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as a white-boy -.-
picture of poster taken during 20th Century fox Cinema Expo 2008 by
and chow yun fat is playing that pervert turtle kamesenin grandpa -.- wow.. guess which one is bulma, and which one is chi chi. dunno who's the other character.. android #18?
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short re-cap of weekend:
Saturday witnessed a great loss for Holland as cute Russians kicked their asses in EK's quarter final.. Some supporters had after-party playing gaplek and eating french fries + chicken nuggets on the side

Sunday was a jazz festival disturbed by hard wind. there had been also reports of 'hagels' (hujan es) on some distant parts of the country. then there was the shocking news for the Haryantos.

God bless this world (amen).

Lior - I'll Forget You (feat. Sia)

videonya lutu :D

I left you out inside my heart,
How easily.. This could be the start,
And rip my life apart

Like a bower bird collecting blue,
See me gather words to let you know,
It's hard to let this go..

But I'm making up my mind, I'll forget you in time..

You still make me cry like a song of the east,
that loses its center,
But always finds its way back home,
How this bird has flown..

So I'm making up my mind, gonna rescue myself tonight..
Yeah I'm making up my mind, I'll forget you in time..

I am leaving you, you are leaving me,
We've sung our song and we chose to roll on,
Although this love never fades, it's time to forget the road we never traveled along..

So I've made up my mind,
gonna rescue myself tonight..

Yeah I've made up my mind, I'll forget you in time.


Kemaren pagi jam 8-an, si Ruben nelp.
R: "Ulma, we've been robbed".
U: "WHAT???"
R: "Yes, somebody broke into the office yesterday evening"
U: "oh no no no no no" *ngebayangin kantor yg kosong dan ludes*
R: "But the landlord said nothing's been taken except probably the money box, because he said that the drawer has been forced open"
U: "Huh? that's weird.."
R: "Yeah, maybe he's just prying around looking for something that is locked. The landlord called me last night, and I asked him about the beamer (new, costs 999 euro), but he said it's still there, so.."
U: "uh.. okay"
R: "Just call me when you're on the way to the office, you'll need the emergency key to get in".

So effin weird -.-

Yesterday the forensics took my fingerprints.. felt like i was in a CSI flick or something :P
Jadi di meja gw tu ada laci yg bs dikunci, di dlm situ ada money box (yg bs dikunci jg) buat nyimpen uang kas kantor. isinya kmrn ga gt banyak sih, cuma 100 euro :P trs ada amplop yg isinya duit yg ga bisa dimasukin pembukuan (its a long story) ~ 40 euro.
Klo gw jd perampokny sih gw bakal merasa rugi :P

rekonstruksi kejadian *ahem*
20.00 security gedung did his rounds, everything lookd okay @my floor
20.34 the alarm at 3D went off (@3D is a video-production company..klo dipikir2 keren jg .. video company in 3D xD). At the same time somebody from 3F heard the alarm, went out and "saw somebody" ran off.
20.35 The same guy called the owner of the video company
20.44 the landlord and the owner of the video company arrived at the crime scene (hwa terdengar keren). These ppl checked around and realised that our office had been broken into as well.

the forensics team was able to retrieve some fingerprints at the scene.. ummm.. the whole thing sounds off. masuk k gedung gw tu ga bs gt aj, perlu kunci, masuk k koridor jg perlu kunci lg. org dalem? or somebody who knows someone from our floor?
*sigh* knp mesti kantor gw coba? -.-

on the other side of life.. when i was in the kitchen, menambah gula untuk kopi, terdengar suara teriakan "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA....", lalu suara org berlari. Pintu dapur terbuka, dan muncul prima yg berlari ke arah tong sampah sambil membawa piring berisi nasi dan ayam KFC-nya etta. "Ayamnya berulaaaaaaaaaaaaat"... (pls click on the pic for a bigger view xD) wakakakka..
n there goes the rice, chicken, ulat2 kecil warna putih, into the rubbish bin xD

jd prima hari ini berniat ngabisin ayam kfc-nya si etta buat sarapan. ayamnya itu.. emg udh dr hari senen sih (beli 1 bucket chicken, special price at Mondays, 6 pc. for 5 euro).

tp kata prima, ayamny terlihat normal, walopun ketika diendus.. kyk udh hmpir basi gt. wkt dia nyobek ayamnya.. pun sebenernya dah terlihat agak berlendir.. n then.. she saw something moved.... wakakkaka..

jd anak2, moral of the day: jgn makan ayam goreng KFC yg ud ditaro di luar, di dekat jendela yg terbuka dan terexpose sinar matahari, selama 4 hari berturut2.. apalagi skrg summer.. klo winter masi gpp kali ya :p

*ngasi nickname baru buat etta d facebook*

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es krimnya ulma

Blogthings - The Ice Cream Personality Test

Your Ice Cream Personality:

You are an incredibly modest person. You don't feel comfortable bragging about yourself... or even receiving complements.

You have a wild reputation, but you're not as wild as you seem. You take risks, but only measured risks.

You are a somewhat open minded person, but deep down you're fairly conservative. You don't like trying new things very much. And if you do find something new you like, you stick with it.

You are a natural multitasker. You feel alive when you're doing more than one thing at a time.

You are a serious and contemplative person. You definitely do your own thing in life.

hwe... kita sama abis, nie -.-

ato jgn2 jawabanny emg gini semua? ;)) hihi..