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Your passion sometimes does get the better of you. You have a crazy temper!

You love to be the center of attention. You enjoy entertaining your friends.

You feel lost when no one is interested in you... You're too interesting to be ignored.

support this guy, watch the video :D

As shouted by Ardho on PPI-A mailing list :D
Sekedar meneruskan email teman di Delft...

Teman-teman yang baik,

Salah seorang kolega saya, Wahyu Aditya, seorang videografer dari Hello Motion mohon dukungan agar Video Klip buatannya terpilih sebagai finalis kompetisi video klip band Radiohead.

Mari dukung sineas dan videografer Indonesia bersaing di dunia internasional!

Sigit Kusumawijaya
videografer amatiran ;)
videography project at youtube [click here]

berikut emailnya:
wahyu aditya wrote:

Wahai Kawan...Mohon dukungannya untuk Klip buatan kami supaya bisa
jadi finalis di kompetisi Video Klip Radiohead!


Step Pertama adalah klik link di bawah ini...

Lalu untuk mendukungnya ada 3 cara..yaitu
1. Tonton sebanyak - banyaknya dan berulang kali...ajak temen2x yang
lain untuk nonton juga...sehingga Viewnya selalu bertambah... target
kami 10.000 viewers he he..
2. Isi comment..nah tapi yang ini musti sign up doloe...
3. Masukan klip tersebut di dalam blog kalian (kalo punya.. :P )

Terima Kasih.... Merdeka!

Eh, dan bapak Heri Latief, sesepuh PPI-A also posted something quite thought-provoking
apa betul halangannya berpolitik kerna soal waktu belajar yg sempit?

jaman tan malaka sekolah di belanda, pi berjuang untuk kemerdekaan indonesia (alias melawan belanda), jaman sekarang mahasiswa (ppi) maunya hidup senang2 aja, lalu lupa pada keadaan di kampuangnya yg lagi susah.

istilahnya: cari selamat.

itu musti kita akui, bahwa tak ada reaksi dari para mahasiswa indonesia terhadap antrian sembako di tanah airnya itu sudah menunjukan adanya indikasi belaga gak tau, yg penting aman...


heri latief

ps: saurlin adalah salah satu dari pengurus "ppi kota den haag", kuliah di iss den haag.

Ibnu Adam Aviciena wrote:

susahnya sekarang, mahasiswa kuliah di belanda hanya beberapa tahun saja. anak2 yang kuliah s2 hanya 1-1,5 tahun. tiga bulan pertama bisa dianggap penyesuaian, dan tiga bulan terakhir persiapan lulus dan pulang. sedangkam zaman dahulu masa sekolahnya panjang. sebut saja hatta yang ada di belanda hingga 11 tahun dan hoesein djajadiningrat 9 tahun.

buat saurlin, kalau ingin tahu lebih jelas bagaimana masa pergerakan mahasiswa indonesia zaman hatta dan djajadiningrat, silakan baca "Indonesia merdeka : orgaan van de Indonesische Vereeniging"

--- On Fri, 4/18/08, heri latief wrote:

barangkali student indonesia pada sibuk menyelematkan dirinya sendiri, lalu ppi dijadikan klub olahraga dan nyanyi2, yg sukarela digembalakan oleh kantor perwakilan di luar negeri.

sea gull wrote:

kuputuskan menulis email ini, setelah agak gelisah,
ada sesuatu yg salah dengan generasi pendiri dan penerus ppi...
tulisan ini sendiri mencari benang yang putus itu...kapan dimana dan oleh siapa...

dulu di indonesia, jika mendengar ppi, ingatan kembali ke sejarah kemasyuran-heroik
para pejuang awal indonesia di luar negeri.
peran politik kaum terpelajar untuk mengkampanyekan pembebasan indonesia dari penindasan.
sebuah mega proyek mental tentang sebuah bangsa besar bernama indonesia.

jejak itu kok sulit ditelusuri ya? yg ditemukan hanya sayup2 cerita yg tidak lengkap
dari orang tua yang masih hidup, misalnya di Belanda.
konon, kaum superior, ppi awal itu, dihabisi oleh 'hantu' tahun 1965,
bagi saya masih hantu, karena kurang jelas.

tinggalah sekarang saya, salah seorang ppi 'aneh' yg tidak punya
pengetahuan tentang sejarah diri sendiri, sehingga tidak tahu
mau ngapain lagi dengan organisasi saya ini.

aku minta penjelasan dari mereka yg dulu aktif di ppi awal,
sehingga kaum muda yg memimpin ppi saat ini tidak buta sejarah,
dan mengerti peran apa yang harus dilakukan,
supaya tidak hanya masuk kampus-terus pulang ke hostel, tidur.


