The trip pt. 1

Night train

It was my first time aboard a local train after 8 years.

I ws from Malang heading to Jakarta. Just graduated high school and about to leave the city where I spent my forlorn senior high.

On Monday me and my husband decided to have a trip by train.

A couple of hours later we were at the train station purchasing tickets and I felt a bit nervous. Perhaps because I wasn't used to going on a trip w/out making an itinerary list (our last Bali trip had it's own excel sheet w/ budget&trip details).

And maybe I didn't hv that much trust with our PT Kereta Api. Especially when we get to the tellers we had to fill in a form, gave it to the cashier, and we had to use cash.

Me personally dislike carrying a lot of cash. So, was a bit annoyed that we had to go to an ATM first and then went back to lady teller. And what's with the form? To avoid misunderstanding? Or weird accent? Indecisive customers maybe? Or everything was still done manually that the forms are used to confirm each transaction? Such a waste of trees!

Anyways, we left the station, went home to pack, and came back an hour bfore our scheduled 8.45 pm train, the vibe was different.

There were more people, more restaurant/eat-house waiters offering us their menu AND free internet!

But we already decided to eat japanese fast food bfore we arrived, so...

The compartment was clean, smells like disinfectant (which is good), plenty of space between chairs, there's even a blanket&pillow ..and in train magazine :D guess they're trying to keep up w the airlines tht offer more/less same fares.

The train moved at exactly 8.44 pm. Now that's impressive :D

Too bad we left at night. Can't see much outside. Oh and we finally finished our itinerary list for the next 5 days! Yay!

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