this might be the only post i made for April :P

March 25 saw the last (hopefully) snow attack in Holland.

It supposed to be Spring now.. but it's only got warmer during this week. Last week had been cold (with false promises of warmth from the sun).

First of April I went to Velvet Revolver's concert in Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam. I'm not particularly a fan, tp yah maksudnya kapan lagi ngeliat Slash, the guitar legend, perform live... dan to prove if Scott Weiland really as sexy as on TV :P

The band was breath-taking! (but myb its also because i continuously jumped up-and-down, head banging, through the night) Yes Slash was as amazing as they say, and Scott IS Sexy!!! He started the night with a 3 piece-suit and stripped it off one by one during the performance.. huehuehueh =D~ tp at the encore he wore a "Wake Up China"-grey shirt (klo ga salah tulisanny itu) n sunglasses

Too bad it was Scott's last night with the Band. He officially returned to just re-grouped Stone Temple Pilots. The Rolling Stones magazine has made a reader's survey on who would be the potential new singer of VR.. I know Okky would like it to be Sebastian Bach.. Me personally, I don't know. I like Chris Cornell but I don't think he is at the same level as Slash and Duffy.

Concert pics n vids can be found here. Myb will post the highlights of the night some time later :p but recorded were:
- One of Slash's guitar solo
- Slash played guitar on his back

No picture of me there :P was thinking of making one then, but think that it would be cheesy :p (masa rocker foto2 diri??) heheh

Music Mayday has a new logo

and new website coming soon :)
My Dad said that the new MM tag looked like UH XD (Ulma Haryanto if you don't get it..)

and we just moved in to the new office :D

our office is at the 1st floor (not the BG).
and this is my desk :D

We're going to apply for a Youth in Action programme of the EU, Deadline applicationnya tgl 15. We got everything ready except signed form from South Africa and Hungary.. hopefully they could reach the office before Tuesday :P. Fingers crossed.

Still no news from the Sweden people, and this weekend we probbly gonna check the Asian Film Festival out. Quickie Express is going to play, as well as Kala (the Director is going to be there for a Q&A session).
Mo bikin brownies ga jadi2 xD
Last weekend played badminton.. i sucked :P its really not my sport.. dah gtu badan jadi sakit semua lagi xD

Aw yea.. last three months a lot of ppl i know got married :P geez.. congrats to them all :D n to Nia n Stepy for the engagement..

Elvin n uc r going to move out :( hiks.. but i guess it's a good move for them both.

Ow yea, on fitna the movie... that movie is crappy :p 'nuff said.
a bit disappointed at NKRI's government who banned myspace, youtube, multiply, as a panic-reaction xD tp denger2 ban-nya udh di lift. so,.. dats good.
no need to panic, we're islamic!
a friend of clive's gave a shirt that is something like this..

...on his n isrina's farewell party :D or was it his birthday?
The sentence itself is a title of a show in BBC that invites British Muslim to speak openly about what it means to be a British Muslim - at a time when the nation is fighting a 'war on terror'

I guess dawt's awl.. c u next month :p

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