Yahoo! News Story - Earthquake was the only tsunami warning for many Indonesians

Yahoo! News
Tue, Mar 29, 2005

With no tsunami warning system in place despite taking a direct hit from last year's Indian Ocean disaster, most Indonesians were alerted to the possible risk of quake-triggered waves by the tremor itself.
Budi Waluyo of the Meteorological and Geophysics agency said his office faxed messages to the media after an 8.7 quake struck off the coast of Jakarta, relying on television and radio to spread the word.

But he said that with no other mechanism available, most people, particularly in Aceh province that was devastated by the December 26 tsunami, would have treated the earthquake as a warning.

"The most obvious warning is the tremor itself," said Waluyo.

"And learning from the Aceh experience, the people's response was that they immediately fled to higher ground when an earthquake happened, whether or not there was a warning of a possible tsunami, and they wouldn't return until it was clear that there wouldn't be a tsunami," he said.

More than 220,000 people were left dead or missing in Indonesia after a magnitude-9.0 earthquake unleashed killer waves off Aceh in December. Experts say the death toll could have been reduced through a warning system and better education.

Many countries issued a tsunami alert after the latest quake, but despite talks involving nations hit by last year's disaster, there has been little progress in agreeing on an effective warning system to cover Asia and the Indian Ocean.

Because there's no early detection system, we cannot predict the coming of a tsunami with higher precision," said Waluyo.

"But we can only say that there could be a tsunami after an earthquake with the magnitude of over 6.5 on the Richter scale and if there is a fracture in the earth's crust under the sea."

Indonesia is not expected to begin installing a comprehensive tsunami warning system until October when it will work with German scientists to install a 60-million-dollar system.

In a the first phase of the project, 25 seismometers and 10 global positioning system stations would be installed, but the full system will not be functional until 2008.

Officials say Indonesia intends to cooperate with countries in the Indian Ocean to establish an integrated tsunami warning system. The UN has said it hopes an Indian Ocean tsunami warning system will be in place by mid-2006.

Yahoo! News Story - U.S. Vows Quick Assistance to Indonesia

Yahoo! News - U.S. Vows Quick Assistance to Indonesia
Hundreds Feared Dead in Indonesia Quake; No Tsunami

U.S. officials are promising rapid assistance to victims of the latest earthquake off the coast of Indonesia, reacting to criticism that the government responded too slowly to the tsunami that struck the region in December.

Death Toll Could Top 1,000 in Indonesia Quake

"We're applying what we've learned from the previous earthquake so that we can be prepared to be responsive quickly and in a meaningful way," deputy State Department spokesman Adam Ereli said Monday.

"Where we are right now is having alerted all our posts, been in contact with all our posts, putting ourselves in battle mode to be in a position where we can know what's going on and act appropriately if and when it's necessary," he said.

After the Dec. 26 disaster, a top U.N. official referred to Western nations, including the United States, as "stingy," drawing a sharp rebuke from U.S. politicians.

The response was swift to Monday's quake, with the State Department and American science agencies all sending out warnings and alerts to the area.

The quake struck at 11:09 a.m. EST and within a half-hour the U.S. Geological Survey had sent out a report of the tremor with a preliminary magnitude of 8.2. It was later upgraded to 8.7. A second, 6.7-magnitude quake, occurred around 1:30 p.m. EST, the Survey said.

At about the same time the Survey was issuing its first report, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Pacific Tsunami Warning Center sent out a bulletin. The center does not have tide gauges in the Indian Ocean and said it did not know whether a wave had been generated, but warned that the quake "has the potential to generate a widely destructive tsunami in the ocean or seas."

No major tsunami were immediately reported, however, though the quake itself reportedly caused severe damage on Nias Island, off the coast of Sumatra.

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, which analyzes spy satellite imagery and produces maps and charts for the Defense Department, sent out warnings to Navy ships in the Indian and Pacific oceans to use caution.

U.S. military operations and personnel in the region were unaffected by the quake, Pentagon spokesman Lt. Cmdr. Greg Hicks said. The nearest U.S. base is on the British island of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean, more than 2,000 miles from the quake site.

There had been no reports of Americans killed, injured or missing, Ereli said.

Pat McCrummen, a spokesman for the American Red Cross in Washington, said the agency confirmed that its workers involved in the relief effort in Indonesia were OK following the latest earthquake. He said Red Cross officials are awaiting further developments before initiating any new relief effort.

"We still have people over there assisting from the first one, and they will be our first line of defense, once we know what kind of damage there is," he said.

The Bush administration announced a plan Jan. 14 to quadruple the size of the warning network in the Pacific and build similar protections for the Atlantic, Caribbean and Gulf coasts.

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National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration:

Yahoo! News Story - Indonesia President Delays Australia Trip for Quake

JAKARTA (Reuters) -

Indonesian President Susilo Bambang
Yudhoyono has postponed a planned visit to Australia until next
week after a huge earthquake devastated the island of Nias off
Sumatra, officials said Tuesday.

Special Coverages

Latest Headlines:

Death Toll Could Top 1,000 After Indonesia Quake

"On the Australia trip, it has been canceled. We will have
a top-level emergency meeting soon," Information Minister
Sofyan Djalil told Reuters, referring to a planned March 29-30

A presidential spokesman said that Yudhoyono would visit
Nias "in one or two days." The overnight quake is believed to
have killed at least 1,000 people.

An Indonesian diplomat close to preparations for the
Australia trip told Reuters that the president's visit had been
rescheduled for April 3-4.

Yahoo! News Story - Thousands feared dead after huge quake off Indonesia triggers tsunami panic

Thousands feared dead after huge quake off Indonesia triggers tsunami panic

At least 400 dead after huge Indonesian quake triggers tsunami panic
Special Coverage

The epicenter of the quake measuring 8.7 on the Richter scale was just 200 miles (320 kilometres) south of the December 26 temblor which sent giant waves crashing into 12 nations and killed over 273,000 people.

The authorities said at least 300 people had been confirmed dead, but Vice President Yusuf Kalla told the BBC that reports from the island of Nias off Sumatra indicated 1,000 to 2,000 people had been killed.

The undersea quake struck about 200 kilometers (120 miles) off the west coast of Sumatra and prompted Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Thailand, among others, to issue warnings of imminent tsunamis.

Alerts rang out on television and radio, while police and local residents tried to shepherd people to safety away from the coast towards high ground.

But the giant tsunamis never materialised and three hours after the quake Indonesia and Thailand gave the all clear. Sri Lanka and India followed several hours later.

"There have been tsunamis recorded as a result of the quake, but apparently they were not destructive," said Dr. Laura Kong, director of the Hawaii-based International Tsunami Information Center.

But while the region was largely spared a new tsunami horror, the earthquake caused massive destruction on Nias, an island of 700,000 people which is popular with surfers.

Agus Mendrofa, a district official, said at least 80 percent of all multi-storey buildings in the main Nias city of Gunung Sitoli had been destroyed, leaving many people feared trapped under rubble.

He said many victims had not received medical treatment as the main hospital had been hit by a blackout and many doctors had fled to nearby hills.

"Power poles fell and roads were broken. Electricity and fixed telephone lines are dead. Thousands of people have fled to the hills," Herman Laia, an environment official in the south of Nias, told Elshinta radio.

