ill men owki llm en ow iwa ntt odi e

this violent imagination of mine

in my head i was playing the scene
over and over again
we are in this situation where
i am standing
with a monitor screen in my hand
and again and again
i slammed it to your head
till your skull broke
till you choke blood
until you lay motionless on the floor
and your scream
that had been such beautiful music
to my ears
had stopped
and i feel extremely
and happy
and i would smile
the widest smile I've ever made

unsent 2.0

Dear [censored],


Thanks for your mail.

I hope you’re having a great time in [censored]

Congrats for your upcoming wedding


I always think of you as a character in a fictive novel I won’t bother reading

And I’m surprised that you still sent me this email


In other words: thank you for telling me but I couldn’t care less



Yours Sincerely,





It’s either I’m too nice or I don’t have the guts to send this email xD

huckleberry finn

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn!

by Mark Twain

With an affinity for floating down the river, you see things in black and white. kinda true.. i'm learning tho, that the world has a lot of 'gray' shades

The world is strange and new to you and the more you learn about it, the less it makes sense. small correction: PEOPLE are strange :D

You probably speak with an accent and others have a hard time understanding you and an even harder time taking you seriously. not that i speak with an accent but I think I have an annoying (?) child-like voice, and i tend to mumble :p so.. yeah

Nevertheless, your adventurous spirit is admirable. You really like straw hats.
xD well.. straw hats and straw underpants :D

Take the Book Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid.

heheh.. kocak
well come to think of it, i do like the story.. Ingetnya sih dulu nonton filmnya.. ga inget udh baca bukunya pa belum. Taro di reading list ah :D

Wikipedia entry on the novel

't was a lovely sunday

Last Sunday the 15th was Elvin's birthday. so elvin, yussi n aji planned to go see Harry Potter in the morning (coz its cheap), while me just grabbed the opportunity to also go to pathe and see transformers (yay ^^ and it's cheaper!) dragging uda chauft with me. Fortunately both movies started almost at the same time and at the same place. Transformers was played at 11 while HP was at 11.15, both were screened at de Munt.

Habis nonton, we went to Golden Chopstick to have a dim sum brunch ^^ my and uda chauft's first dim sum meal btw.
and for the first after years and years not, i ate Ceker ^^ (that brown thing in the middle of the table). As you see, my bone-pile is actually the smallest, padahal kita makan more or less the same amount of ceker. It is because when I eat ceker, i popped the whole foot into my mouth and chew the whole thing, crunching and munching the bones, destroying them as i suck the meat off =p~ Ceker's bones are soft, so.. it's actually easy to chew them into little pieces. Afterwards, I always try to spit out all the bone-residue as gracefully as i can :)

Oh ya, on the chopsticks was the squid ^^
it was very slippery and hard to grab with the chopsticks. And as you put it in your mouth, you would wish it wouldnt suddenly come back to life and squiggle inside :p (jadi inget those live octopus that Korean people eat)

Makan bareng tidak lengkap tanpa foto2 ^o^

so we tried to take a pic of us together, in several takes :D

Take 1 (with Elvin holding the camera)... hahahaha.. are you sure you get us all?

Take 2...she needs to lower the camera a bit :D

Take 3...(uda chauft's holding the camera)hahaha..too low xD

Take 4...(still him holding the cam...) and finally

yay.. it looks good! everybody looks happy :D

hi Dad :)



More on my job and Holland -> still working at Music Mayday as Programme Officer. My contract is going to be until end of this year, and I only work for 20 hours a week (5 half-days, as shown in my signature below :p)


I still work at the restaurant as well. But I moved to another one, it’s an Indonesian restaurant and is nearer to my office (15-minutes-walking distance). Payment is one Euro higher per hour (6, usually 5), and I don’t work long hours (6 or 7 pm to 11 or 12 sometimes 10 pm instead of 4 pm to 11 pm), but I do have to work more days (5 to 6 days). Tip is better since this is a CLASSY Indonesian restaurant :D (have to wear a kebaya, and be super-duper nice and womanly to customers).


Holland is nice but not too nice yet. These couple of days has been sunshine and mild rain, last week was heavy storms, and temperature fluctuate around 16 to 24 Celsius. You never know when is it too warm to wear a jacket or too cold to wear flip-flops (a.k.a sandal jepit) :D


Political parties in Holland also entered some heated discussions on the policies regarding amnesty-seekers and illegal immigrants; a 3-yr-old Dutch child went missing in Rome; somebody smuggled drugs between exported tulips; dan a 17-yr-old teenager was hit by a train in nearby city because he dared with a friend to cross the railroad at the last moment before the train passed. Sekian inti sari berita dari The Netherlands :D


Tadi juga dapet SMS dari Itha Supriyono yg barusan test kerja d Nestle. Coincidentally my ex-high school friend was also there taking the test, this morning I was surprised when I received two very similar text messages (one from Itha and one from my high school friend). And yeah, turned out that they met during the test and decided to send me an SMS :D


FYI during high school there was this time when I went to Yogyakarta with my friends from SMUNti Ngalam and to save cost we stayed at Itha’s residence :D dapet meal, entertainment and free guide-to-Jogja as well :D And afterwards Itha also visited us in Malang.


Miss you Love you!







Ulma Nurriva Haryanto

Programme Officer


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P.O. Box 266
1000 AG  Amsterdam
The Netherlands
T. +31 (0)20 4222455
F. +31 (0)20 4222456
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I am working Monday to Friday from 1 to 5 pm


coz loving u is pointless..

i wish i could stop

convincing myself otherwise
this merry-go-round
keeps moving round and round

i wish i could stop

unfortunately it's not an easy thing to stop

the merry-go-round
it's going round and round
and going nowhere

what can i do?
to make it stop

spinning aimlessly
being on a high then back to low
turning my stomach

i wish i could stop