A dear friend pledged a 365 days of writing at http://elvinpriyadi.blogspot.com. Right after she killed her twitter & facebook. (God bless her virtual identities). Please drop-by and comment on her posts while checking her progress.

She told me she timed herself, 15 minutes for every story ideas. So they weren't edited (here I am apologizing on behalf of her. Coz she's very dear to me, yes).

Hopefully she wouldn't stop before she even reached half-way like another friend of mine here --> @freudian83 aka www dot anitarachman dot com, who pledged a 365 days w/out shopping and failed :p
(the latest blog post proves it!)

But at least she still regularly blogs, unlike me.

I was thinking of making this a heaven for killed articles..as suggested by @prameshwarii and @nivellism. But.. I'm too lazy to do that xD

Anyways yeah, I'm typing this in a taxi cab going to my sister-in-law's place in Harapan Indah, Bekasi.
And we've arrived.
I'll race you to the door!

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