A woman who identified herself as Ping Ping said no buildings were left intact in Teluk Dalam, the main town in southern Nias. "All buildings collapsed, there is nothing left," she said.

Mar'ie Muhammad, chairman of the Indonesian Red Cross, said the first aid teams landed on Nias and the nearby island of Simeulue after travelling by light aircraft.

A military official said a three-metre (10-foot) wave had smashed into a port on Simeulue, causing extensive damage. There were unconfirmed reports of casualties.

Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono delayed a planned trip to Australia and was making plans to visit Nias, his spokesman said.

The earthquake brought back memories of the December disaster in which a 9.0-magnitude quake triggered waves 15 metres (50-feet) high that sped across the Indian Ocean at speeds of up to 700 kilometres (430 miles) per hour.

Those waves killed more than 273,000 people including over 220,000 in Indonesia, 30,000 in Sri Lanka, 10,000 in India and 5,000 in Thailand. Over two million people were displaced, and 10 billion dollars of aid was pledged.

Governments also promised to create a high-tech tsunami early warning system for the Indian Ocean by mid-2006.

Although no formal warning system was yet in place, the Japan Meteorological Agency and the International Tsunami Information Center contacted countries around the Indian Ocean immediately after detecting the huge quake.

Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra said the makeshift warning system had worked well.

"Although our warning system is not yet complete, we managed to alert people in enough time for them to seek safety," he said.

Kerry Sieh, a seismologist with the United States Geological Survey, said Monday's quake struck at 1609 GMT and was one of the top 10 most powerful earthquakes in the last century.

Tremors shook many parts of Sumatra for three minutes, witnesses said, and rocked the neighbouring countries of Malaysia and Singapore where people fled high-rise buildings.

"When the earthquake happened, I rode my motorcycle to the airport because I was very afraid the tsunami would hit again," said university student Heri in Banda Aceh, the capital of Indonesia's Aceh province.

In northwestern Sri Lanka witnesses said people ran to temples and churches where bells were rung to warn people to run to high ground. In the resorts of southwest Thailand holidaymakers fled hotels as television flashed warnings.

Hundreds of people, with children yanked from their beds and still wearing pyjamas, gathered at the town hall on the Thai island of Phuket.

Thai television showed people mounting motorcycles and climbing into pickup trucks as traffic clogged the streets leaving Phuket's Patong beach.

In India's Tamil Nadu state radio stations warned people to move away from the ocean.

"People are very tense as they fear that another tsunami is going to hit our coasts. Many of our fishermen have gone to the sea and we are praying for their safe return," Xavier Lawrence, a priest in the town of Kanyakumari, told AFP.

Jan Egeland, the UN's emergency relief coordinator, told reporters in New York the organisation would get helicopters in the air early Tuesday over Sumatra to survey the damage.

"We are afraid that many of the structures that were damaged in the first major earthquake ... may collapse," Egeland said.

The quake caused tsunami alerts as far away as the Indian Ocean islands of Mauritius and Madagascar, which is over 4,000 kilometres (2,500 miles) from the epicenter.

Yahoo! News Story - Australia offers quake aid to Indonesia aid if needed

Foreign Minister Alexander Downer said Australian aid workers were already in the region and could be deployed to the worst-hit island of Nias at short notice.

Downer said Australia could also provide emergency relief supplies but was awaiting damage assessments from Indonesian authorities to determine what level of aid response was required.

"We are very willing to provide Indonesia with significant assistance if it is necessary," Downer told reporters.

The Australian government pledged one billion dollars (770 million US) in aid and loan packages to Indonesia after the December 26 tsunami disaster, in the country's largest ever humanitarian assistance project.

The Red Cross, which received more than 100 million dollars in tsunami-relief donations from the Australian public after the December quake, said it was sending a plane and helicopter to assess damage to the Sumatran coast.

"At this time we are concerned about the coastal islands where initial reports say there has been some damage, injuries and possibly even some casualties," Australian Red Cross chief Robert Tickner said.

Tickner said the Red Cross had already identified Nias as a priority for major infrastructure rebuilding after the December disaster, with plans to build up to 500 new houses on the island.

He said the charity was confident it has enough relief stock, vehicles and emergency staff on the ground in the disaster zone to respond to the needs of the coastal communities affected by the earthquake.

Indonesian authorities say the quake, measuring 8.7 on the Richter scale, could have killed up to 2,000 people on Nias.

The undersea eruption was almost as big as the December 26 quake, a 9.0 on the Richter Scale, but did not generate the massive tsunamis that killed more than 273,000 people, some 220,000 of them Indonesian.

Yahoo! News Story - Indonesian VP: Quake May Kill Up to 2,000

Fears of a second tsunami catastrophe in just over three months eased within hours, as officials in countries at risk reported their coasts clear of the type of earthquake-spawned waves that ravaged a dozen countries in Asia and Africa on Dec. 26.

Almost all the deaths reported after the 8.7-magnitude quake were on Indonesia's Nias island, a popular surfing spot off Sumatra island's west coast and close to the epicenter. Police were pulling children's' bodies out of the rubble of collapsed houses, and a fire was reportedly raging in one town.

"It is predicted and it's still a rough estimate that the numbers of dead may be between 1,000 and 2,000," Vice President Jusuf Kalla told the el-Shinta radio station, saying the estimate was based on an assessment of damage to buildings.

Other estimates varied. A district official in the town of Gunungsitoli said about 300 had died there, while Indonesia's information minister said between 100 and 200 had died.

Two people were also killed in Sri Lanka during a panicky evacuation from the coast in a Tamil rebel-held area, authorities said.

The U.S. Geological Survey said the quake struck about 19 miles under the seabed, some 155 miles south-southeast of Banda Aceh, the capital of Aceh province on Sumatra island. It was centered just 110 miles southeast of December's 9.0-magnitude temblor — the world's most powerful in 40 years.

Monday's wallop, although very powerful, was but a fraction of the earlier quake. In explosive power, December's quake was equal to 100 million pounds of TNT; it caused the seabed to spring up as much as 60 feet.

Terrified of a disaster of equal proportions, sirens sounded throughout the region as authorities issued tsunami alerts for six countries after the quake struck at 11:06 p.m. as many people were sleeping.

Women clutching children ran into the darkened streets of Banda Aceh, crying and chanting "Allahu Akbar," or "God is Great." Others grabbed small bags of clothes and fled their tents and homes for higher ground.

Another man rushed instead to the local mosque, saying "Where can I go, you can't outrun a tsunami."

The quake lasted two minutes and briefly cut electricity in Banda Aceh. Thousands poured into the streets, where flickering campfires and motorbike and car headlights provided the only lighting.

People grabbed small bags of clothes as they fled their tents and homes. Many were crying and jumping into cars and onto motorbikes and pedicabs to head for higher ground. Two women wearing prayer shawls and sarongs grabbed a fence to steady themselves.

"People are still traumatized, still scared, they are running for higher ground," said Feri, a 24-year-old aid volunteer who goes by one name.

In Sri Lanka, warning sirens blared along the island nation's east coast and President Chandrika Kumaratunga urged people to evacuate immediately to higher ground.

