The agency said illegal logging in Papua involved Indonesian military and civilian officials, Malaysian logging gangs and multinational companies as well as brokers in Singapore and dealers in Hong Kong.

blah blah blah

that brilliant spark
bright and colourful in the dark
cheerful and light as it may seem

you blew the candle out
a small wisp of smoke
a little smell of burn

u know i'll never leave you
you know i'll always stay
i'll re-light the candle
so you know to whom you should come back to

Oni Press: "Comic Books for People Who Like to Read Books"

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suka sama Courtney Crumlin ^^
dan yg paling penting.. ada free comics-ny juga,.. hohoho ^o^

senang ber-Beatles dgn anda

Help! I need somebody, ..Help! not just anybody, ..Help! you know I need someone, Help!

When I was younger, so much younger than today,..
I never needed anybody's help in any way.. But now those days are gone, I'm not so self assured,.. Now I find I've changed my mind and opened up the doors

Help me if you can, I'm feeling down.. And I do appreciate you being round.. Help me, get my feet back on the ground,.. Won't you please,.. please.. help me?

And now my life has changed in oh so many ways,.. My independence seems to vanish in the haze.. But every now and then I feel so insecure,.. I know that I just need you like I've never done before.

Contact Us Feedback

wow.. these guys r reaaalllyy friendly.. n he/she(?) really wrote back like 2 paragraphs.. longer than what i had written for them. kewl kewl..

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Brooke Siegel <>
Date: Jul 14, 2005 5:56 PM
Subject: RE: Contact Us Feedback
To: ulma.nurriva@xxx

Thanks for writing in. From time to time, we do hear from exasperated
readers about not being able to get onto the websites that we write about.
We take special care to contact each website and have them alert their web
server before the article runs. But it is the Web, and unfortunately,
crashing is the nature of the beast. Until we stop writing about smaller,
more indie companies -- and I hope that never stops -- we'll have to face
load issues.
I can only suggest that you give it a day or two, and go back to revisit the

(It may not be altogether different from wanting a pair of shoes that are
limited edition -- not everyone is going to get the satisfaction they want.)
But we try our best to accommodate everyone and keep sites from becoming
overwhelmed. I do hope you'll keep reading. In the meantime, we'll try our
best to work out all the kinks in the system.

Thanks again for the heads up -- we really appreciate it!

Brooke Siegel
DailyCandy, Inc.
584 Broadway
Suite 510
NYC 10012

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Feedback sent from: ulma haryanto <ulma.nurriva@xxxxxx>

hi.. i just want to informu you guys that the link for allymoon (daily
candy - everywhere) on today's edition (July 14th) did not work. mybe its my
computer or ... myb something else.

thanks :)

you guys rock!

ingin memaki tapi tak bisa

she's been talking non-stop for 30 minutes!!!
my supervisor must be a very good listener..
im glad she's not talking to me

i dont hv the patience :p

n she said that "i find it difficult when talking in english. sometimes i got lost for words, n it's harder to formulate things". anjrit.. ga nyadar ya klo dari tadi udh nyap-nyap?

gw udh selese transfer2an lagu ma si komar (padahal transfer rate-ny lagi lemot banget) n she's still talking. trus i left to make another cup of coffee, balik, n drank it up,.. she's still there.. standing.. talking..

well its nice to hear all of her experience and thoughts and all that.. but pleeeaasee.. somebody's trying to work here :p

n she said she had difficulties in talking? busettt..

