im gonna get in trouble for this.. =p

Meet Scott:
"Hello Everyone, I Am A Christian And I Love To Upload Videos That Teaches You What Christianity Is All About. I Love Acting And Just Making Things Up."

he's like the mini version of him(/her). Ooh im so scaareeeed xD

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ανωνυμία mengatakan...

Leave Britney ALONE!!!!

the mouse mengatakan...

tenang.. tenang.. xD

ανωνυμία mengatakan...

Holy crap, I didn't know you are linking that "him(/her)" to Leave-Britney-alone video.
My first reaction when I watched that kid's video was "Hm, I'm thinking on that creepy guy/gal screaming Leave Britney alone".
Ow, and uhm... I laughed... Shame on me -__-