stupid v.2 :p

a guest was eating gule kambing
after he finished he asked: "Zijn er lams in Indonesie?" (di Indonesia ada domba gak?)

without thinking i said: "Ja.. 'tuurlijk" (Yes, off course)

split seconds later i realised that.. i dont think lambs can live there -.- it's effin 30 degrees!

but i decided to stick with the story n said: "Ja, maar zij leeft alleen in koudere plekken.. en hun vacht zijn niet als dik als het lams hier" (iya, tp mereka tinggalnya di tempat2 yg dingin, trus bulunya ga setebel domba sini -.-)

the guest just nodded.. hehe.. dia kali mikirnya "ni orang bego banget sih".. i hope he's drunk enough to believe me.. mango juice drunk xD

bego sebego2nya bego deh..

to entertain myself n forget how stupid i am is the newest comic con trailer of watchmen.. yay..

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