Summer Lexicon :D

a.c. pee
n. The nasty drip from an air conditioning unit. Also known as 'liquid garbage.'

n. The exchange of sweat by people in close quarters (i.e., dance floors, cramped elevators). See also: filmic moment.

despair conditioning
n. An unexpected waft of cool air (e.g., from a passing bus) that is at once disgusting and welcome in 90-degree heat.

filmic moment
n. A glistening sheen of sweat on your body or your belongings, and the realization that the sweat may not be your own. (That messenger and I shared a nasty but hot filmic moment in the lobby.)

glute glue
n. The cohesive agent that develops on the backs of thighs in July, forcing one to peel them off park benches, car seats, or bar stools.

little white line
n. The thong outline seen on girls wearing the wrong white pants. (Does that skank with the little white line not check her reflection before going out?)

n. 1. The unavoidable underarm stains one gets from wearing tight, nonbreathable tees. 2. One's inability to avoid wearing tight, nonbreathable tees.

n. Summer house freeloader. (Chad is such a shamtonite. He's been hanging out in Bridgehampton for the past three weekends and he doesn't even rent.)

v. To reduce the amount of cloth used to cover the body. (Summer's here. Time to skimplify the wardrobe.)
Suara hati manusia pada dasarnya bersifat universal, dengan catatan, manusia tersebut telah mencapai titik zero dan terbebas dari paradigma dan belenggu.

:: Elliott Smith :: Twilight ::

Haven't laughed this hard in a long time
I better stop now before I start crying
Go off to sleep in the sunshine
I don't want to see the day when it's dying

She's a sight to see, she's good to me
I'm already somebody's baby
She's a pretty thing and she knows everything
But I'm already somebody's baby

You don't deserve to be lonely
But those drugs you got won't make you feel better
Pretty soon you'll find it's the only
Little part of your life you're keeping together

I'm nice to you, I could make it through
That you're already somebody's baby
I could make you smile if you stayed a while
But how long will you stay with me baby

Because your candle burns too bright
Well, I almost forgot it was twilight
Even if I think that you are right
Well, I'm tired of being down, I got no fight

You're wonderful, when it's beautiful
But I'm already somebody's baby
And if I went with you I'd disappoint you too
Well, I'm already somebody's baby
Already somebody's baby

On Father and Daughter

Dear my dotta :

dear dad,
umm i just called my big bro yesterday and now i am feeling a lot better
… Alhamdu lilLaah, GOD has given you the courage to fix your wrongdoings.

the root causes of the sad story:
basically it's me
(n him to b deleted )
that were still not ready for a long distance relationship
..Next time, have a short distance one ( eye 2 eye communication )

the attraction was there, when we met
Always look for attraction before extending our meeting, of course
but when we're away, things started to change
…. See above (have a short distance one )
well i was the one who first got insecure
….In near future, securing is the third step after a first sight, then second is ideas exchange for max four months only

i never really trusted him
… Always trust everybody, then if someone is proven to abuse our relationship then FIRE him/her
apalagi pas dia cuti, i felt that wktu kerja, komunikasi malah lbih lancar.
… O my smart lil lady, u know that even a tree was so beautiful here. Let alone my sweetie n smart dotter. Jakarta or Bandung ? Boy, it's different story, u can ask yer lil bro why he's chosen Bandung for his study ;-D)
i know that it was just me who was being uselessly paranoid, and that made me realize that at some extend i can also be so distrustful and anxious. because all this time i thought that im the coolest person when it came to relationships =p
.. Never underestimate anybody/ it is pretty close to arrogance ( devil )
The aftermath, he got weary, and i was still freaking out, until one day we came to the point that his feelings for me was similar to a friend. so.. that being said, and boy it hurts.

