the legend comes to life

as a white-boy -.-
picture of poster taken during 20th Century fox Cinema Expo 2008 by
and chow yun fat is playing that pervert turtle kamesenin grandpa -.- wow.. guess which one is bulma, and which one is chi chi. dunno who's the other character.. android #18?
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short re-cap of weekend:
Saturday witnessed a great loss for Holland as cute Russians kicked their asses in EK's quarter final.. Some supporters had after-party playing gaplek and eating french fries + chicken nuggets on the side

Sunday was a jazz festival disturbed by hard wind. there had been also reports of 'hagels' (hujan es) on some distant parts of the country. then there was the shocking news for the Haryantos.

God bless this world (amen).

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Anonim mengatakan...

itu cowoknya yang main di forbidden kingdom bukan?

the mouse mengatakan...

dia maen di war of the worlds jd anaknya tom cruise.. wktu itu masi imut gt mukanya.. less muscle-y

yussi mengatakan...

omg dragonball -_-