Birthday Reflection: Welcoming 25

My 25th birthday, was pretty normal. The night before I had dinner with my dad, mum, my sisters, my bro (minus Bil) and Iko. Nothing fancy, it's really near my office, one of the perks of having your office in a mall I guess. So we went to the 10th floor where the sky dining is, food was not bad, and the view was quite pretty.

Went to sleep by 10, Iko woke me up at 12, gave a birthday hug, and we're back to sleep.

Got hundreds of birthday wishes, which was the highlight of the day actually. Went to work as usual, Iko went home late.. as usual.

As the hours rolled by, my happines started to crumble. When I went home it was raining quite hard, my taxi driver was clueless of which road to take to avoid traffic jam (either that or he's just trying to rip me off), and there's this headache that came out of nowhere.. I arrived at our place crying -_-

And of course Iko was still in a meeting, so as I forced myself to sleep (tears still rolling), I started to recount all the nice things that happened to me this year.
I does suck to know that there's one day that reminds you that you're getting old, but it kinda sucks more for me when that day was spent just like that.

So call me immature or childish but I've decided that I refused to have a horrible birthday in the future!! xD

ahum, point is..i'm pretty grateful of where I am right now. it's one of those moments when u think that some parts of your life starts to make sense. Could be an ugly trick that life's playing on me but..i've decided to savour the moment anyway.

so..i am truly convinced now that you really CAN get anything you want. i belive that happiness is really in your hands, to control, to achieve.. to borrow from coelho: "When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it."

so, cheesiness aside. i'd still have to thank this guy:

even if he's so annoying most of the time :)