkinson (the author of How to be an Idler) was putting it this way, "It wasn't exactly the old 'do nothing all day,' it was just that youa ppreciate the value of a good portion of doing nothing in your day -- for your mental health, your physical health, your relationships, that sort of thing. But also appreciate the importance of getting out of this wage-slavery thing, more or less, and try to look after yourself."

An Idler's Life

Seth's Blog

si botak lucu

on social enterpreneurship... what the Quran has been telling us all along.. ?

AlterNet: A World of Economic Do-Gooders: "The message woven throughout 'The New Heroes,' a four-hour PBS series that begins on June 28, is that well-meaning individuals can create immense change in the world. Each episode visits places where enterprising people have combined business skills with a desire to improve peoples' lives. The results are magnificent and uplifting. In India, Kailash Satyarthi raids a camp to free children and adults enslaved by the international rug trade. In Peru, Albina Ruiz Rios turns garbage into money by helping people start waste-management companies. Closer to home, Mimi Silbert runs the Delancey Street Foundation in San Francisco, a cluster of businesses including restaurants and a moving company that give ex-cons a chance to turn their lives around.

Several of the projects featured in the series make use of innovative technology to solve very basic problems. Nick Moon and Martin Fisher's company ApproTEC has distributed low-cost irrigation pumps and oilseed presses throughout Africa; the boost in productivity allows people to move beyond subsistence farming to make a better living, and the resulting boom in businesses contribute about $35 million a year to the developing country's economies.

And in India, Dr. Govindappa Venkataswamy and David Green revolutionized medical care based on their belief in 'compassionate capitalism.' The two men trained local workers in high-tech medical and manufacturing procedures, and have since opened five hospitals across India that treat nearly 2 million patients a year, at a cost low enough to make health care available to India's poorest people.

What these very different projects have in common is 'social entrepreneurship,' the concept at the core of 'The New Heroes.' Instead of seeking to reap profits, social entrepreneurs use their innovations to create social change, starting frothe bottom up. It's an idea brilliantly summed up by the work of Bangladeshi banker Muhammad Yunus, who says, "The whole principle of conventional banking is 'the more you have the more you get.' I said the logical thing would be the less you have, the more attention you should get, and if you have nothing, you are the one who should get the highest priority."

Yunus' Grameen Bank in Bangladesh started in 1976 with a loan of $27, split between 42 people who used the money to start small businesses like selling rice at the market. In the last 29 years, Grameen's "micro-credit" loans have spread worldwide, and in Bangladesh the bank has provided nearly $5 billion in loans to four and a half million people. And because 96 percent of Grameen's borrowers are women, Muhammad Yunus' simple idea of small loans has changed the social structure of Bangladesh by giving women the power of self-sufficiency.

This is the spirit of social entrepreneurship writ large, and it's the idea behind "New Heroes" house parties organized by the Skoll Foundation, a major funder of the series. "We believe that if you see these stories you will be inspired," said the Skoll Foundation's Terri Nagel. "We're hoping to motivate people to actually get out there and help, whether it's writing a check or starting your own social entrepreneurship program."

The idea behind the viewing parties is to get friends, families and coworkers to discuss the ideas of social entrepreneurship, and especially how everyone can make a difference.

