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wow.. these guys r reaaalllyy friendly.. n he/she(?) really wrote back like 2 paragraphs.. longer than what i had written for them. kewl kewl..

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Date: Jul 14, 2005 5:56 PM
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Thanks for writing in. From time to time, we do hear from exasperated
readers about not being able to get onto the websites that we write about.
We take special care to contact each website and have them alert their web
server before the article runs. But it is the Web, and unfortunately,
crashing is the nature of the beast. Until we stop writing about smaller,
more indie companies -- and I hope that never stops -- we'll have to face
load issues.
I can only suggest that you give it a day or two, and go back to revisit the

(It may not be altogether different from wanting a pair of shoes that are
limited edition -- not everyone is going to get the satisfaction they want.)
But we try our best to accommodate everyone and keep sites from becoming
overwhelmed. I do hope you'll keep reading. In the meantime, we'll try our
best to work out all the kinks in the system.

Thanks again for the heads up -- we really appreciate it!

Brooke Siegel
DailyCandy, Inc.
584 Broadway
Suite 510
NYC 10012

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Feedback sent from: ulma haryanto <ulma.nurriva@xxxxxx>

hi.. i just want to informu you guys that the link for allymoon (daily
candy - everywhere) on today's edition (July 14th) did not work. mybe its my
computer or ... myb something else.

thanks :)

you guys rock!

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iphien mengatakan...

uhmmm duncha think its a template?? :p

the mouse mengatakan...

iya sih.. on second thought bisa jadi.. but its a nice template though :D