"It was like reliving the same horror of three months ago," said Fatheena Faleel, who fled her home with her three children after seeing the warning on television.

In Malaysia, residents fled their shaking apartments and hotels.
"I was getting ready for bed, and suddenly, the room started shaking," said Jessie Chong, a resident of the largest city, Kuala Lumpur. "I thought I was hallucinating at first, but then I heard my neighbors screaming and running out."

The quake was felt as far away as Singapore and the Thai capital, Bangkok, more than 435 miles from the epicenter.

Nias island was badly hit on Dec. 26, when at least 340 residents were killed and 10,000 were left homeless.

The devastation there from Monday's quake appeared to be far worse.

Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said early Tuesday he would fly to the stricken island to assess the damage for himself.

In the town of Gunungsitoli, about 70 percent of buildings collapsed in the market district, officials said.

"Hundreds of buildings have been damaged or have collapsed," said Agus Mendrofa, the island's deputy district head. He told el-Shinta radio station that at least 296 people had died in Gunungsitoli.

The MISNA missionary news agency in Rome, Italy, reported that a huge fire was raging early Tuesday in Gunungsitoli.

"From the window I see very high flames," MISNA quoted Father Raymond Laia as saying by telephone about two miles from the town. "The town is completely destroyed. I repeat, the town is completely destroyed."

But an overflight of the town at low altitude later revealed that although many houses had sustained damage, the overall level of destruction appeared to be lower than initial reports indicated.

Another police officer, who identified himself as Nainggolan, said rescuers were trying to pull people out of the rubble, and that many were still panicking because of several aftershocks.

"We are busy now trying to pull people or bodies of children from the collapsed building," said Nainggolan, who like many Indonesians uses only one name. "It is very hard also because there is no power."

"The situation here is really messy," he said. "Aftershocks keep hitting every half hour making thousands of people flee their homes and afraid to go home."

U.S. State Department deputy spokesman Adam Ereli said U.S. diplomatic missions in Asia and Africa went into "battle mode" to respond quickly to any contingency. Authorities worldwide had been slow to recognize the magnitude of the Dec. 26 disaster, which killed at least 175,000 people in 12 Indian Ocean nations and left another 106,000 missing.

Preliminary indications were that energy from Monday's quake might be directed toward the southwest, said Frank Gonzalez, an oceanographer with the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration in Seattle.

The only tsunami reported was a small one — 10 inches — at the Cocos Islands, 1,400 miles west of Australia. Hours later, Australian meterologists reported a tsunami-caused wave of 10 to 20 inches hitting to the north and south of the Western Australia state capital Perth. No damage was reported in either area.

Officials said after the December disaster that a tsunami early warning system could have saved many lives. Such a system exists in the Pacific but has not been established in the Indian Ocean. Japan and the United States had planned to start providing tsunami warnings to countries around the Indian Ocean this month as a stopgap measure until the region establishes its own alert system.

But for residents of ravaged Banda Aceh, no warning system was needed after they felt the quake and headed for higher ground.

At the city's biggest refugee camp, a voice on loudspeaker later announced that there was no tsunami. This time, the voice said, people could return to their tents.

f*ckest quote of the day

Brian Tracy is one of America's leading authorities on the development of human potential and personal effectiveness. He is a dynamic and entertaining speaker with a wonderful ability to inform and inspire audiences toward peak performance and higher levels of achievement. His website and programs can be found here: Brian Tracy International

and this is what he said:
"Getting up late, having fun at work, these are all for losers."

(Source:, March 27, 2005)

When I Grow Up - Garbage

La la-la, la la la la la la...

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I've been caught out
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Happy hours
Golden showers
On a cruise to freak you out

We could fly a
Nothing left to talk about

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I'll be back to frame you

When I grow up
I'll be stable
When I grow up
I'll turn the tables

Trying hard to
Fit among you
Floating out to wonderland

God I'm pregnant
Damn the consequences

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Chaos rules when we're apart

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Don't take offense
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Coffee & TV - Blur

Do you feel like a chain store?

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There's wisdom there you're sure

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So give me Coffee and TV


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So give me Coffee and TV


I've seen so much

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It's hard enough for me

Take me away form this big bad world

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So we can start all over again

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a kabitika by Rabindranath Tagore

Spring, it is time to tell

The flowers to open.

The leaves are whispering now

With expectation.

The spirit of life is oblivious

Of where earth is, or the sky.

That is why

Flowers seek it in the stars,

Stars seek it in the flowers.

He who knows the truth

Stores it in a treasure-chest proudly.

He who loves the truth

Keeps it inside himself humbly.

Keep, and the load presses down

On your shoulder.

Give, and the whole wide world

Is its porter.

Wired: Animator Makes Waves as Artist

touching.. creepy.. and beautiful in one


Animator Makes Waves as Artist

Ray Caesar, a former animator and hospital graphic artist, is generating buzz in New York City art circles with his surreal and sometimes disturbing digital prints. By Rachel Metz.,1284,66966,00.html?tw=wn_story_mailer

sekilas nasib jadi intern

hwaa.. pusinkk.. blm slese kerjaan satu knp udh ditambah lagiii :'(
time-management ... time-management..
stop burdening my own thoughts!!!
special thanks to: google navigation toolbar, google deskbar dan desktop search.. hidup google! i love youuu!! muach muach..
                           koffiemachine.. cant leave without you, hehehe..

Ulma Nurriva Haryanto

AEC Stagiaire

Association Européenne des Conservatoires, Académies de Musique et Musikhochschulen (AEC)
PO Box 805
NL-3500 AV Utrecht
The Netherlands
Tel: +31/30.236.1242
Fax: +31/30.236.1290 
Website: - Yahoo Ups Free E-Mail Storage to 1 GB - Wed March 23, 2005 01:24 PM ET

the mouse ( has sent you this article.

Yahoo Ups Free E-Mail Storage to 1 GB
Wed March 23, 2005 01:24 PM ET

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Yahoo Inc. (YHOO.O: Quote, Profile, Research) said on Wednesday it will soon begin giving users of its free Web e-mail service 1 gigabyte of storage, four times more than it now offers, amid intense competition.

Consumers are increasingly using their Web e-mail inboxes as a repository for e-mail as well as digital photos and documents. Web e-mail providers have been responding with offers of ever more free storage.

Yahoo, which Nielsen//NetRatings said in February boasted the most unique users among e-mail providers in the United States ahead of Time Warner Inc.'s (TWX.N: Quote, Profile, Research) AOL and Microsoft Corp.'s (MSFT.O: Quote, Profile, Research) MSN Hotmail, said the global storage upgrade will begin in late April and take about two weeks to complete.

The Internet media company also said it is beefing up antivirus protection for free e-mail users, giving them the ability to remove viruses from attachments -- a feature that had only been available to paying users.

Yahoo Mail is available in 15 languages in almost two dozen countries around the world.

Google Inc. (GOOG.O: Quote, Profile, Research) last spring was the first email provider to offer 1 gigabyte of free storage to users of its invitation-only test Gmail service, setting off me-too moves from rivals.

Gmail, a distant fourth in the rankings of top e-mail destinations, is now available only as an English-language service.

Microsoft currently limits free storage on its free MSN Hotmail accounts to 250 megabytes.

