mirror, mirror..

with a blunt thud the mirror fell to the ground.
i was half-surprised as i watched its fragments scattered all over.
the mirror suffered a number of crashes before but never broke.
this last fall finally took the toll.

i dont know if it has any significant meaning to my life right now.
the mirror fell before. it didn't break. it fell again. still didnt break.
me and my roommate used to laugh whenever it happened. "will the day when we have to find a new mirror ever come?"

so it broke.
and there are mirror pieces shattered on the floor.
small pieces, some or so small they look like shinning, sparkling dust.

and i thought to myself. so that's it. no loud noises. no drama. it just fell and broke.
didnt give out a noise except the usual 'thud'.
the mirror just shattered.

im not sure if i want to clean it.
i want to keep the proove that the mirror that i thought would never break, just broke.
look, you can see the pieces on the floor. small pieces, and some glitters like the stars in the night sky.

and i thought it would never break.

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