The trip pt. 1

Night train

It was my first time aboard a local train after 8 years.

I ws from Malang heading to Jakarta. Just graduated high school and about to leave the city where I spent my forlorn senior high.

On Monday me and my husband decided to have a trip by train.

A couple of hours later we were at the train station purchasing tickets and I felt a bit nervous. Perhaps because I wasn't used to going on a trip w/out making an itinerary list (our last Bali trip had it's own excel sheet w/ budget&trip details).

And maybe I didn't hv that much trust with our PT Kereta Api. Especially when we get to the tellers we had to fill in a form, gave it to the cashier, and we had to use cash.

Me personally dislike carrying a lot of cash. So, was a bit annoyed that we had to go to an ATM first and then went back to lady teller. And what's with the form? To avoid misunderstanding? Or weird accent? Indecisive customers maybe? Or everything was still done manually that the forms are used to confirm each transaction? Such a waste of trees!

Anyways, we left the station, went home to pack, and came back an hour bfore our scheduled 8.45 pm train, the vibe was different.

There were more people, more restaurant/eat-house waiters offering us their menu AND free internet!

But we already decided to eat japanese fast food bfore we arrived, so...

The compartment was clean, smells like disinfectant (which is good), plenty of space between chairs, there's even a blanket&pillow ..and in train magazine :D guess they're trying to keep up w the airlines tht offer more/less same fares.

The train moved at exactly 8.44 pm. Now that's impressive :D

Too bad we left at night. Can't see much outside. Oh and we finally finished our itinerary list for the next 5 days! Yay!

(almost) end-of-year thoughts

Tonight me and iko are leaving for Jogja, we are going to have a week spent in C. Java. This is going to be a last minute vacation because we just decided a couple of hours ago.

We're planning to visit Borobudur temple (the last time we visited the place was in the 1990s), and probably head to Wonosobo, or Solo, or stay in Jogja. Haven't decided :p

On the morning of the 31st we're planning to take this "mountain railway tour" using an old train in Ambarawa, before heading back to the Big Durian via Jogja.

Wish us luck :p

Secondly, I've been questioning myself lately on whether or not I'd continue my work in journalism or go back to doing projects with NGOs.

It's been more than a year since I started working as a reporter.

There is the need to learn skills tips and tricks. I missed training sessions at the office but I've registerd myself for a training at PPMN (Indonesian Association for Media Development). And I read a book. Two days ago I bought Andreas Harsono's new book "'A9ama' Saya Adalah Jurnalisme". Very inspirational.

With no basic education in journalism made me clueless about the "root" of journalism. Andreas' book was structured in a way that I can grasp the soul of journalism: the 9 elements of journalism, he then later described a few techniques and cases, and then as the book draws to the end, the topic climaxed to conflicts within journalism and reporting, investigative journalism, and ended with his view on the lack of media coverage in Papua.

That was a very very rough review. I have to shower because we still need to pack and get the train tickets :p


killed articles goes to blog heaven (and so does cropped ones :p)

Aside from my interview with the only female judge at the Constitutional Court, Maria Farida Indarti (hv been promising myself that I would rewrite the interview as soon as I got the willingness), a feature on how religious conflicts started to sprung up in Jakarta's outskirts, I should add this last one on the list of my favorite pieces :D

I have a few reasons:
1. It was a very comprehensive research report and there are a LOT of interesting facts on how local radical organizations in greater Jakarta and West Java came into being.
2. I think I was the only one who use that angle *smug*

But yeah, the original was 885 words and edited version was 657.

I'm gonna put the cropped part here (unedited), because to me it was interesting :p

Political ambitions

Bonar mentioned that the feeling of alienation and social frustration of the elites of these organizations also contributed to radical actions.

"Chep from GARIS once allied with Yusril Ihza Mahendra from PBB. But he was disappointed at Yusril when he was elected as justice and human rights ministry and forgot about their original agenda, which was implementing sharia," he said.

Ismail Hasani also added that even though FPI does not actively involved in political negotiations, Habib Rizieq were known to have established political deals.

"He once wanted to make his own party, labeled it Islamic Revolution Party," he said.

Chairman of FPI Jakarta Habib Salim bin Umar Alatas told the Globe that FPI does not support any particular political party.

"However, we are open for discussions. People can sit down with us, and we will provide candidates with inputs," he said.

According to Setara's report, during the 2009 elections, FUI and FPI had stated their open support for Jusuf Kalla and Wiranto for a promise that the pair would disband Ahmadiyah once they were elected. (personal note: one more reason to make me feel less guilty for voting for SBY :p)

This was also confirmed by Habib Salim.

"We supported [Jusuf] because there was a commitment between us. We would support whomever if they committed to disband cults and uphold [Islamic] law," he continued.

Sekian and Happy Holidays! :)
A dear friend pledged a 365 days of writing at Right after she killed her twitter & facebook. (God bless her virtual identities). Please drop-by and comment on her posts while checking her progress.

She told me she timed herself, 15 minutes for every story ideas. So they weren't edited (here I am apologizing on behalf of her. Coz she's very dear to me, yes).

Hopefully she wouldn't stop before she even reached half-way like another friend of mine here --> @freudian83 aka www dot anitarachman dot com, who pledged a 365 days w/out shopping and failed :p
(the latest blog post proves it!)

But at least she still regularly blogs, unlike me.

I was thinking of making this a heaven for killed suggested by @prameshwarii and @nivellism. But.. I'm too lazy to do that xD

Anyways yeah, I'm typing this in a taxi cab going to my sister-in-law's place in Harapan Indah, Bekasi.
And we've arrived.
I'll race you to the door!