dari ayah

4:12:35 PM : u cant prohibit some1 from doing them.Answer is NO, I can't. Just 2 suggest u 2 cry evrytime u remember GOD n ALL HIS messengerS.. U increase yr GODspot , Gw
MOBILE REPLY 6/21/2005
4:01:28 PM : both of them made by the same Creator - YES, inclsve of us. So don't u weep nor cry when I die. D only way GOD had prmisd 2 HIS creatures 4 meetin HIM 4ever .
MOBILE REPLY 6/21/2005
3:49:03 PM : put those stuffs on my blog.Answer is YES, QS is abrvtn of Qur'an Surah , of course they are not in S Covey's books. But I felt his thoughts are Quranic.
MOBILE REPLY 6/21/2005
3:33:10 PM : The 8th habbit - From effectiveness 2 greatness, S Covey, Nov. 2004. 15 mllns copies on 7 habbits sold in 15 years.
MOBILE REPLY 6/21/2005
3:25:10 PM : nurriva: so what should one do to solve Answer is YES, 1st ask his/ her own mind-IQ then ask his/ her heart-EQ n 3rd ask his/her GOD spot- SQ. Prblm's solved Gw
MOBILE REPLY 6/21/2005
3:14:42 PM : ESQ: Dan ikutilah yg plg baik dari apa yg diturunkan kepadamu dari Tuhanmu.(QS 39:55)
MOBILE REPLY 6/21/2005
3:12:50 PM : ESQ: Sesungguhnya Allah tdk akan mengubah nasib satu kaum kecuali mrk sendiri mengubah keadaan jiwanya.(QS 13:11)
MOBILE REPLY 6/21/2005
3:10:25 PM : ESQ: Bacalah! Tuhanmulah Yang Maha Pemurah! Yang mengajar dengan kalam. (QS 96:3-4)
MOBILE REPLY 6/21/2005
3:08:59 PM : ESQ: Spt gerakan Galaksi Bima Sakti(Milky Way), gerakan Atom(Bohr), atau gerakan jamaah Haji mengelilingi Kabah, semua melakukan thawaf dan sujud kpd Allah.
MOBILE REPLY 6/21/2005
3:08:02 PM : ESQ: Kecerdasan spiritual adlh kecerdasan utk menghdpi persoalan makna hidup,kecerdasan utk menempatkan perilaku dan hidup kita dlm makna yg lbh luas dan kaya
MOBILE REPLY 6/21/2005
3:06:50 PM : ESQ: Sungguh, tlh berlalu aturan2 (Allah) seblm kamu. Mengembaralah di muka bumi, dan lihatlah, bgmn akhirnya org yg mendustakan (kebenaran). (QS 3:137)
MOBILE REPLY 6/21/2005
3:05:41 PM : ESQ: Lingkaran terluar terdpt lima lingkaran kecil dimana semuanya terletak pada area Dimensi Fisik (IQ) pd alam sadar.
MOBILE REPLY 6/21/2005
3:04:49 PM : ESQ: Lingkaran kedua terletak pd Dimensi Emosi, alam prasadar.
MOBILE REPLY 6/21/2005
3:03:14 PM : ESQ: Lingkaran terdlm (God Spot) terletak pd Dimensi Spiritual pd dlm bawah sadar.
MOBILE REPLY 6/21/2005

im trying to be funny here...

ever think of making ur own holiday?

well here are some ideas to begin with:
Be a Dork Day, July 15 -- Give your inner dork free reign to trip, snort or geek out over the latest high-tech gadget.

Have a Bad Day Day, Nov. 19 -- Store owners can send off customers by saying, 'Have a bad day,' on this cynical holiday. (love this one, -ulm)

No Housework Day, April 7 -- Just say no to taking out the trash and cleaning the toilet (as if you did any of those things to begin with, you lazy bastard).

Blah Blah Blah Day, April 17 -- Are people nagging you to make that dentist's appointment or quit smoking? Well, get to it!

Lost Sock Memorial Day, May 9 -- Take a moment to reflect upon the millions of lost socks that never make the short trip back from the dryer.

source: Hatch Magazine

enterpreneur tell tale

Today was hot.. sesuai ramalan emg sminggu ini bakaln panas abis..
so dtengah2 hawa panas dan pengap
serta sayup musik dari tropical station (favorit supervisor saya)
well skip the introduction
jadi intiny i read this article on forbes trus ad ttg boosting ur economy. n the columnist-nya (yg seorang enterpreneur aka wiraswasta) bilang klo salah satu carany itu dengan memacu pertumbuhan wiraswasta.
dan emang bukan daya beli yg nunjukin majunya suatu negara, tp production level.

here are the things he said, for a country to do, to boost the enterpreneurship of its people:

  • Taxes must be reasonable.
    kesanny umum sekali ya..
    Entrepreneurs and capital will be attracted to lower taxes.
    yah of course..
    tp tax buat usaha d indo tinggi ga sih? kayakny engga deh

  • Trade and labor markets must be free.
    hmm im beginning to think klo authorny mendukung european charter, hehehe..
    Typically cash-strapped, they (the enterprenurs, red.) need the flexibility to tap suppliers and customers anywhere in the world.
    well we would hv no prob in that.. indo's laborer are cheap!

