On Father and Daughter

Dear my dotta :

dear dad,
umm i just called my big bro yesterday and now i am feeling a lot better
… Alhamdu lilLaah, GOD has given you the courage to fix your wrongdoings.

the root causes of the sad story:
basically it's me
(n him to b deleted )
that were still not ready for a long distance relationship
..Next time, have a short distance one ( eye 2 eye communication )

the attraction was there, when we met
Always look for attraction before extending our meeting, of course
but when we're away, things started to change
…. See above (have a short distance one )
well i was the one who first got insecure
….In near future, securing is the third step after a first sight, then second is ideas exchange for max four months only

i never really trusted him
… Always trust everybody, then if someone is proven to abuse our relationship then FIRE him/her
apalagi pas dia cuti, i felt that wktu kerja, komunikasi malah lbih lancar.
… O my smart lil lady, u know that even a tree was so beautiful here. Let alone my sweetie n smart dotter. Jakarta or Bandung ? Boy, it's different story, u can ask yer lil bro why he's chosen Bandung for his study ;-D)
i know that it was just me who was being uselessly paranoid, and that made me realize that at some extend i can also be so distrustful and anxious. because all this time i thought that im the coolest person when it came to relationships =p
.. Never underestimate anybody/ it is pretty close to arrogance ( devil )
The aftermath, he got weary, and i was still freaking out, until one day we came to the point that his feelings for me was similar to a friend. so.. that being said, and boy it hurts.

and on the same day someone popped in, so i just said 'yes'
….. Two wrongs never make up one right!!!
i dont know if that that made my bro looking for an another girl, but anyway
…. See above : Two wrongs never make up one right!!! That is the only logical response of a NORMAL male ( or at least, DaD would do the same ;-D )
as far as i'm concerned, the girl's a nice person. she should suit him well. An ex of his a couple years back, and they got separated (if i can still remember the story correctly) because her father didnt really like him
…. This time yer ol' man was much smarter than this "ST….D" gentleman
but after they broke up, i guess the old man realized that my big bro was not that bad (of course)
… Wish it were too late
as i was saying, she should be a good companion to him
….. DaD must have had a chance to meet this lucky girl before agreeing upon your remarks
considering they went out together before, so she should know him (inside-outside) better than i do
… Sadly, DaD has to admit " YES "
im trying to look it in another way, maybe i was meant to make the mistake so that he can be with this girl. which, if it's God's plan, then with or without having anything with me, he would be with this girl anyway
… I suggest to keep this comment till one of you ( either u or BigBro ) gets married
and as for me, well im glad i can be at least less negative (umm deppresive) about all this.
Always say SubhanAllaah, alhamdu lilLaah to keep devil away from your heart/mind
though painful (admitting defeat and loss), im trying to be supportive to myself and to my big bro as well
… Victory is for believers who do good things
of course i learn a lot from this, didn't i tell you that now i realize that maintaining a relationship is hell harder than pursuing a career?
… This is now my recommendation:
Next time u meet a boy, who believes in GOD + The Day of Judgments ( + Angels + AQ + all Messengers ), u must exchange ideas only for max four months ( why four months ? U should know why ) before telling me to give you to the luckiest man in the world ( but only a second person to me, of course )
… Build / maintain always future relationship with every body in this world and don't demolish your bridge after you cross it. As you might always need that bridge to return.
im sorry i've caused quite a commotion into the family.. i bet it'd been a good example for my other bros and sisters on having a relationship, hehehe..
There is gain after pain, indeed, there is always gain after pain ( They are Quranic verses ).

[94:5] With pain there is gain.

[94.6] Indeed, with pain there is gain

with kisses, hugs n love
… I always love you but I must learn very hard to put you n all d family third. DaD has also been in this learning curve to understand AQ 9:24, may GOD bless our family and show us HIS right path, all praise be to GOD d Lord of the multiverse. Aamiin.

[9:24] Proclaim: If your parents, your children, your siblings, your spouses, your family, the money you have earned, a business you worry about, and the homes you cherish are more beloved to you than GOD and His messenger, and the striving in His cause, then just wait until GOD brings His judgment.GOD does not guide the wicked people.

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