i'm dennis kucinich

with little knowledge on US' politics n state welfare... :p i bravely took the quiz n got this result :p

a quick googling on dennis kucinich reveals that ..... he's got a nice slogan xD "Strength through Peace" - which i dont think would sell much with the majority of american conservatives.

dan pose fotonya dong :p "peace" gitu.. reminds me of my own pics xD

seems like that he's a nice humble man :D (melihat pose fotonya, kqkqkqkq)

komentarnya chauft: "idih kamu ada republicannya"
ya... i know :">
chauft's a hardcore democrat xD
1. John Edwards (smpet jd calon VP bareng Kerry)
2. Joseph Biden, and
3. Barack Obama (u know him)

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Anonim mengatakan...

guess what? *nyengir*

I am also a hardcore democrat
1. Bill Richardson
2. Chris Dodd
3. John Edwards.

and John Edwards is resigning from the run.


the mouse mengatakan...

im not even sure if Richardson is still running :D
emg kali org2 model kt blm cocok jd presiden U.S.. eheheh