Yahoo and Microsoft each offer 2 gigabytes of storage to users who pay about $20 per year for the service.

Yahoo shares edged up 10 cents to $31.08 on Nasdaq early Wednesday afternoon.

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the mouse's salad mix
(voor 1 muis)

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1. Smeer the.. umm olesi.. spread the peanut butter on top of the bread, then cut to small squares
2. Throw in the salad-mix
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5. eat :)

Drinktip: segelas susu halfvolle melk, segerrr.. (pilihan ulma: Milsani halfvolle melk, 1 litre - EUR 0.89)

  • Resep telah diuji coba di dapur Leliestraat 34 bis
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  • Johma Tapanade-ny wktu itu lag diskon d Vomar
  • Bahan2 yg lain dapat diperoleh d Aldi terdekat
  • Brainteaser

    Decapitate me and all becomes equal. Then truncate me and I become
    second. Cut me front and back and I become two less than I started.

    What am I?

    The word Seven.

    even (equal)
    eve (2nd person, according to the Bible)
    v (Roman numeral five; two less than seven)

    1. The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

    S’io credesse che mia risposta fosse
    A persona che mai tornasse al mondo,
    Questa fiamma staria senza piu scosse.
    Ma perciocche giammai di questo fondo
    Non torno vivo alcun, s’i’odo il vero,
    Senza tema d’infamia ti rispondo.

    LET us go then, you and I,
    When the evening is spread out against the sky
    Like a patient etherised upon a table;
    Let us go, through certain half-deserted streets,
    The muttering retreats 5
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    Oh, do not ask, “What is it?”
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    In the room the women come and go
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    Then how should I begin
    To spit out all the butt-ends of my days and ways? 60
    And how should I presume?

    And I have known the arms already, known them all—
    Arms that are braceleted and white and bare
    [But in the lamplight, downed with light brown hair!]
    It is perfume from a dress 65
    That makes me so digress?
    Arms that lie along a table, or wrap about a shawl.
    And should I then presume?
    And how should I begin?
    . . . . .
    Shall I say, I have gone at dusk through narrow streets 70
    And watched the smoke that rises from the pipes
    Of lonely men in shirt-sleeves, leaning out of windows?…

    I should have been a pair of ragged claws
    Scuttling across the floors of silent seas.
    . . . . .
    And the afternoon, the evening, sleeps so peacefully! 75
    Smoothed by long fingers,
    Asleep … tired … or it malingers,
    Stretched on the floor, here beside you and me.
    Should I, after tea and cakes and ices,
    Have the strength to force the moment to its crisis? 80
    But though I have wept and fasted, wept and prayed,
    Though I have seen my head [grown slightly bald] brought in upon a platter,
    I am no prophet—and here’s no great matter;
    I have seen the moment of my greatness flicker,
    And I have seen the eternal Footman hold my coat, and snicker, 85
    And in short, I was afraid.

    And would it have been worth it, after all,
    After the cups, the marmalade, the tea,
    Among the porcelain, among some talk of you and me,
    Would it have been worth while, 90
    To have bitten off the matter with a smile,
    To have squeezed the universe into a ball
    To roll it toward some overwhelming question,
    To say: “I am Lazarus, come from the dead,
    Come back to tell you all, I shall tell you all”— 95
    If one, settling a pillow by her head,
    Should say: “That is not what I meant at all.
    That is not it, at all.”

    And would it have been worth it, after all,
    Would it have been worth while, 100
    After the sunsets and the dooryards and the sprinkled streets,
    After the novels, after the teacups, after the skirts that trail along the floor—
    And this, and so much more?—
    It is impossible to say just what I mean!
    But as if a magic lantern threw the nerves in patterns on a screen: 105
    Would it have been worth while
    If one, settling a pillow or throwing off a shawl,
    And turning toward the window, should say:
    “That is not it at all,
    That is not what I meant, at all.”
    . . . . . 110
    No! I am not Prince Hamlet, nor was meant to be;
    Am an attendant lord, one that will do
    To swell a progress, start a scene or two,
    Advise the prince; no doubt, an easy tool,
    Deferential, glad to be of use, 115
    Politic, cautious, and meticulous;
    Full of high sentence, but a bit obtuse;
    At times, indeed, almost ridiculous—
    Almost, at times, the Fool.

    I grow old … I grow old … 120
    I shall wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled.

    Shall I part my hair behind? Do I dare to eat a peach?
    I shall wear white flannel trousers, and walk upon the beach.
    I have heard the mermaids singing, each to each.

    I do not think that they will sing to me. 125

    I have seen them riding seaward on the waves
    Combing the white hair of the waves blown back
    When the wind blows the water white and black.

    We have lingered in the chambers of the sea
    By sea-girls wreathed with seaweed red and brown 130
    Till human voices wake us, and we drown.

    T.S. Eliot (1888–1965). Prufrock and Other Observations. 1917.

    SongMeanings | lyrics | Green Day - Basket Case

    so it's al weer zaterdag avond..

    wah gw udh 2 minggu d utrecht..

    dan weekend ini adalah weekend yg tidak bgitu baik :D

    first i got this nightmare.. well bad dream.. i woke up crying, and wouldn't stop crying for 5 minutes.

    Then I got up and decided to do the Dhuhr prayer.. was pretty confused why the hell should i cried like that.

    after self-reflecting for half-an-hour in the bathroom (yeah.. a very very good place to self reflect.. my mind's somehow at its most crystal-clear state when I'm near the sink and the umm.. flush *lol) *hell i'm way weird!*.. well mybe i'm unconsciously depressed, or too much surpressing my thought lately. and mybe.. i was finally feeling kinda, sorta, lonely :( *sigh.

    what did i do next? i sent an email full of rant, smoke, smolder and storm to someone out there who would obviously has no idea on what had gone into this madgirl's head this time.. clicked the send button.. and went out.. for groceries.

    well i had have postponed it for quite a while, so.. taking a walk outside (and doing some groceries) might do well in fuming out this frustration-depression-whatever. *btw, while i wrote this post, the crunch station was playing U2 - Sometimes You Can't Make it on Your Own, grrrrreeaat!*

    went to aldi, bought some toast, cheese, peanut butter, 2 packs of salad, yoghurt dressing, and halfvolle milk (yeah.. want to be healthy!), and koffiemelk *unhealthy* (what is it in english anyway? coffee milk? naahh..). first time i shopped there, my housemates preferred edah.. now i know why :D i mean.. pls excuse my words, only people with low-economic situation (e.g. me) would want to go there. stuffs were stacked just like that, still inside their packaging boxes. In albert heijn (the dandy supermarket in the Netherlands) you would get roomy aisles and prachtige-neatly stacked stuffs that would entice you for buying even though you might not need it (yet).

    but in aldi, well it's better to really know what u're going to buy coz if you don't, you might end up buying nothing :D it was like doing shopping in a warehouse :D oh yeah, no shopping carts or baskets :D well they were very-very limited.. and it seems that the store-owner was very aware of this fact so he/she, provided (so it's intentional) stacks of.. ex-packaging boxes, so instead of blue/red/green plastic shopping baskets i got to carry around my groceries in the store with a yoghurt box :D so yeah, that kind of situation would reduce one's willing to shop by quite some number :D and if I haven't mentioned it before, Aldi was cheap.. all the groceries i've mentioned above costed 5,75 in total.

