im (not) gonna see slumdog millionaire

last night i had a "sneak" preview of the oscar-winning movie, 'Slumdog Millionaire'.
I watched like, the first 15 minutes
before i decided to stop the movie and switched to Aladdin =p

15 minutes might not be enough to base my judgement of not gonna see the movie at all xD

what i didnt like from that 15 minutes:
  • a boy got tortured for answering correctly in a 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire' quiz. i dont know how well-educated the ppl in india are. the q's seem to be fairly easy. (yea ok i couldnt answer who played the main role in a 1973 bollywood movie).
  • those flashbacks.. sad, depressing flashbacks everytime the boy had to answer a q. (its really bad there, but the boy will get his millions, so.. it doesnt matter right?)
  • its a movie. who makes profit? movie-makers n those young actors. the poor in india might not get anything more than sympathy.

    its really far-fetched. a boy winning millions of money. this boy who was covered in shit to get amitabh bachchahn's autograph... n have it sold by his brother.

    if they want to engage sympathy, why not make it a realistic one.
    if its for entertainment.. well its not my kind of entertainment i guess.

    i know its a feel-good movie, trying to show how poor people, one out of a zillion might win the 'who wants to be a millionaire' quiz. there's a lot of misery in this world n i dont know which is worse, being ignorant of them or trying to make money out of it. selling their miseries&their dreams. dreams too far fetched it might never come true. it just hurts.

    story-wise, the indonesian movie "laskar pelangi" is better, mybe since it is inspired by true life events.
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    elvin.priyadi mengatakan...

    easy, 1973 actor?

    amitabh bachan akakakka

    he's the only one i know from that period. so he must be really famous :p

    dramaqueeningrum mengatakan...

    I haven't watch that movie too mbak, so highfive!!


    Diana Rikasari mengatakan...

    i quite don't understand your perspective, really. I actually think the movie was really good, and it made me think a lot ofter watching it, that such things STILL happen out there, even in our own country. it actually opened my eyes and made me realize the fact once again...:)

    the mouse mengatakan...

    its not that im evading reality, i know. i used to work in an ngo, i cant but not be aware that there r still a lot of people living in poverty, people with their basic human rights unacknowledged. yes, in india, in our own country, in africa, almost everywhere. so im used to get reminded daily that there are people who are less fortunate.. thats also the reason why i dont like war movies.

    whn i saw slumdog, for me its not an eye-opener. its just harsh reality repackaged with a bow on top.. but i know its still ugly.

    imagine urself as one of the 'untouchables' in india n u saw that movie. how would u feel? why i compared it to 'laskar pelangi', coz the other movie was about hard work and believing yourself, dare to dream, and it did come true. so if ure this poor kid n u saw that movie u could still hv a bit of hope. if i could take those people to the movie, i would take them to see laskar pelangi, n not slumdog.

    i mean, slumdog, whats the whole idea? u can b poor but u can win a quiz n get rich?.. i dont buy that :p oh.. or should i remind myself that those poor people in India are too poor to go to the movies anyway..

    but yea, its something personal, the movie just doesnt work on me :)

    elvin.priyadi mengatakan...

    @Diana Rikasari
    when you ate sugar cubes for lunch, for the whole month, i think, that would be a real eye-opener, on how poverty will taste like.

    so movie? i don't think it's working. you have to feel it.

    the mouse mengatakan...

    all hail ppl who tasted poverty xD