saurlin,ppi kota denhaag.
ps: mohon disebarluaskan kepada siapa saja mantan pengurus ppi.....
Blm ada yg nge-reply lagi sih, baru si Ibnu Adam itu aja, dan kykny jg dia ngereply-nya japri, ga di milis. Me personally think it's the generation gap. and the fact that DULU musuhnya jelas: BELANDA. sekarang? its too complicated, is it the government? is it the institutions? is it religion? is it our parents? could it be our mentality? our culture? i can't even describe what i mean by complicated coz its saturday (loh?), well my head just buzzed when i thought of say, the history of our country in the past 10 years... u know what they say in indonesia, we had this reformation, we thought it'd go well, things might looked better, but then, of course it can be better.. seriously i dont know where to start or on what subject. there's a lot of things going on in our country now. we can always blame the government, but hey, its not that easy being the government. besides, its hard being a foreigner here :p im not sure if mr. heri latief ever been to indonesia recently. or lived there for a couple of years, recently. coz between living there, and watching the news, or hearing stuffs from people, is VERY different. he might miss the old heroic acts during the 40's-60's..

come to think of it, even the young people in Indonesia are not that "hard-core" in terms of "bringing down the government" anymore. but again, you dont need to fight rocks with rocks.

i'm quite sure that a lot of students here are willing to dedicate their live to their beloved country when they got home. in their own way. but they dont have to shout about it every time do they?

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Hey baby can you bleed like me?

"Doodle takes Dad's scissors to her skin
And when she does relief comes setting in
While she hides the scars she's making underneath her pretty clothes
She sings:
Hey baby can you bleed like me?
C'mon baby can you bleed like me"

You should see my scars
And try to comprehend that which you'll never comprehend

sleep is reconciling, a rest that peace begets

(anonymous, 1603)

Condolences to Irma, Nizar and Theo Arler's family.
Nizar's dad passed away quite some time ago, I think it was a heart attack. Irma's dad yesterday, and Theo Arler, used to be my mass communication teacher, passed away on a motor accident 2 weeks ago.

May their soul rest in peace and may those who are left behind are blessed with strength and comfort

this might be the only post i made for April :P

March 25 saw the last (hopefully) snow attack in Holland.

It supposed to be Spring now.. but it's only got warmer during this week. Last week had been cold (with false promises of warmth from the sun).

First of April I went to Velvet Revolver's concert in Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam. I'm not particularly a fan, tp yah maksudnya kapan lagi ngeliat Slash, the guitar legend, perform live... dan to prove if Scott Weiland really as sexy as on TV :P

The band was breath-taking! (but myb its also because i continuously jumped up-and-down, head banging, through the night) Yes Slash was as amazing as they say, and Scott IS Sexy!!! He started the night with a 3 piece-suit and stripped it off one by one during the performance.. huehuehueh =D~ tp at the encore he wore a "Wake Up China"-grey shirt (klo ga salah tulisanny itu) n sunglasses

Too bad it was Scott's last night with the Band. He officially returned to just re-grouped Stone Temple Pilots. The Rolling Stones magazine has made a reader's survey on who would be the potential new singer of VR.. I know Okky would like it to be Sebastian Bach.. Me personally, I don't know. I like Chris Cornell but I don't think he is at the same level as Slash and Duffy.

Concert pics n vids can be found here. Myb will post the highlights of the night some time later :p but recorded were:
- One of Slash's guitar solo
- Slash played guitar on his back

No picture of me there :P was thinking of making one then, but think that it would be cheesy :p (masa rocker foto2 diri??) heheh

Music Mayday has a new logo

and new website coming soon :)
My Dad said that the new MM tag looked like UH XD (Ulma Haryanto if you don't get it..)

and we just moved in to the new office :D

our office is at the 1st floor (not the BG).
and this is my desk :D

We're going to apply for a Youth in Action programme of the EU, Deadline applicationnya tgl 15. We got everything ready except signed form from South Africa and Hungary.. hopefully they could reach the office before Tuesday :P. Fingers crossed.

Still no news from the Sweden people, and this weekend we probbly gonna check the Asian Film Festival out. Quickie Express is going to play, as well as Kala (the Director is going to be there for a Q&A session).
Mo bikin brownies ga jadi2 xD
Last weekend played badminton.. i sucked :P its really not my sport.. dah gtu badan jadi sakit semua lagi xD

Aw yea.. last three months a lot of ppl i know got married :P geez.. congrats to them all :D n to Nia n Stepy for the engagement..

Elvin n uc r going to move out :( hiks.. but i guess it's a good move for them both.

Ow yea, on fitna the movie... that movie is crappy :p 'nuff said.
a bit disappointed at NKRI's government who banned myspace, youtube, multiply, as a panic-reaction xD tp denger2 ban-nya udh di lift. so,.. dats good.
no need to panic, we're islamic!
a friend of clive's gave a shirt that is something like this..

...on his n isrina's farewell party :D or was it his birthday?
The sentence itself is a title of a show in BBC that invites British Muslim to speak openly about what it means to be a British Muslim - at a time when the nation is fighting a 'war on terror'

I guess dawt's awl.. c u next month :p