    feeling somewhat better, i decided to treat myself with a 2 euro doner, that proved to be tasty! hmm yummy =o~

    back at my room, popped in some stuffs into the fridge, and then i sat in front of my desk, and wrote an apology email for that someone out there, for trashing him like that without any reason at all (well there were some reasons.. but not to be mentioned here). trus maen2 k, liat2 video-ny green day.. dan tiba2 mrasa b'semangat kmbali :) palagi pas nnton vidklip2 lama kyk walking contradiction (hillarious!), hitchin' a ride.. and of course, basket case.. gw lngsung krasa kena gtu sm situasi gw hari ini, hehehe.. hmm hidup green day! will make a little comment here, band ini tu bener2 ngewakilin masa2 smp-smu gw banget!! dan mybe everybody else's also. umm tapi aku kurang sreg wktu dengerin album mrk yg shenanigans.. angst-ny kurang terasa, hwehehe.. yeah mybe it had something to do with them getting older. but yg american idiot ini jug lumayan sih.. i like the cover song and holiday. boulevard of broken dreams sounded like one of avril lavigne's song to me, hee-hee..

    oh well.. now i might wrap up my post for today.. oh yeah, some news on my love life, me and my first love-crush-ex boyfriend in junior high was starting to text each other.. we havent spoken or met or whatever since.. 99? took 6 years to find him again through the piles and piles of human on earth.. no, pages of pages of people's profile in the all-mighty-hefty-Friendster *lol..

    nite-nite everyone =)

    Wired Magazine : VIEW

    A note from me:

    shut up and read...


    From Wired Magazine, available online at:


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    this directive]

    Sorry, You're Off the List

    I just got the following message on Orkut: "You can only have up to 1,000 friends. Before you can add more friends, you need to remove friends."

    This reminds me a bit of real life. I need to forget someone every time I meet someone I want to remember because I'm having a buffer overflow on my people recognition memory.

    Posted on joi.ito.comJoi Ito, vice president of international business
    and mobile devices, Technorati; chair, Six Apart Japan

    Where's My Freakin' Limo?

    [I'm] annoyed over the assertion by the popular press that the game industry is larger than Hollywood. … Why aren't game designers,writers, programmers, and artists floating in money? Where are all the limousines, the fast parties, the tabloids tracking our falls in and out of rehab?

    Posted on grumpygamer.comRon Gilbert, creator, Monkey Island

    Help! Free Music Has Taken Over My Hard Drive

    [Music's] transaction cost can be as low as free … so there's no inherent pressure to listen to it. Repeat this a bunch of times, and
    all of a sudden my hard drive is full of music that I've never heard,and the "digital photo effect" starts to kick in. So what do I do? I listen to the same old albums over and over, because I know I like them.

    Posted on Rajat Paharia, former codirector of software experiences, IDEO


    It's an open secret that the US intelligence community has its own classified, highly secure Internet. Called Intelink, it's got portals,chat rooms, message boards, search engines, webmail, and tons of servers. It's pretty damn cool … for four years ago.

    While I was serving as an intelligence analyst at the US Central Command in Qatar during operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom in 2003, my team and I analyzed hundreds of messages and reports each day. We created briefings used by generals Tommy Franks and John Abizaid. A vast amount of information was available to us on Intelink,but there was no simple way to find and use the data efficiently. For
    instance,our search engine was an outdated version of AltaVista. (We've got Google now, a step in the right direction.) And while there were hundreds of people throughout the world reading the same materials, there was no easy way to learn what they thought. Somebody had answers to my questions, I knew, but how were we ever to connect? The scary truth is that most of the time analysts are flying half

    It doesn't have to be that way. Instead of embarking on an expensive and decades-long process of reform - the type loved by bureaucrats on Capitol Hill - the services can fix this themselves. There's no reason
    our nation's spy organizations can't leap-frog what the Army is already doing with Web technology and, at the same time, build upon what the public is doing with the blogosphere.

    Launched in 2001, Army Knowledge Online is Yahoo! for grunts. All the things that make life on the Net interesting and useful are on AKO. Every soldier has an account, and each unit has its own virtual workspace. Soldiers in my reserve unit are scattered throughout Texas, and we're physically together only once a month. AKO lets us stay linked around the clock.

    Another innovative program is the Center for Army Lessons Learned, basically anotherblog staffed by experts. Soldiers can post white papers on subjects ranging from social etiquette at Iraqi funerals to surviving convoy mbushes. A search for "improvised explosive device" yields more than 130 hits. The center's articles are vetted by the staff for accuracy and usefulness, and anyone in the Army can submit.

    Unfortunately, the intelligence ommunity has not kept up with the Army. The 15 agencies of the community - ranging from the armed services to the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency - maintain
    separate portals, separate data, and separate people. The bad guys exploit the gaps, and your safety is on the line. So if all us knuckle-draggers in the Army can use technology to make ourselves better, why can't all the big brains at Langley and Foggy Bottom do the same?

    The first step toward reform: ncourage blogging on Intelink. When I Google "Afghanistan blog" on the public Internet, I find 1.1 million entries and tons of useful information. But on Intelink there are no blogs. Imagine if the experts in every intelligence field were turned
    loose - all that's needed is some cheap software. It's not far-fetched to picture a top-secret CIA blog about al Qaeda, with postings from Navy Intelligence and the FBI, among others. Leave the bureaucratic infighting to the agency heads. Give good analysts good tools, and they'll deliver outstanding results.

    And why not tap the brainpower of the blogosphere as well? The intelligence community does a terrible job of looking outside itself for information. From journalists to academics and even educated amateurs - there are thousands of people who would be interested and willing to help. Imagine how much traffic an official CIA Iraq blog would attract. If intelligence organizations built a collaborative
    environment through blogs, they could quickly identify credible sources, develop a deep backfield of contributing analysts, and engage the world as a whole. How cool would it be to gain "trusted user" status on a CIA blog?

    All this is possible with resources that currently exist. It won't require a complete overhaul of intelligence services, or the creation of a cabinet-level "intelligence czar." (Has the drug czar won the war on drugs?) Intelink blogging would immediately improve the information being used in the war on terror. AKO has managed to connect nearly 2 million members on an annual budget of about $30 million - that's chump change compared with the cost of a day's operations in Iraq. You do the math.

    Kris Alexander ( is a captain and military intelligence officer in the US Army Reserve. The opinions he expresses in this essay do not necessarily reflect those of his employers.

    VIEW|hot seat

    The Baby Bells have declared war against municipal broadband. While BellSouth and SBC did battle in Louisiana and Illinois, Verizon helped push a bill through Pennsylvania's legislature to stop Philadelphia from becoming the world's biggest Wi-Fi hot spot (see View, Lessig,page 79). A compromise saved Philly's plans, but the law gives telcos veto power over other public broadband initiatives in the Keystone
    State. We asked senior VP of broadband solutions Marilyn O'Connell why Verizon won't set bandwidth free.

    WIRED: The Baby Bells have been trying to snuff out municipal broadband wherever it appears. What's this war all about?
    O'CONNELL: I don't see it as a war. They're all very different situations. In Pennsylvania, we were able to reach a good compromise with the state that ensures they can build the Wi-Fi network in Philadelphia.

