im (not) gonna see slumdog millionaire

last night i had a "sneak" preview of the oscar-winning movie, 'Slumdog Millionaire'.
I watched like, the first 15 minutes
before i decided to stop the movie and switched to Aladdin =p

15 minutes might not be enough to base my judgement of not gonna see the movie at all xD

what i didnt like from that 15 minutes:
  • a boy got tortured for answering correctly in a 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire' quiz. i dont know how well-educated the ppl in india are. the q's seem to be fairly easy. (yea ok i couldnt answer who played the main role in a 1973 bollywood movie).
  • those flashbacks.. sad, depressing flashbacks everytime the boy had to answer a q. (its really bad there, but the boy will get his millions, so.. it doesnt matter right?)
  • its a movie. who makes profit? movie-makers n those young actors. the poor in india might not get anything more than sympathy.

    its really far-fetched. a boy winning millions of money. this boy who was covered in shit to get amitabh bachchahn's autograph... n have it sold by his brother.

    if they want to engage sympathy, why not make it a realistic one.
    if its for entertainment.. well its not my kind of entertainment i guess.

    i know its a feel-good movie, trying to show how poor people, one out of a zillion might win the 'who wants to be a millionaire' quiz. there's a lot of misery in this world n i dont know which is worse, being ignorant of them or trying to make money out of it. selling their miseries&their dreams. dreams too far fetched it might never come true. it just hurts.

    story-wise, the indonesian movie "laskar pelangi" is better, mybe since it is inspired by true life events.