't was a lovely sunday

Last Sunday the 15th was Elvin's birthday. so elvin, yussi n aji planned to go see Harry Potter in the morning (coz its cheap), while me just grabbed the opportunity to also go to pathe and see transformers (yay ^^ and it's cheaper!) dragging uda chauft with me. Fortunately both movies started almost at the same time and at the same place. Transformers was played at 11 while HP was at 11.15, both were screened at de Munt.

Habis nonton, we went to Golden Chopstick to have a dim sum brunch ^^ my and uda chauft's first dim sum meal btw.
and for the first after years and years not, i ate Ceker ^^ (that brown thing in the middle of the table). As you see, my bone-pile is actually the smallest, padahal kita makan more or less the same amount of ceker. It is because when I eat ceker, i popped the whole foot into my mouth and chew the whole thing, crunching and munching the bones, destroying them as i suck the meat off =p~ Ceker's bones are soft, so.. it's actually easy to chew them into little pieces. Afterwards, I always try to spit out all the bone-residue as gracefully as i can :)

Oh ya, on the chopsticks was the squid ^^
it was very slippery and hard to grab with the chopsticks. And as you put it in your mouth, you would wish it wouldnt suddenly come back to life and squiggle inside :p (jadi inget those live octopus that Korean people eat)

Makan bareng tidak lengkap tanpa foto2 ^o^

so we tried to take a pic of us together, in several takes :D

Take 1 (with Elvin holding the camera)... hahahaha.. are you sure you get us all?

Take 2...she needs to lower the camera a bit :D

Take 3...(uda chauft's holding the camera)hahaha..too low xD

Take 4...(still him holding the cam...) and finally

yay.. it looks good! everybody looks happy :D

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