    That "compromise" gives Verizon veto power over other municipal Wi-Fi efforts. What right do you have to stomp on a small town's efforts to provide wireless Internet access?I don't think we'd have a problem with that. But when we have obligations that prevent us from recouping on a commitment we've made to a municipality or to a state, we're going to speak up.

    Commitments?Well, to ensure the rollout of broadband, we have to make an investment commitment in various states and we have to make a service-level commitment. These investments are quite substantial.

    From the citizen's perspective, it sure seems like you're trying to prevent wireless access from becoming a basic public utility. Shouldn't bandwidth be free?A lot of things would have to come together before you have the kind of coverage that would allow people to say, "I don't need any other bandwidth, I can just go and plug into the city's network." I don't see that governments are going to supply
    that kind of service in such a broad, ubiquitous way. The reality is, to have the kind of broadband-rich networks you need, private companies have to come forward.

    - Lucas Graves


    They say you can't understand people until you've walked a mile in their shoes. I just walked across Belgrade in a brand-new pair of Nikes. Now I understand something: The citizens of this city are the vanguard of a new phase of capitalism. They're busily subverting
    conventional multi-national commerce and creating a dark parallel process - call it black globalization.

    My new shoes look authentic, but hey're a scam of ominous sophistication. The insole logo is silk-screened on; my socks erased the Nike swoosh in a single afternoon. The stitching is coarse and
    sloppy - the pull tab at the heel ripped loose the first time I tried to use it. The sporty soles are slippy, not grippy. The tag proclaims MADE IN KOREA, although the product is almost certainly a fake churned out by a Chinese factory. Adding insult to Nike's injury, the phony barcode denotes a pair of Reeboks.

    These shoes cost me only $10 in dinars, but they weren't a bargain. They're like a phishing scam, an international email message that looks official and goes through all the proper, high tech, image-making motions - with the intent to rob. Will anyone ever catch the perpetrators? Hell no. These shoes probably scampered across a dozen national borders on their way to Belgrade, and the hucksters
    involved must number in the thousands, each one pitching in his bit, in P2P fashion.

    During the 1990s, Serbia and Montenegro (the latest official title for this part of the former Yugoslavia) suffered under United Nations
    sanctions that deprived the populace of imported goods. Today the locals suffer from brand fever. Here, the golden arches of McDonald's are viewed as voodoo protection against cruise missiles. People can't afford Western luxuries, so they have a warm, affirmative feeling for smugglers. Global branding makes it easy to create fake products with broad appeal on someone else's promotional dime. So stores are filled
    with upscale-looking, marginally functional fakes in food, clothes, cosmetics, even car parts.

    The Chinese-run shops in Serbia and Montenegro, known as kineskae, carry products in every possible variant of honesty and dishonesty. Running shoes most Westerners have never heard of - Die Xian, Gui Ren, Renke - sit alongside knockoffs with Nike-like names such as Wink, not
    to mention blatant acts of deceit like my bogus shoes. Of course, you can also buy real Nikes for the crippling international price. The shiny, glass-fronted stores that sell them grimly alert shoppers to their anti-shoplifting technology; mom-and-pop kineskae make no such fuss.

    Kineskae represent the former Yugoslavia's choice to step outside the global economy and embrace the criminal underground. Phony brand-name items - which account for 6 percent of international trade - have become an integral part of the pernicious flow that includes narcotics, small arms, oil, and the sex trade. They have the
    relationship to genuine products that corrupt government has to legitimate representation, rigged balloting to fair election, captive press to free expression. Bogus products are part and parcel of the worldwide marketplace - more so than dated symbols of globalization like Coca-Cola.

    Serbia and Montenegro isn't a failed state like Iraq or Sudan, but a faked state. This purported country, which has had serious problems settling on an anthem and a flag, is best understood as a giant covert operation, like Iran-Contra or Enron. Nobody is less likely than a Serbian to collaborate with the ever-more-anxious overlords of
    intellectual property: the World Trade Organization, the World Intellectual Property Organization, the World Customs Organization, and Nike's own clique, the US Council for International Business. For all their treaties and trade agreements, these paper tigers might as well be waving bread sticks as billy clubs.

    These organizations are right to worry. Black globalism extends well beyond easy, offhand intellectual property thefts like videotaping first-run films and burning them onto DVD. It commandeers the manufacturing, distribution, and business infrastructure in a parasitic rejection of the global order that is the engine of our
    collective future. The folks who made my shoes have everything it takes to make excellent footwear. Yet they choose to make counterfeits. It's a brave, new, destructive world of manufacturing and marketing: Just fake it.

    Email Bruce Sterling at



    You'll be pleased to know that communism was defeated in Pennsylvania last year. Governor Ed Rendell signed into law a bill prohibiting the Reds in local government from offering free Wi-Fi throughout their municipalities. The action came after Philadelphia, where more than 50 percent of neighborhoods don't have access to broadband, embarked on a
    $10 million wireless Internet project. City leaders had stepped in where the free market had failed. Of course, it's a slippery slope from free Internet access to Karl Marx. So Rendell, the telecom industry's latest toady, even while exempting the City of Brotherly Love, acted to spare Pennsylvania from this grave threat to its
    economic freedom.

    Let's hope this is just the first step. For if you look closely, you'll see the communist menace has infiltrated governments
    everywhere. Ever notice those free photons as you walk the city at night? Ever think about the poor streetlamp companies, run out of business because municipalities deigned to do completely what private industry would do only incompletely? Or think about the scandal of public roads: How many tollbooth workers have lost their jobs because we no longer (since about the 18th century) fund all roads through
    private enterprise? Municipal buses compete with private taxis. City police departments hamper the growth at Pinkerton's (now Securitas). It's a national scandal. So let the principle that guided Rendell guide governments everywhere: If private industry can provide a service, however poorly or incompletely, then ban the government from competing. What's true for Wi-Fi should be true for water.

    No, I haven't lost my mind. But this sort of insanity is raging across the US today. Pushed by lobbyists, at least 14 states have passed legislation similar to Pennsylvania's. I've always wondered what almost $1 billion spent on lobbying state lawmakers gets you. Now I'm beginning to see.

    The telcos' argument isn't much more subtle than that of the simpleton who began this column: Businesses shouldn't have to compete against their governments. What the market can do, the government shouldn't. Or so the fall of the Soviet Union should have taught us.

    Although this principle is true enough in most cases, it is obviously not true in all. The government should certainly not do what private enterprise can do better (e.g., make computers). And the government should not prohibit private enterprise from competing against it
    (e.g., FedEx). But the government also should not act as the cat's paw for one of the most powerful industries in the nation by making competition against that industry illegal, whether from government or not. This is true, at least, when it is unclear just what kind of "good" such competition might produce.

    Broadband is the perfect example. The private market has failed the US so far. At the beginning, we led the world in broadband deployment. But by 2004, we ranked an embarrassing 13th. There are many places, like Philadelphia, where service is lacking. And there are many places, like San Francisco, where competition is lacking. The result of the duopoly that currently defines "competition" is that prices and service suck. We're the world's leader in Internet technology - except that we're not.

