that bright red one on the night sky (no it won't be Rudolph's nose)

ABC News: Red Planet Outshines Rudolph's Red Nose

photo caption: The planet Mars shines its brighest on Christmas Eve.
The planet Mars will be "at opposition" on Christmas Eve, meaning it will sit directly opposite the sun. It will be about as close and as bright to Earth as it ever gets.
aw.. this is going to be lovely <3

the result of unhealthy lifestyle

4 cups of coffee per day + 4-5 cigarettes a day + stress + skipping meal + drinking orange juice when the stomach is empty = acute gastritis :p

that's how i spent my weekend
being awaken in the middle of the night by excruciating pain in my stomach, its like being clawed with hot acidic nails from the inside.. terrible :| i thought im gonna die or something. couldnt breathe, couldnt move a limb, desperately tried to somehow use telepathy to make mr. bf came and check up on me...

didnt work :P
he came like 12 hours later after i crawled around the room in search of my last antacid chew-tablet.

so yesterday went to the doctor to ask IS IT EFFIN NORMAL TO HV THIS KIND OF PAIN? The doctor said yes :p but he prescribed me a stronger medicine.
which turns out to be this teenie-weenie-eenie-bitty pill, to be taken once a day only for the next 14 days. wow..

so i guess i really hv to watch my meals, reduce drinking coffee to only one cup a day or none at all T_____________T

meanwhle in papua a large-rat was found :D

it looks pretty cute though :D yesterday i was thinking about the movie golden-compass, that the people living in the parallel universe has their "soul" outside their body, but residing in an animal. I thought to hv a big mouse trailing besides me was kinda cool, n i was thinking how big the mouse should be...
well the giant-rat recently found in papua would be just perfect :D

oh ya hampir lupa:
i already got my tickets for radiohe_ad's concert next summer ^^
and my in rainbows package has arrived (the picture below is taken from wikipedia, coz sadly i hv no camera of my own:()

big YAY!
so despite of that pain in my stomach, i also spent my weekend listening khidmat-ly (bahasa inggrisnya khidmat apa ya) to the new album ^^
and seriously, the best way to listen to any of radiohead's album is in the dark... and over, and over, and over again :P that's how i got hooked up with the band for the first time when ok computer came out :p (a decade ago).
my comments on in rainbow?
well... copying from other reviews, its worth 10-years the wait :D
i thought they wont ever gonna make another album as cool as ok computer,.. but in rainbows seriously got the band's "history" of the past 10 years in In Rainbows, coz its got Hail to The Thief in it, techno-wise like amnesiac n Kid A, but still has rocking energy like ok computer :D
guys, thank you so much for the album :D
(i sound like those fanatics... yea.. whatever.. really love this album :D)

and here below is a DIY video instruction (huh? @_@) of in rainbows when the album hit the stores next year..

and im havin another cup of coffee now :D cuma setengah sih..

i'm dennis kucinich

with little knowledge on US' politics n state welfare... :p i bravely took the quiz n got this result :p

a quick googling on dennis kucinich reveals that ..... he's got a nice slogan xD "Strength through Peace" - which i dont think would sell much with the majority of american conservatives.

dan pose fotonya dong :p "peace" gitu.. reminds me of my own pics xD

seems like that he's a nice humble man :D (melihat pose fotonya, kqkqkqkq)

komentarnya chauft: "idih kamu ada republicannya"
ya... i know :">
chauft's a hardcore democrat xD
1. John Edwards (smpet jd calon VP bareng Kerry)
2. Joseph Biden, and
3. Barack Obama (u know him)

FW: Your Discbox has been despatched.



From: []
Sent: Monday, December 03, 2007 12:15 PM
Subject: Your Discbox has been despatched.



Just to let you know…

Your “In Rainbows” discbox has now left w.a.s.t.e. in the UK

You can expect delivery of your discbox in the following estimated times.

UK 1-8 days

Europe 1-14 days

Rest of World 5-18 days

Wherever possible (especially to customers in the USA), we’ve sent these by road and sea.

December is a busy time of year for postal services globally, so please be patient.

