im trying to be funny here...

ever think of making ur own holiday?

well here are some ideas to begin with:
Be a Dork Day, July 15 -- Give your inner dork free reign to trip, snort or geek out over the latest high-tech gadget.

Have a Bad Day Day, Nov. 19 -- Store owners can send off customers by saying, 'Have a bad day,' on this cynical holiday. (love this one, -ulm)

No Housework Day, April 7 -- Just say no to taking out the trash and cleaning the toilet (as if you did any of those things to begin with, you lazy bastard).

Blah Blah Blah Day, April 17 -- Are people nagging you to make that dentist's appointment or quit smoking? Well, get to it!

Lost Sock Memorial Day, May 9 -- Take a moment to reflect upon the millions of lost socks that never make the short trip back from the dryer.

source: Hatch Magazine

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