  • Regulations must be light.
    ahahah.. ya ampown..
    well he gave an example about doing business in France: French startups are choked by paperwork, which is why a generation of French restaurant entrepreneurs has decamped to London.
    Yup, they (referring to bird talks - kabar burung =p) said that the best French restaurant is actually located in London.

  • The rule of law must be understood and enforced.
    Jadi mksudny apa yah? well sumthin like the law has to be strong enough n has to be enforced to every business to avoid big companies taking over the whole thing (monopoly?)

  • Entrepreneurs come in all types.
    oh i love this part: Countries that place too much emphasis on showy scholastic achievement, such as France and Japan, will be short on entrepreneurs.
    humm i should ask my supervisor bout this..
    jadi emang scholastic achievement tu ga perlu =D *lol

  • Immigration must be encouraged. Australia, New Zealand and, to a lesser extent, the U.K. are booming because of immigration, just as America historically has. Educated immigrants start tech companies. Noneducated immigrants also boost the economy, if they are willing to assimilate. They start mom-and-pop businesses, some of which grow to be large. Memo to France and Germany: The U.S. has made a disastrous wrong turn regarding skills-based immigrants. Because of its H-1B visa plan, the U.S. is admitting only a third of the peak number it did five years ago. That's terrible policy. It will damage U.S. technology for years to come. I hate to suggest this, but now's the time for other countries to take advantage of our shortsightedness.

  • Waste and inefficiency must be accepted. Old Europe has been infected with a bad idea from its Green parties. The idea is that "sustainability" is good and waste is sinful. But "sustainable" never brings the big breakthrough. For that, you need armies of entrepreneurs "wasting" time and resources in experimentation.
    Indo ppl r exceptionally good in wasting time, heheh.. (eh,.. or is it just me? :p)

  • Honest failure must be tolerated. One of the secrets of Silicon Valley's success is an acceptance of multimillion-dollar cock-ups. Billionaire venture capitalist John Doerr says a VC isn't seasoned until he's crashed the equivalent of an F-18 fighter jet--booted $20 million on a startup that didn't work. In countries where bankruptcy laws are too tilted toward creditors, you get fewer risk takers.
    hmmm.. risky,..

  • Social mobility must be applauded. Why would a French entrepreneur want to struggle for success, only to find at the head of the receiving line someone like Dominique de Villepin, a haughty mandarin eager to cut him down? One of the reasons Silicon Valley surpassed the Boston area in tech leadership is that Boston was more class-riven. Graduates of Harvard Business School, wanting to protect their social status, tended to go into white-shoe consulting and banking. Graduates of Stanford Business School felt less social pressure and gravitated toward misfit startups. In the U.S. the best entrepreneurial hives offer the most social mobility: New York City, the New South, the West.
    pretty much ppl in Indo are like this..
  • My Quote of the Day

    "I think that all attempts at rancid nationalism are dangerous. Tradition offers us effective resources for communication, with its arsenal of common codes and signs, but a repetition of tradition tends to bore and tire society. Cultures need to conserve themselves by constant renovation"

    (Pedro Luis Ferrer, June 2005)
    Taken from Underground Man: An Interview With Pedro Luis Ferrer

    cool site

    hmm.. asli gw baru tau ad ginian xD
    hidup orang awak!!

    love this one as well

    click di sini

    Visi Universitas Nasional Jakarta

    Pada tahun 2005 Jurusan Pendidikan Seni Musik unggul dalam kualitas dan menghasilkan tenaga profesional yang dapat menciptakan peluang kerja serta bersaing di era global melalui penyelenggaraan pendidikan, penelitian dan pengabdian pada masyarakat.

    doesnt make sense
    ya ampown gmn mo maju cobaaaa????

    was it me who is just being too negative or is this as bad as it sounds?

    visionny terlampau ambisius.. tp katany emg harus gitu.. namany juga visi.. ngayal abis.. oh dilbert.com provides this tool to create a mission statement from randomized zelf-toegevoegd (lupa indo/inggrisny apaan :p) words..

    bored of ...

