this violent imagination of mine

in my head i was playing the scene
over and over again
we are in this situation where
i am standing
with a monitor screen in my hand
and again and again
i slammed it to your head
till your skull broke
till you choke blood
until you lay motionless on the floor
and your scream
that had been such beautiful music
to my ears
had stopped
and i feel extremely
and happy
and i would smile
the widest smile I've ever made

2 komentar:

Binsar mengatakan...

pasti deh punya hubungan batin dengan voldermort atau lagi kerja trus kesel sama sesuatu trus banting monitor yang udah lama rusak juga hahaha

the mouse mengatakan...

kala imagination went too wild and i listened too much to marilyn manson :D