We thank you for your custom and hope you enjoy your discbox when you receive it.

Best wishes.

us @ w.a.s.t.e.

btw yg bener tu bukannya dispatched ya? i wonder if the letter 'e' was intentional? could be a secret message? hmmmmm...

anyway, 1 December kmrn was World AIDS day (WAD). WAD katanya wikipedia awalnya from UNAIDS, yg ngadain country leader summit on 1 dec 98, dan hence ngejadiin hari itu sbg world aids day.

after 9 years of the initiative, i would say that there's been more attention to this disease than a decade ago. this year's theme (or 2008's theme to be exact. 2007's almost over) was actually "Stop AIDS. Keep the Promise - Leadership".

InsyAllah di Indonesia HIV Breakout ga separah di Afrika. Mungkin masi banyak yg enggan buat 'periksa' or hv safe (free) sex. of course 'Taboo' would be the main cause. Watched MTV last nite on this reportage in India, dmn org2 masi enggan buat periksa or encourage safe sex. like Indonesia, free sex n having anything to do with this disease can cause a big shame to anyone, his/her family, n anybody who knows him/her :D

tp yah, mngkin persepsi yg salah jg. coz majority in Indo main causenya injected drug use (IDU). ato sebenernya unsafe sex tp banyak yg ga mo ngaku :p
The HIV epidemic in Indonesia is among the fastest growing in Asia. The majority of HIV infections are estimated to occur through the use of contaminated injecting equipment, unprotected paid sex and, to a lesser extent, unprotected sex between men. (Ministry of Health Indonesia & Statistics Indonesia, 2006). When surveyed in 2005, more than 40% of injecting drug users in Jakarta tested HIV-positive (WHO & Ministry of Health Indonesia, 2007), and about 13% in West Java (Ministry of Health Indonesia, 2006). In addition, many injecting drug users also buy or sell sex (Ministry of Health Indonesia & Statistics Indonesia, 2006). In 2005, approximately one quarter of injecting drug users in Bandung, Jakarta and Medan said they had had unprotected paid sex in the previous year (Ministry of Health Indonesia & Statistics Indonesia, 2006). In Papua province (bordering Papua New Guinea) the epidemic is more serious with unprotected sex being the main mode of transmission. In a province-wide population-based survey in Papua in 2006, adult HIV prevalence was estimated at 2.4%, and reached 3.2% in the remote highlands and 2.9% in less-accessible lowland areas. Among 15–24-year-olds, HIV prevalence was 3% (Ministry of Health Indonesia & Statistics Indonesia, 2007). 2007 AIDS Epidemic Update (USAID, December 2007, p.24)

The UNAIDS Indonesia country profile has some facts on the level of AIDS epidemics in our beloved country. Altho i think the data came from their 2005 report. shown on the page was the number of people living with AIDS in Indonesia is 170,000. however the most recent report by WHO showed that the number has increased to 193,000 (ranging from 169 000 to 216 000)in 2006 (WHO, 2007).

Here's a 2007 review on HIV and AIDS in Indonesia. Recommendations includes the wide-spread of condom use especially in places where sex-trade is common, encouragement for AIDS counseling and testing, improving the local health system in Papua (besides, Indonesia is a very heterogeneous country, you cant apply one kind of system n hope it would work in all regions), establish one national monitoring system and evaluation, strengthen self-help groups and networks for people living with and affected by HIV. It's also found that most of the time treatment and services did not reach their target groups, and that many STI drugs, clean needles, syringes and condoms supplied to IDUs who were contacted were inadequate.

hOWEva.. our ministry of health has set some national plans&goals for 2007-2011, and regions such as Papua, West Java, together with 4 other provinces with the most affected population (Bali, Jakarta, Riau and East Java) signed an MoU in 2004 that they are committed to combat HIV/AIDS, and had made amendment to public and justice policies regarding drug addiction, control of HIV/AIDS, etc. Except jakarta, yg notabene sejak pemilihan gubernur yg baru kmrn blm nyiapin policy apa2 soal ini. more on those stuffs are available on the WHO report :D

now back to work...