    Fresh Intelligence June 15 2005 : Radar Online

    Katie Holmes’ Magical ‘Best Friend’:

    "The starry-eyed chaperone who’s been accompanying Katie Holmes to Batman Begins press junkets is not only an agent of Scientology—she’s a powerful one. According to an article from the sect’s in-house magazine, Source, Holmes’ new Church-assigned handler, Jessica Rodriguez, ascended to the level of “New Operating Thetan IV” (the same as Tom Cruise) in January 2004. What the Beck does that mean?

    According to sources close to the Church, it means she’s joined the elite group of Scientologists who’ve been enlightened with the six-figure secrets of Xenu, the evil intergalactic ruler who implanted “thetans,” or alien spirits, in earth’s volcanoes 75 million years ago, after which they escaped and invaded human bodies. As a “New OT IV,” Rodriguez has the power to, “control life, thought, matter, energy, space, and time,” according to Scientology’s official web site. Having completed the Church’s “False Purpose Rundown,” Katie’s spiritual escort also has the ability to spot any “suppressive persons” (read: enemies of Scientology, like skeptical journalists and concerned friends and family members) who interact with her celebrity charge. And you thought Pat Kingsley was tough!"

    I dont understand a single word from the article..

    I thought scientology would mean something like human well-being and the men as the centre of the universe.. trus kok tau2 ad evil intergalactic ruler and spiritual escort?? gee..
    and the website malah kayak commercial website yg ngejualin buku2nya pak L. Ron Hubbard..

    Mid-Term Evaluation Form

    INHOLLAND University
    Wildenborch 6
    1112 XB Diemen
    P.O. Box 261
    1110 AG Diemen
    The Netherlands
    Mid-term evaluation form
    School of Communication, Media &Music
    International Business Communication

    +31(0)20 4951111 495 1111
    Assessment of intern conducted by the placement supervisor together with the student

    1. Personal Details
    Name Intern
    Student number
    Name of firm/organization
    Name Placement supervisor
    Name Academic supervisor
    Period (semester)

    Ulma Nurriva Haryanto
    AEC -Association Européenne des Conservatoires,
    Christine Masure
    Craig Whittaker

    It is important for all parties involved to have an assessment of the intern approximately halfway through the placement period. Would you please fill this form out and return it to the student’s academic supervisor via email?

    2. Please asses the student according to the following criteria – type an ‘x’in the appropriate spot

    A. Insight into business processes

    1. Daily work - Very good
    2.Contact with colleagues - Very good
    3.Contact with placement supervisor - Very good
    4.Structure and culture of the organization - Very good

    B. Working style

    5. Planning and organization of work - Very good
    6. Proactivity - Very good
    7. Effort - Very good
    8. Work tempo - Very good
    9.Problem-solving capabilities - Very good
    10. Organizing own work - Very good

    C. Work output

    11. Quality of work - Very good
    12.Communication skills - oral - Good
    13. Communication skills - written - Very good

    3. Points for the student to work on

    4. Final assessment
    General assessment - Very good

    Date 15-06-2005
    Other Comments
    Ulma has been the best student intern ever working in the AEC office. The intelligence, efficiency and collegial manner has been a great asset to the organisation; she has been more than a colleague than a student intern.

    i'm glad they didnt mention: "excessive user of the telephone and coffee machine"

    eXERCise to pRoducE a Gr8ter seNse of Well-bEing

    Assume the position.
    Kneel on a rug or mat with your knees together, your shins flat on the floor, and your feet under your buttocks. Bend forward as far as you can. If possible, try to rest your stomach and chest on your thighs and your forehead on the floor, with your hands placed palms-down on either side of your head. If you are overweight, it's okay to let your knees come apart to allow space for your abdomen.

    Move with your breath.
    Inhale deeply and rise up, spreading your arms. At the height of the inhalation, your upper body should be straight and your gaze toward the ceiling. As you look up, raise your arms with your palms open.

