ingin memaki tapi tak bisa

she's been talking non-stop for 30 minutes!!!
my supervisor must be a very good listener..
im glad she's not talking to me

i dont hv the patience :p

n she said that "i find it difficult when talking in english. sometimes i got lost for words, n it's harder to formulate things". anjrit.. ga nyadar ya klo dari tadi udh nyap-nyap?

gw udh selese transfer2an lagu ma si komar (padahal transfer rate-ny lagi lemot banget) n she's still talking. trus i left to make another cup of coffee, balik, n drank it up,.. she's still there.. standing.. talking..

well its nice to hear all of her experience and thoughts and all that.. but pleeeaasee.. somebody's trying to work here :p

n she said she had difficulties in talking? busettt..

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