    The solution is not to fire private enterprise; it is instead to encourage more competition. Communities across the country are experimenting with ways to supplement private service. And these experiments are producing unexpected economic returns. Some are discovering that free wireless access increases the value of public
    spaces just as, well, streetlamps do. And just as streetlamps don't make other types of lighting obsolete, free wireless access in public spaces won't kill demand for access in private spaces. In economoid-speak, these public services may well provide positive externalities. Yet we will never recognize these externalities unless
    municipalities are free to experiment. That's why the bipartisan Silicon Valley advocacy group TechNet explicitly endorses allowing local governments to compete with broadband providers.

    City and state politicians should have the backbone to stand up to self-serving lobbyists. Citizens everywhere should punish telecom toadies who don't. Backwater broadband has been our fate long enough. Let the markets, both private and public, compete to provide the
    service that telecom and cable has not.

    Email Lawrence Lessig at

    Copyright (C) 1993-99 The Conde Nast Publications Inc. All rights reserved.


    my desktop: testing hello from picasa :)  Posted by Hello

    if there's somebody..

    why dont u just say 'no',
    instead you corner me with your silence

    Dear Heart..

    Heart, we will forget him!
    You an I, tonight!
    You may forget the warmth he gave,
    I will forget the light.

    When you have done, pray tell me
    That I my thoughts may dim;
    Haste! lest while you're lagging.
    I may remember him!

    (Heart, we will forget him!
    by Emily Dickinson)

    Re: emailtje voor mijn lievelings

    wah..................................... ulma................... your
    job is super duper cool!!! i envy you!!!! bener!! eh cari channel say,
    buat comm agency kita! ok?

    wahhhh kamu kayakny mau ketemu ma orang dari banyak all over europe
    ya? mau bel halonya macem2?
    swedish: gu moron (met pagi) itu udah cara baca, ilat jowo!!
    tak se meikiah (terima kasih)
    yog hete ulma(nama saya ulma)
    hahahhaa...semoga cukup bekalnya, paling g buat wal conversation lah,
    but impress2 sedikit,
    kamu juga tahu france ma german tho? hahhaha

    sir... ceritanya ulma buat ngiri ya, tapi aku sekaligus seneng, paling
    ndak si ulma enak, dan bahagia, when you happy i'm happy for you!!

    iya ul...........aku kangen jalan2 malem2 terus sendirian, mirip2
    cerita sex and the city lah, sambil merenungkan yg terjadi hari ini!!
    tapi yg aku paling kangen, ketemu denga orang2 baru, orang2 hebat, yg
    aku bisa kagumi .........hahahah g ada di semarang!!1 terus juga
    kangen flirting, terus rasa penasaran ma orang yg menggebu gebu!1
    hahahahah *kok malah g nyambung ya? :P

    aku ni masih di smg, msalag vsia aku masih nunggu, aku udah pasrah
    tapi, kalo misal sampe akhir maret belum kelaur juga , aku lepas aja

    aku juga lagi sedih, mama papa ku ke papya kemaren, aku kepingin ikut,
    tapi g boleh! hehe padahal khan disana enak, aku bisa nyantai , dengan
    memandang gunung, baca buku, fitnes renang gratis, jalan2 , terus ada
    tulang eka, ada basir,dkk!! cable gratis!!
    hahahaha............. tapi papaku g boleh., kecuali aku diminta bantu2
    di safety

    kabarku disini, wah meeting nya di tempat2 nge pool, hayo...aku udah
    lumayan nih,.,......skali nyodok bolanya kena!!! Hahahahah seru tho?

    Aku juga sekarang ganti rokok dj mix rasa straberry, hahaha cuman
    hanya bis ngerokok kalo pegi ma yoko !! hahahahah

    Begitulah perkembangan saya tanah semarang yg membosankan ini!

    Eh ulma: kemaren aky ktm ma silvi, dia lagi audisi AFI di smng!!
    ya udah... keep update ya
    miss you all

    RE: emailtje voor mijn lievelings

    heeei cb..
    kabar papua baik2 aja.. tp ga tau gimana kabar di Jawa, Lin? :)
    seru juga ya meeting2 disana.. apalagi tempat2 meetingnya (Lisbon, Barcelona, Paris, Athens,dll)
    wow.. bener2 bikin yg denger jadi 'sedikit' iri nie hehehe..
    ah, tp meeting2ku disini juga ga kalah dasyat lho..
    kadang2 aku meeting di GRS conference room, kadang2 di porta camp belakang Surabaya office, dan kalo lagi beruntung aku bisa meeting di community hall 68 (biasa banget ga sie??? hehehe..)
    kabar loe dijawa sana gmn lin?
    gue yakin, pasti ga kalah dasyat sm gue dan ulma tho? ;)
    -Bashir N-

    You and I Both

    Was it you who spoke the words that things would happen but not to me
    Oh things are gonna happen naturally
    Oh taking your advice I'm looking on the bright side
    And balancing the whole thing
    But often times those words get tangled up in lines
    And the bright lights turn to night
    Until the dawn it brings
    Another day to sing about the magic that was you and me

    Cause you and I both loved
    What you and I spoke of
    And others just read of
    Others only read of the love, the love that I love.

    See I'm all about them words
    Over numbers, unencumbered numbered words
    Hundreds of pages, pages, pages forwards
    More words then I had ever heard and I feel so alive

    You and I, you and I
    Not so little you and I anymore
    And with this silence brings a moral story
    More importantly evolving is the glory of a boy

    Cause you and I both loved
    What you and I spoke of
    And others just dream of
    And if you could see me now
    Well I'm almost finally out of
    I'm finally out of
    Finally deedeedeedee
    Well I'm almost finally, finally
    Well I'm free, oh, I'm free

    And it's okay if you have go away
    Oh just remember the telephone works both ways
    And if I never ever hear them ring
    If nothing else I'll think the bells inside
    Have finally found you someone else and that's okay
    Cause I'll remember everything you sang

    Cause you and I both loved what you and I spoke of
    and others just read of and if you could see now
    well I'm almost finally out of.
    I'm finally out of, finally, deedeeededede
    well I'm almost finally, finally, finally out of words.

    MarketingProfs Link: 'Logos: What Makes Them Work (Part 2 of 2)'

    A friend sent you this Article Link:


    *** 'Logos: What Makes Them Work (Part 2 of 2)' ***


    MarketingProfs Link: 'Logos: What Makes Them Work (Part 1 of 2)'

    A friend sent you this Article Link:


    *** 'Logos: What Makes Them Work (Part 1 of 2)' ***


    emailtje voor mijn lievelings

    Hello kulta2ku.. heheh..

    Hari ini hari Minggu yang cerah di Amsterdam :) cuaca menghangat
    hingga 5 Celcius, salju mnumpuk dgn indahnya, ditambah sinar mentari..
    everything's white, shiny, and sparkling..

