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so it's al weer zaterdag avond..

wah gw udh 2 minggu d utrecht..

dan weekend ini adalah weekend yg tidak bgitu baik :D

first i got this nightmare.. well bad dream.. i woke up crying, and wouldn't stop crying for 5 minutes.

Then I got up and decided to do the Dhuhr prayer.. was pretty confused why the hell should i cried like that.

after self-reflecting for half-an-hour in the bathroom (yeah.. a very very good place to self reflect.. my mind's somehow at its most crystal-clear state when I'm near the sink and the umm.. flush *lol) *hell i'm way weird!*.. well mybe i'm unconsciously depressed, or too much surpressing my thought lately. and mybe.. i was finally feeling kinda, sorta, lonely :( *sigh.

what did i do next? i sent an email full of rant, smoke, smolder and storm to someone out there who would obviously has no idea on what had gone into this madgirl's head this time.. clicked the send button.. and went out.. for groceries.

well i had have postponed it for quite a while, so.. taking a walk outside (and doing some groceries) might do well in fuming out this frustration-depression-whatever. *btw, while i wrote this post, the crunch station was playing U2 - Sometimes You Can't Make it on Your Own, grrrrreeaat!*

went to aldi, bought some toast, cheese, peanut butter, 2 packs of salad, yoghurt dressing, and halfvolle milk (yeah.. want to be healthy!), and koffiemelk *unhealthy* (what is it in english anyway? coffee milk? naahh..). first time i shopped there, my housemates preferred edah.. now i know why :D i mean.. pls excuse my words, only people with low-economic situation (e.g. me) would want to go there. stuffs were stacked just like that, still inside their packaging boxes. In albert heijn (the dandy supermarket in the Netherlands) you would get roomy aisles and prachtige-neatly stacked stuffs that would entice you for buying even though you might not need it (yet).

but in aldi, well it's better to really know what u're going to buy coz if you don't, you might end up buying nothing :D it was like doing shopping in a warehouse :D oh yeah, no shopping carts or baskets :D well they were very-very limited.. and it seems that the store-owner was very aware of this fact so he/she, provided (so it's intentional) stacks of.. ex-packaging boxes, so instead of blue/red/green plastic shopping baskets i got to carry around my groceries in the store with a yoghurt box :D so yeah, that kind of situation would reduce one's willing to shop by quite some number :D and if I haven't mentioned it before, Aldi was cheap.. all the groceries i've mentioned above costed 5,75 in total.

feeling somewhat better, i decided to treat myself with a 2 euro doner, that proved to be tasty! hmm yummy =o~

back at my room, popped in some stuffs into the fridge, and then i sat in front of my desk, and wrote an apology email for that someone out there, for trashing him like that without any reason at all (well there were some reasons.. but not to be mentioned here). trus maen2 k, liat2 video-ny green day.. dan tiba2 mrasa b'semangat kmbali :) palagi pas nnton vidklip2 lama kyk walking contradiction (hillarious!), hitchin' a ride.. and of course, basket case.. gw lngsung krasa kena gtu sm situasi gw hari ini, hehehe.. hmm hidup green day! will make a little comment here, band ini tu bener2 ngewakilin masa2 smp-smu gw banget!! dan mybe everybody else's also. umm tapi aku kurang sreg wktu dengerin album mrk yg shenanigans.. angst-ny kurang terasa, hwehehe.. yeah mybe it had something to do with them getting older. but yg american idiot ini jug lumayan sih.. i like the cover song and holiday. boulevard of broken dreams sounded like one of avril lavigne's song to me, hee-hee..

oh well.. now i might wrap up my post for today.. oh yeah, some news on my love life, me and my first love-crush-ex boyfriend in junior high was starting to text each other.. we havent spoken or met or whatever since.. 99? took 6 years to find him again through the piles and piles of human on earth.. no, pages of pages of people's profile in the all-mighty-hefty-Friendster *lol..

nite-nite everyone =)

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