rehab day 2 or sticky chicken day

ze ingrédients:
chicken (obviously)
honey (or any other substance to make it sticky.. but prefrably honey..)
soy sauce
olive oil
(sherry) vinegar
a head of garlic (or yours.. doesnt matter, but it gotta be sliced)

ze opération
heat oil, chop chicken to pieces, fry until chicken changes colour.
sprinkle in pepper, 1-2 tbsp soy sauce, vinegar, n 3-4 tbsp oil
slice lemon, spread evenly on top of chicken.. wait 4-5 minutes
add garlic, some water, cook some more until chicken gets brownish/caramel colour
add 3 tbsp honey then sprinkle in the thyme
chop parsley, sprinkle over chicken..
stir em a bit..
and done :D

via mr. Kunto via youtube

and now for the less happy note..

i hate you.. for no reason
cause actually i hate myself..
maybe i hate you for making me hate myself..
but in the end i just hate myself more for hating you for making me hate myself..
i hate this world -_-

btw, reached sura 9. At-Taubah (Repentance) or Al Bara'ah (Ultimatum).. I dont know why one prefer one name than the other.. It's the only sura in Koran that does not start with Basmallah. RK convinced that it's related to the mathematical pattern of Koran that makes it safe from tampering. ...and, he concluded that this Sura ends at verse 127. The last two verses, verse 128 and 129 are.. fake.

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