and on the same day someone popped in, so i just said 'yes'
….. Two wrongs never make up one right!!!
i dont know if that that made my bro looking for an another girl, but anyway
…. See above : Two wrongs never make up one right!!! That is the only logical response of a NORMAL male ( or at least, DaD would do the same ;-D )
as far as i'm concerned, the girl's a nice person. she should suit him well. An ex of his a couple years back, and they got separated (if i can still remember the story correctly) because her father didnt really like him
…. This time yer ol' man was much smarter than this "ST….D" gentleman
but after they broke up, i guess the old man realized that my big bro was not that bad (of course)
… Wish it were too late
as i was saying, she should be a good companion to him
….. DaD must have had a chance to meet this lucky girl before agreeing upon your remarks
considering they went out together before, so she should know him (inside-outside) better than i do
… Sadly, DaD has to admit " YES "
im trying to look it in another way, maybe i was meant to make the mistake so that he can be with this girl. which, if it's God's plan, then with or without having anything with me, he would be with this girl anyway
… I suggest to keep this comment till one of you ( either u or BigBro ) gets married
and as for me, well im glad i can be at least less negative (umm deppresive) about all this.
Always say SubhanAllaah, alhamdu lilLaah to keep devil away from your heart/mind
though painful (admitting defeat and loss), im trying to be supportive to myself and to my big bro as well
… Victory is for believers who do good things
of course i learn a lot from this, didn't i tell you that now i realize that maintaining a relationship is hell harder than pursuing a career?
… This is now my recommendation:
Next time u meet a boy, who believes in GOD + The Day of Judgments ( + Angels + AQ + all Messengers ), u must exchange ideas only for max four months ( why four months ? U should know why ) before telling me to give you to the luckiest man in the world ( but only a second person to me, of course )
… Build / maintain always future relationship with every body in this world and don't demolish your bridge after you cross it. As you might always need that bridge to return.
im sorry i've caused quite a commotion into the family.. i bet it'd been a good example for my other bros and sisters on having a relationship, hehehe..
There is gain after pain, indeed, there is always gain after pain ( They are Quranic verses ).

[94:5] With pain there is gain.

[94.6] Indeed, with pain there is gain

with kisses, hugs n love
… I always love you but I must learn very hard to put you n all d family third. DaD has also been in this learning curve to understand AQ 9:24, may GOD bless our family and show us HIS right path, all praise be to GOD d Lord of the multiverse. Aamiin.

[9:24] Proclaim: If your parents, your children, your siblings, your spouses, your family, the money you have earned, a business you worry about, and the homes you cherish are more beloved to you than GOD and His messenger, and the striving in His cause, then just wait until GOD brings His judgment.GOD does not guide the wicked people.

song of the day

Beatles - With a Little Help from My Friends

A little help from my friends
What would you think if I sang out of tune,
Would you stand up and walk out on me?
Lend me your ears and I'll sing you a song,
And I'll try not to sing out of key.

I get by with a little help from my friends,
I get high with a little help from my friends,
Going to try with a little help from my friends.

What do I do when my love is away.
(does it worry you to be alone?)
How do I feel by the end of the day
(are you sad because you're on your own?)

No I get by with a little help from my friends

(Do you need anybody?)
I need somebody to love.
(Could it be anybody?)
I want somebody to love.

Would you believe in a love at first sight?
Yes I'm certain that it happens all the time.
What do you see when you turn out the light?
I can't tell you, but I know it's mine.

Oh I get by with a little help from my friends,

(Do you need anybody?)
I just need someone to love,
(Could it be anybody?)
I want somebody to love.

I get by with a little help from my friends,
Yes I get by with a little help from my friends,
With a little help from my friends...

dam - di - dam..
I get by with a little help from my friends.. =)
N of course with the Guidance, Strength, and Blessings from The Almighty
thank You Thank you thank You
two wrongs doesnt make one right

so i need to sort them one by one

one's done

and the other one

well one wrong is okay.. no?


I never had a dream that I could follow through
Only tears left to stain, dry my eyes once again
I don't know who I am, or what I'm gonna do
Been so long I've been hopelessly confused
This can never really end, it's infinitely sad
Can someone tell me when
Something good became so bad
So if you have a cure
To me would you please send
A picture of my life
With a letter telling how
it should really be instead

The precipice is there
But will I ever dare
Throw myself in the sky, so at last I can die
See I've become a man
Who holds nothing too dear
Who will mind if I just disappear
This can never really end, it's infinitely sad
Can someone tell me when
Something good became so bad
So if you have a cure
To me would you please send
A picture of my life
With a letter telling how
it should really be instead

Oh, tell me how it really should be

Polisi EYD

watch out of what u type! they might b watching you!