unsent 2.0

Dear [censored],


Thanks for your mail.

I hope you’re having a great time in [censored]

Congrats for your upcoming wedding


I always think of you as a character in a fictive novel I won’t bother reading

And I’m surprised that you still sent me this email


In other words: thank you for telling me but I couldn’t care less



Yours Sincerely,





It’s either I’m too nice or I don’t have the guts to send this email xD

6 komentar:

Amir mengatakan...

Itu untuk ex ya?

the mouse mengatakan...

nope :D

Binsar mengatakan...

hmmmm posting ini udah diedit beberapa kali... mmmm what's there to edit?

the mouse mengatakan...

editannya tak kasat mata, heheh

Vickstene mengatakan...

buat si "trus...trus..."
kok mau nikah seh?

the mouse mengatakan...

no. its not for him :D if you can find it then you'll know ;)