    Lower your arms.
    Do this on the exhalation, bringing your arms down to cover your heart while you chant. 'Yam.' This is a traditional chant word that allows for varied expression and intonation. When chanting, repeat the sound as often as you like, drawing out the 'a' sound in Yam, then closing your lips to produce a long, humming 'm' sound.

    Coordinate your movements.
    As you inhale again, raise your arms again to the open position. Exhale and return to the crouched, kneeling starting position.

    Repeat one to eight times.
    Chant 'yam' every time you change from the upraised-arms position to the hands-on-heart position."

    'You are the best nation...' - daily surf

    Muslims must care for others because God Almighty tells us, "You are the best nation set up for humanity." Now, I remember imams boasting about this verse from the pulpit, feeding the congregation "feel good" rhetoric and showering praise on our community. Yet, this statement by God is qualified; it has an asterisk.We are not the best nation because we are Muslims, but rather "[because] you enjoin that which is good, you forbid that which is evil, and you believe in God" (3:110).

    Muslims must care because that is their mission on earth. Both the Qur'an and hadith literature abound with statements stressing the utmost importance of caring for others, for the sake of caring for others.

    Hesham A. Hassaballa

    mybe harusny not only for the sake of caring for others, but also for the sake of having God's forgiveness and blessings.
    "no reward do [we] ask of you for it: [our] reward is only from the Lord of the Worlds" (26:127)

    hv i cared enough to other ppl?

    has anybody thought of making an origami yoda to show somebody that u really care?

    notice to the public

    ladies and gentlemen..
    i've finally found my housekey ^^
    it was inside the pocket of one of my trousers
    within this pile of a three-weeks-old dirty laundry ^^

    i hope our washing machine could handle all of em
    pretending not to hear the loud grumble of the thing
    as it's ruefully spinning its tired rotors

    klo mesin cucinya jawa pasti udh ga terhitung
    kata2 j@nc*k & @$u yg keluar

    thankfully it is not made in java
    or in wales
    Klo dipikir2.. theme songny US tu anarkis juga ya..
    Oh, say, can you see, by the dawn's early light,
    What so proudly we hail'd at the twilight's last gleaming?
    Whose broad stripes and bright stars, thro' the perilous fight,
    O'er the ramparts we watch'd, were so gallantly streaming?
    And the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
    Gave proof thro' the night that our flag was still there.
    O say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave
    O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

    yeah, land of the free and the home of the brave..

    bandingin ma Indonesia Raya yg lbih feminin:
    Indonesia tanah airku,
    Tanah tumpah darahku.
    Disanalah aku berdiri
    Jadi pandu ibuku.
    Indonesia kebangsaanku,
    Bangsa dan Tanah Airku.
    Marilah kita berseru
    “Indonesia bersatu.”

    well not really sih, pake tumpah2 darahan segala.. but still no rockets n bombs..
    n we really love our Mums

    hidup indonesia! hehehehe..

    cant believe i broke into my own house!!

    It's been one week since i last saw my house-key.. humm.. i finally lost it. i thought i should have mislaid it somewhere in my room, but until today, ..saudara-saudara, i still couldnt find my key.

    Last weekend gw 3 days d Logger, Minggu malemny d Holendrecht, and back to Utrecht Monday morning.. lngsung k kntor. The next 4 evenings I had included disturbing my housemates by tirelessly punching on the doorbell (hihihi..). berlebihan ding, tapi yah.. u got the idea..

    But I have 6 housemates, so the chance for a different person to open the door for me each day was actually quite big =p tapi yah, 2 dari 4 hari itu, housemateku yg cewe yg ngebukain..

