stupid v.2 :p

a guest was eating gule kambing
after he finished he asked: "Zijn er lams in Indonesie?" (di Indonesia ada domba gak?)

without thinking i said: "Ja.. 'tuurlijk" (Yes, off course)

split seconds later i realised that.. i dont think lambs can live there -.- it's effin 30 degrees!

but i decided to stick with the story n said: "Ja, maar zij leeft alleen in koudere plekken.. en hun vacht zijn niet als dik als het lams hier" (iya, tp mereka tinggalnya di tempat2 yg dingin, trus bulunya ga setebel domba sini -.-)

the guest just nodded.. hehe.. dia kali mikirnya "ni orang bego banget sih".. i hope he's drunk enough to believe me.. mango juice drunk xD

bego sebego2nya bego deh..

to entertain myself n forget how stupid i am is the newest comic con trailer of watchmen.. yay..

1250 days

Go off to sleep in the sunshine.. I don't want to see the day when it's dying

what type is this blog?

The analysis indicates that the author of is of the type:

ESFP - The Performers

The entertaining and friendly type. They are especially attuned to pleasure and beauty and like to fill their surroundings with soft fabrics, bright colors and sweet smells. They live in the present moment and don't like to plan ahead - they are always in risk of exhausting themselves.

They enjoy work that makes them able to help other people in a concrete and visible way. They tend to avoid conflicts and rarely initiate confrontation - qualities that can make it hard for them in management positions.

Note: writing style on a blog may have little or nothing to do with a person's self-perceived personality.

nyahahahaw hahahawww...

found it from here

things that im reading *yawn*

so there are FIVE books that are currently in my reading list
seriously for you who might b interested,this is not interesting at all. i wish i hv juicier stuffs to post but sadly no. what's with the emotional wave thingy? is it done yet? yes.. it's over. thank you for asking.

  • first is the collection of short stories by the late Indonesian author A.A. Navis. The book is Iko's who kindly lent it to me so that I can share his fondness to this particular author. Well I think this guy's brilliant. His stories have unexpected twists and endings. And he has his own way of story-telling. He avoids using difficult words or jargon and over-dramatisation. I'm still at his 14th story -.- one story away from his masterpiece, "Robohnya Surau Kami". My favourite so far was about this pregnant woman, who, amidst of her nature being over-suspicious to everything, tried to, for once, put her trust to ...a beggar and her mute-son n baby. because she's pregnant, and she doesn't want a bad karma will happen to her unborn child. so she let the beggar to work for her as a house-maid, and this one evening she n her husband decided to go out. Then they saw this kid, who looks like the son of the woman working at their place, but.. the difference is, this kid isnt mute. he was telling a story to a group of amused street people (beggars, peddlers, and the like).. that he's been peeping whenever this woman's taking a shower, n he made fun of her big pregnant stomach, and that he is never the son of the woman-beggar (that at that time might already swiped clean all of the couple's valuable belongings)... and the story ends with the pregnant woman fainted and gave birth prematurely -.-

  • Watchmen.. still on page 24 :p Rorschach was investigating of what seemed to be a normal murder. But he found out that the murdered man was The Comedian, a government-sanctioned superhero after the Keene Act that bans superheroes, is passed. Got introduced with the rest of the characters (Ozymandias, Nite Owl I & II, Silk Spectre II, and Dr. Manhattan). Rorschach already deduced that there might be somebody who wanted revenge on masked heroes...

  • Rahasia Meede was E.S. Ito's second novel (he's born at 1981 -.- his first novel was published in 2005 .. he was 24 -.- dammit). It's about chain-murders, an underground city below "the Old City"-part of Jakarta (Batavia), a historian from Leiden Universiteit with a *ahum* secret mission, to discover VOC's treasure (yeaah Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie..) Its funny that im reading it here. Feels, close and far away at the same time.. so yeah the novel isnt like any kind of novels by Indonesian authors out there right now (not chick-lit,teen-lit or othr kinds of -lits, not stupid romance novel, not pornographic novel, not sci-fi wannabe novel, n not this-is-art-damn-it novel). its dan brown-ish but not quite :D but yea, he seemed to couldnt really avoid the "romance and sparks" bits. its unnecessarrryyyyy.. but anyway, a good read :D

  • Guns, Germs and Steel.. this book's heavy -.- Chauft bought it for me.. last year i think.. At first i didnt even want to know how many corn species there were in the old world. so i skipped to more interesting chapters, like the spread of food and produce cultures and why some people, like the aborigines and the Papuans, stick to hunting and gathering. but then felt there were missing pieces of information so i retreatd n bear myself to reading the corn species.. now im already in chapter 16, the part that explained where Indonesian people came from (we're from South China.. so yeah.. im chinese :p). what is this book about actually? it's 'A Short History of Everybody for the Last 13,000 Years'. That short history is explained in 480 pages.. o_O

  • Critical Mass..just finished chapter one :p its like the sequel of Guns, Germs and Steel, Critical Mass is what the society do after they realise that they ARE a society, a group of people with a political system and hierarchies..explained in a mathematical way o_O so first chapter was Hobbes and Leviathan, and the introduction to the concept of utopia and commonwealth.

    AND on the (PC) playing list are:
    The Last Shadow Puppets - Meeting Place
    Arctic Monkeys - Baby I'm Yours.. the first signs of Turner's getting mellow, and perhaps the spawn of The Last Shadow Puppet idea. The song was originally sung by Barbara Lewis, i believe..
    Cat Power's live (Black Session) in Paris, digging her soulful voice..
    DetektivbyrÄn - lovin their dreamy, catchy, electronic, instrumental love-making stuffs. and the accordion.. cant hv enough of accordions:p
    Some stuffs by Kings of Leon (of course)
    Metric (Cat Power + Yeah Yeah Yeahs :D)
    And in my mp3 player is a playlist consisting of Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, Deftones, and A Perfect Circle.. to balance the "mellow" pc playlist :P

    i know there shud b links n references here n thereeee buttttt im not in the mood -___-" besides.. u can always google..
    and this doesnt mean that im not aware of what happened in India or other places in the world but i dont like to post about really2 scary and sad stuff -.- n theres already a lot of commentary out there anyway..