    How r u guys doin? Gmn kabar pulau Jawa dan Papua tercinta?

    aku ngimelny sekali dua aja ya.. hehehe.. so i wont have to rewrite
    (or copy-pste) things.

    aku mo crita bout my first day @ the AEC Office, Jumat kmaren. Ku
    brgkt jam 08.30, nyoba naik bis dari rute lain, mesti jalan lebih
    banyak tp thank God aku nympe kantor jam 08.55.

    hari pertama not much, aku cma dsuruh baca2 publikasi mreka (hstory,
    council mmbers, & current projects), trus nyiap2in ruang meeting,
    ng-organisir file2nya, clerical stuffs.

    yang interesting: meetingnya.
    yang dateng tu:

  • President AEC-nya, Kepala sekolah musik d Malmo, Sweden -> Johannes Johansson
  • VPnya, Kepala sekolah musik d Groningen (bLanda) -> Rinneke Smilde
  • Kepala sekolah musik d Strassbourg (France) -> Marie-Claude Segard
  • Peter Dejans, ga tau kerjaanny apa but he's Belgian
  • A BRITISH man, kepala sekolah musik di Birmingham -> George Caird
  • Ibu2 keren dari Paris, I guess she's some sort of the PR d sbuah
    skolah musik, well she's head of bla-bla-bla Department gitu -> Gretchen Amussen (but her name doesnt sound like french, or does it?)

    dan tentu saja kepala AEC, Martin Prchal, asisten skaligus project
    manager, Janneke Vrijland, bu Sofie Truwant (juga project manager),
    Vieke (part-timer), and me :)

    they are all intelectuals.. and klo tadinya aku ngebayangin org2 kolot, b'kacamata.. huhuh aku salah deehh.. well they are all professionals, they love their jobs, music education, semuanya critical, tp jug open-minded, they love to work together, hwaa pokokny bagus banget deh tu orang2.. ah iya itu rapat steering committee buat proyek ini. (Nama proyekny 'Polifonia'), dan hehehe ya gitu itu Lin rapat steering committee yg genah :D ga kayak d Freeport kmaren.

    what i've learned that day? huhuhu orang eropa tu maju banget ya..
    jadi proyek mrk yg skrg tu nyari tau gmn biar pendidikan musik d Eropa
    tu bisa maju, lulusan2 sekolah musik tu ilmunya bisa kepake, dan ilmu2
    kayak apa yg dperluin. So entar orang2 itu tu ngepalain satu project
    group, yg anggota2ny diambil dari b'bagai plosok eropa, (diversity
    rules!), terus tiap2 group entar bikin research, brainstorm bareng

    dan bayangin, mreka semua tu dari negara2 yg berbeda, but they are
    willing to sit down together, brainstorming, gimana biar pendidikan
    musik d eropa bisa maju. und.. aku sih ga punya background knowledge
    perkembangan sekolah musik d europe, but.. ya ngeliat bgitu banyakny
    conservatorium d sini, and how they really appreciate their music and
    culture.. huhuhu terharu :')

    language yg dpake buat rapat tu of course english, but hey.. everybody
    knows french also, jadi.. iyah.. rasanya aku tu pengen meleleh klo
    mereka started to talk in French. Si ibu 2 yg dari Perancis itu,
    satuny ga gitu bisa bahasa Inggris (Mrs. Segard), so if people talked
    to her, they used french. dan si Gretchen, omg.. inggrisny fluent
    banget.. despite that she's as well French! dia bilang dia pernah kul
    d USA gitu.makanza..

    teyus.. ah iya, satu lagi yg bikin aku meleleh.. pas mereka mo
    ngerencanain d mana meeting berikutnya, yg terlontar.. adalah..
    nama-nama sebagai berikut:
    1. Prague
    2. Lisbon
    3. Barcelona
    4. Groningen (waaa.. basi, basi..)
    5. Paris
    6. Crete
    7. Athens

    hwaaaaaaaaa aku mau dong ikuttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! d@mn.. pas
    mreka lagi seru2 diskusi itu aku yg merinding2 sndiri, hehehe..

    Kota yg beruntung, yg akhirny dipilih, adalah Lisbon. Rncanany sih mreka bakal k sana end of June (waaaa kan itu masih
    termsuk periode internshipku!!).. aku mupeng bngt kali ya wktu itu..

    well ak kmaren sbenerny ga contribute apa2 wktu mereka rapat. hehe..
    purely observer, tapi aku bener2 suka ama apa yg aku lihat.

    terus.. habis itu pada dinner ^^ d Het Grachtenhuijs (hayo lina..masih
    bisa baca ga?). Kita pada jalan dari kantor. Waaa aku makan banyak deh :P

    Started dgn complimentary appetizer, mashed sweet potato with herbs, udh gitu baru appetizer pesanan, gw ngorder ricola salad, and sweet figs, pake goat cheese, enak.. trus catfish saute, pke nasi yg diapain mbuh, ada cuminy juga.. well i was stuffed! trus dessertny ak cuma mesen capuccino, si Martin mesen chocolate mousse (pake Sumatran chocolate) trus ada fruit dipped in chocolate sauce-nya,.. janc*k!

    tapi gile gw asli kenyang banget.. jadi gw cuma ngambil satu piece of
    coklat dari complimentary dessert gitu de. hwaaa coklatny enakk!!
    coklat putih yg dalemny ada creamny itu.. ak ga tau de itu coklat
    apaan.. leonidas kali ya.. huhuhuh.. dan akhirny aku tergoda untuk
    help myself on another piece of chocolate.. yg dark... juga enak..
    sllrrpp =9 (wah aku bisa ngiler lagi niii..hehehe)

    jam 10 aku pamit duluan, Sofie ma Vieke juga. Tamu2 yg laen tu pada
    nginep d hotel gitu deh. trus pas keluar, trnyta si Sofie buru2
    banget, so dia jalan duluan, pas gw gi nunggu Vieke, buset.. lama
    amet, akhirny gw jalan duluan juga de.. trus karena ak ga tau k mana
    arah yg benar, heheh.. y su, aku yg lagi feeling adventorous malem
    itu, jalan ngasal aja.. ngikutin orang..where there's people, there's
    the main road.. (asal banget ya)

    tapi Puji Tuhan cara ini berhasil kok.. aku nemuin main road, nyari
    halte bis.. trus pas nyadar klo ak ga gitu jauh dari central, um..
    tiba2 t'bersit ide iseng buat jalan smpe rumah ^^ hahaha.. lagian aku
    asli kenyang banget.. so it'd be good to burn off those extra
    calories. And it was Friday night.. everybody was out and about.. so
    gw banyak 'temen jalan' deh ^^

    So ulma jalan .. dan ternyata ga gitu jauh.. 20 minutes gitu :) waa
    senangnya.. aku habis ini berarti ga usah keluar duit buat transport..
    jalan ajaaaaa!! ^^

    Sepanjang jalan tu yg ujan salju, adu.. malem-malem.. nginjek2 salju
    putih-putih(wlopun itu tengah kota, ga sekotor salju di amsterdam
    central), everybody looked happy, hwaaa jadi ngayal yg engga2 deh =P
    (ayo bashir k sinii..)
    lu kangen ga sih Lin jalan d tengah kota malem2 gitu?

    Smpe rumah, wetss.. suepiii... ya su, saya ke kamar, ng-sms bashir,
    dan online smpe jam 3 pagi ^^ hahaha.. kangen banget deh begadang2 ga jelas kayak gitu..

    ya su, sekian kabar dari saya :)

    Lina: piye visa?

    send me back some news from you guys, okay? take care semuah!!


    Ulma N. Haryanto

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