the result of unhealthy lifestyle

4 cups of coffee per day + 4-5 cigarettes a day + stress + skipping meal + drinking orange juice when the stomach is empty = acute gastritis :p

that's how i spent my weekend
being awaken in the middle of the night by excruciating pain in my stomach, its like being clawed with hot acidic nails from the inside.. terrible :| i thought im gonna die or something. couldnt breathe, couldnt move a limb, desperately tried to somehow use telepathy to make mr. bf came and check up on me...

didnt work :P
he came like 12 hours later after i crawled around the room in search of my last antacid chew-tablet.

so yesterday went to the doctor to ask IS IT EFFIN NORMAL TO HV THIS KIND OF PAIN? The doctor said yes :p but he prescribed me a stronger medicine.
which turns out to be this teenie-weenie-eenie-bitty pill, to be taken once a day only for the next 14 days. wow..

so i guess i really hv to watch my meals, reduce drinking coffee to only one cup a day or none at all T_____________T

meanwhle in papua a large-rat was found :D

it looks pretty cute though :D yesterday i was thinking about the movie golden-compass, that the people living in the parallel universe has their "soul" outside their body, but residing in an animal. I thought to hv a big mouse trailing besides me was kinda cool, n i was thinking how big the mouse should be...
well the giant-rat recently found in papua would be just perfect :D

oh ya hampir lupa:
i already got my tickets for radiohe_ad's concert next summer ^^
and my in rainbows package has arrived (the picture below is taken from wikipedia, coz sadly i hv no camera of my own:()

big YAY!
so despite of that pain in my stomach, i also spent my weekend listening khidmat-ly (bahasa inggrisnya khidmat apa ya) to the new album ^^
and seriously, the best way to listen to any of radiohead's album is in the dark... and over, and over, and over again :P that's how i got hooked up with the band for the first time when ok computer came out :p (a decade ago).
my comments on in rainbow?
well... copying from other reviews, its worth 10-years the wait :D
i thought they wont ever gonna make another album as cool as ok computer,.. but in rainbows seriously got the band's "history" of the past 10 years in In Rainbows, coz its got Hail to The Thief in it, techno-wise like amnesiac n Kid A, but still has rocking energy like ok computer :D
guys, thank you so much for the album :D
(i sound like those fanatics... yea.. whatever.. really love this album :D)

and here below is a DIY video instruction (huh? @_@) of in rainbows when the album hit the stores next year..

and im havin another cup of coffee now :D cuma setengah sih..

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ya ampooon ulm!! what have you done? ck ck ck,... beterschap yaa,.... mbok ya maem roti ta apa gituuuu