    SO.. i dont know how much time I had spent waiting hopelessly on the front door, occasionally ringing the doorbell.. wishing that somebody might actually was at home. Tapi na-da... nihil..
    Ibu2 tua tetangga sebelah rumah (yg dulu pernah kubantu ketika sepedanya rubuh), udh ngemasuk-luarin kucing dan anjingnya*. (wait.. she has both dog and cat?? o.O)

    *) maksud dari sentence ini adalah: ngemasukin kucing, ngeluarin anjing

    I guess my friends should know by now that i am not the most patient person in the city (takut mo bilang world kegedean, sekota aja blm tntu gw yg paling sabar). So i was actually contemplating the various ways I could get in..
    1. waiting (which of course not so much in to my favor)
    2. borrow a ladder from my neighbor (after she had come back from her afternoon for-the-dog's-pleasure walk), and use it to get in from the kitchen window, which was on the second floor, and was open
    3. pick the lock with my hairclip (too much mcGyver), i used to destroy lots of my hairclips just to try to pick locks of my own room when i was small *lol
    4.look for other possibilites

    number 1 n 2 means that i had to wait anyway, trus the latter might cause commotions (but the thought of hving my pic on the front page of the local newspaper was quite appealing,huhuhu). so i immediately tried number 3. but i broke this cute flower ornament on my hairclip (damn!).

    Still not giving up, i tried to pick the lock with a piece of metal i found lying on the street. well actually it shaped more like a hook, since it used to be a part of a cloth-hanger.

    Sure i knew that the chance of my success in picking the lock was so very small.. i had to think of another way.

    then i realized that the mail-slot was actually built on the same level as the door lock. oho.. could it be?

    i tried to slip my hand through the slot and find out how far i could get.. then i moved my hand towards the doorlock, well umm.. slide, u know, the thing below the doorknob that you have to push or slide or move to the side to really open the door? but the farthest i could touch was the tip of it.

    intriguing.. indeed.. just a little more n i could actually open the door.

    Now, i had to make sure that no one was around, because i would look very very suspicious. altho i doubt that, i know that i hv an innocent face, hihihi..

    the coast was clear.. so i tried using the hook thing i had found earlier, and tried to grope the lock again.. but failed.. damn.. it did not have the right umm.. contour? well.. so.. i searched in my bag for other things that could have this right shape to move the doorlock (was feeling like im in a detective-game or sumthin).

    and then.. voila.. my bracelet ^^ well first i doubt it would work, but.. yeah, it worth a shot. so again, being very careful that nobody's around.. i slipped my hand through the mail slot, reached for the doorlock as far as i could, and grappled for the umm.. well the "thing"

    now..to hear the click, the sign that the lock actually moved, was... heavenly..

    then i turned the doorknob

    opened the door

    and slowly stepped inside


    hahaha.. who needs a doorkey????
    klo tau bisa sgampang itu masuk rumah ngapain gw msti worried ngeganggu anak2 rumah??
    dan sllu wondering ad org d rumah pa engga???
    btw gw alesanny k mrk sih, klo i left my key at my friend's house in a'dam =p
    mungkin i hv to tell my landlord klo i lost the key to the house :(
    altho i dont want to do so
    i still wish that my key would eventually show up =/
    oh kunci rumah.. pls come out..
    come out, come out, wherever you are...

    ah well, yg jelas gw ga prlu khawatir lagi klo mo kluar besok2, hihihih..


    im fat. im full of zits. i dont eat much. i eat too much. my breast too small. i cant run fast. im stupid. im not smart. i forget easily. im unthankful. i disrespect myself. i ignore others. i hate myself. my love life sucks. i got dumped more than thrice. i lie. i steal. i hurt other people. i hurt myself. i cant do math properly. i cant walk properly. im always scratching. im too stingy. i spend too much. im envious. i love myself too much. im egoistic. im stubborn. i have too many regrets. i dont have friends. im lonely. nobody understands me. people annoy me. i am being ignored. i dont have self-confidence. i disrespect people. im overtly critical. i am too aloof. im not a virgin. im agnostic. i fear the end of the world. i fear God. im stupid. i know too much. i got bored easily. my hair is not wavy enough. my hair is too curly. im not pretty. i dont like people looking at me. im not poetic enough. i dont look smart. my boobs to big. my ears too small. i wish he could stop that. im left out. my finger is crooked. my toenail is ugly. im over-confident. im too competitive. i got diverted easily. and u're supposed to love me.