This year I celebrate my birthday a day earlier..

It was 11.30 p.m., we were having pillow talks and about to go to bed. He asked me where do we keep our flashlight, I told him that I had put it on the shelf above the kitchen sink.

After a while I asked him if he wanted me to turn off the lights. He said yes.
So we lied on the bedding sheet and bamboo mat that we called 'bed'. We were still talking, and then he got up, "I want to go to the bathroom."

There were the sound of a light switch turned on, followed by the kind of sound that men made when they pee, running water, a flush, another click from the light switch, the sound of a fridge being opened, and the rustle of plastic bag.

And then..

He opened the door, he was holding the flashlight on his left hand, on his right hand a mini oreo cheese cake, and he sang, "Happy birthday to you.."

I sat upright! Surprised! I was astounded..that I can't control the words that rolled just like that from the neurons of my brain, the muscle of my tongue, and mouth, as I said to him, softly, "but birthday is tomorrow.."

(True story).

We had a good laugh afterwards while we finish the cake xD

And still laughed whenever that night crossed our minds..

But it's true, it made me feel that my birthday was actually on Jan 31 :p so the night before my birthday I slept early, knowing that the birthday surprise was done and over with xD

This birthday I would like to thank God, for His endless blessings, for a healthy mind to think about His work, for a loving husband, for family near and far, for friends old and new, and to thank all of them above for spending a few seconds, minutes to call/sms/send a fb message/tweet/came to my desk/give a handshake/hug/kiss. God bless you all :)