cant believe i broke into my own house!!

It's been one week since i last saw my house-key.. humm.. i finally lost it. i thought i should have mislaid it somewhere in my room, but until today, ..saudara-saudara, i still couldnt find my key.

Last weekend gw 3 days d Logger, Minggu malemny d Holendrecht, and back to Utrecht Monday morning.. lngsung k kntor. The next 4 evenings I had included disturbing my housemates by tirelessly punching on the doorbell (hihihi..). berlebihan ding, tapi yah.. u got the idea..

But I have 6 housemates, so the chance for a different person to open the door for me each day was actually quite big =p tapi yah, 2 dari 4 hari itu, housemateku yg cewe yg ngebukain..

SO.. i dont know how much time I had spent waiting hopelessly on the front door, occasionally ringing the doorbell.. wishing that somebody might actually was at home. Tapi na-da... nihil..
Ibu2 tua tetangga sebelah rumah (yg dulu pernah kubantu ketika sepedanya rubuh), udh ngemasuk-luarin kucing dan anjingnya*. (wait.. she has both dog and cat?? o.O)

*) maksud dari sentence ini adalah: ngemasukin kucing, ngeluarin anjing

I guess my friends should know by now that i am not the most patient person in the city (takut mo bilang world kegedean, sekota aja blm tntu gw yg paling sabar). So i was actually contemplating the various ways I could get in..
1. waiting (which of course not so much in to my favor)
2. borrow a ladder from my neighbor (after she had come back from her afternoon for-the-dog's-pleasure walk), and use it to get in from the kitchen window, which was on the second floor, and was open
3. pick the lock with my hairclip (too much mcGyver), i used to destroy lots of my hairclips just to try to pick locks of my own room when i was small *lol
4.look for other possibilites

number 1 n 2 means that i had to wait anyway, trus the latter might cause commotions (but the thought of hving my pic on the front page of the local newspaper was quite appealing,huhuhu). so i immediately tried number 3. but i broke this cute flower ornament on my hairclip (damn!).

Still not giving up, i tried to pick the lock with a piece of metal i found lying on the street. well actually it shaped more like a hook, since it used to be a part of a cloth-hanger.

Sure i knew that the chance of my success in picking the lock was so very small.. i had to think of another way.

then i realized that the mail-slot was actually built on the same level as the door lock. oho.. could it be?

i tried to slip my hand through the slot and find out how far i could get.. then i moved my hand towards the doorlock, well umm.. slide, u know, the thing below the doorknob that you have to push or slide or move to the side to really open the door? but the farthest i could touch was the tip of it.

intriguing.. indeed.. just a little more n i could actually open the door.

Now, i had to make sure that no one was around, because i would look very very suspicious. altho i doubt that, i know that i hv an innocent face, hihihi..

the coast was clear.. so i tried using the hook thing i had found earlier, and tried to grope the lock again.. but failed.. damn.. it did not have the right umm.. contour? well.. so.. i searched in my bag for other things that could have this right shape to move the doorlock (was feeling like im in a detective-game or sumthin).

and then.. voila.. my bracelet ^^ well first i doubt it would work, but.. yeah, it worth a shot. so again, being very careful that nobody's around.. i slipped my hand through the mail slot, reached for the doorlock as far as i could, and grappled for the umm.. well the "thing" hear the click, the sign that the lock actually moved, was... heavenly..

then i turned the doorknob

opened the door

and slowly stepped inside


hahaha.. who needs a doorkey????
klo tau bisa sgampang itu masuk rumah ngapain gw msti worried ngeganggu anak2 rumah??
dan sllu wondering ad org d rumah pa engga???
btw gw alesanny k mrk sih, klo i left my key at my friend's house in a'dam =p
mungkin i hv to tell my landlord klo i lost the key to the house :(
altho i dont want to do so
i still wish that my key would eventually show up =/
oh kunci rumah.. pls come out..
come out, come out, wherever you are...

ah well, yg jelas gw ga prlu khawatir lagi klo mo kluar besok2, hihihih..

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