(almost) end-of-year thoughts

Tonight me and iko are leaving for Jogja, we are going to have a week spent in C. Java. This is going to be a last minute vacation because we just decided a couple of hours ago.

We're planning to visit Borobudur temple (the last time we visited the place was in the 1990s), and probably head to Wonosobo, or Solo, or stay in Jogja. Haven't decided :p

On the morning of the 31st we're planning to take this "mountain railway tour" using an old train in Ambarawa, before heading back to the Big Durian via Jogja.

Wish us luck :p

Secondly, I've been questioning myself lately on whether or not I'd continue my work in journalism or go back to doing projects with NGOs.

It's been more than a year since I started working as a reporter.

There is the need to learn skills tips and tricks. I missed training sessions at the office but I've registerd myself for a training at PPMN (Indonesian Association for Media Development). And I read a book. Two days ago I bought Andreas Harsono's new book "'A9ama' Saya Adalah Jurnalisme". Very inspirational.

With no basic education in journalism made me clueless about the "root" of journalism. Andreas' book was structured in a way that I can grasp the soul of journalism: the 9 elements of journalism, he then later described a few techniques and cases, and then as the book draws to the end, the topic climaxed to conflicts within journalism and reporting, investigative journalism, and ended with his view on the lack of media coverage in Papua.

That was a very very rough review. I have to shower because we still need to pack and get the train tickets :p


2 komentar:

Anita mengatakan...

you're considering to leave? why? you seem fine and deeply in love with journalism, no?

the mouse mengatakan...

coooozzz.. i dont think that i, well hv "grown" properly.
being a reporter is a fantastic job although it is morally as well as physically and mentally exhausting too :p
and so far it felt that i've been "fumbling in a dark corridor". at times i felt that I didn't get better I only did worse and so I wonder if I was "made" to do this job. or..the job made me. or if i want to do this for the rest of my life. writing? yes. journalist? maybe.
oh iya lupa tagar "#curcol" heheh :p