enterpreneur tell tale

Today was hot.. sesuai ramalan emg sminggu ini bakaln panas abis..
so dtengah2 hawa panas dan pengap
serta sayup musik dari tropical station (favorit supervisor saya)
well skip the introduction
jadi intiny i read this article on forbes trus ad ttg boosting ur economy. n the columnist-nya (yg seorang enterpreneur aka wiraswasta) bilang klo salah satu carany itu dengan memacu pertumbuhan wiraswasta.
dan emang bukan daya beli yg nunjukin majunya suatu negara, tp production level.

here are the things he said, for a country to do, to boost the enterpreneurship of its people:

  • Taxes must be reasonable.
    kesanny umum sekali ya..
    Entrepreneurs and capital will be attracted to lower taxes.
    yah of course..
    tp tax buat usaha d indo tinggi ga sih? kayakny engga deh

  • Trade and labor markets must be free.
    hmm im beginning to think klo authorny mendukung european charter, hehehe..
    Typically cash-strapped, they (the enterprenurs, red.) need the flexibility to tap suppliers and customers anywhere in the world.
    well we would hv no prob in that.. indo's laborer are cheap!

  • Regulations must be light.
    ahahah.. ya ampown..
    well he gave an example about doing business in France: French startups are choked by paperwork, which is why a generation of French restaurant entrepreneurs has decamped to London.
    Yup, they (referring to bird talks - kabar burung =p) said that the best French restaurant is actually located in London.

  • The rule of law must be understood and enforced.
    Jadi mksudny apa yah? well sumthin like the law has to be strong enough n has to be enforced to every business to avoid big companies taking over the whole thing (monopoly?)

  • Entrepreneurs come in all types.
    oh i love this part: Countries that place too much emphasis on showy scholastic achievement, such as France and Japan, will be short on entrepreneurs.
    humm i should ask my supervisor bout this..
    jadi emang scholastic achievement tu ga perlu =D *lol

  • Immigration must be encouraged. Australia, New Zealand and, to a lesser extent, the U.K. are booming because of immigration, just as America historically has. Educated immigrants start tech companies. Noneducated immigrants also boost the economy, if they are willing to assimilate. They start mom-and-pop businesses, some of which grow to be large. Memo to France and Germany: The U.S. has made a disastrous wrong turn regarding skills-based immigrants. Because of its H-1B visa plan, the U.S. is admitting only a third of the peak number it did five years ago. That's terrible policy. It will damage U.S. technology for years to come. I hate to suggest this, but now's the time for other countries to take advantage of our shortsightedness.

  • Waste and inefficiency must be accepted. Old Europe has been infected with a bad idea from its Green parties. The idea is that "sustainability" is good and waste is sinful. But "sustainable" never brings the big breakthrough. For that, you need armies of entrepreneurs "wasting" time and resources in experimentation.
    Indo ppl r exceptionally good in wasting time, heheh.. (eh,.. or is it just me? :p)

  • Honest failure must be tolerated. One of the secrets of Silicon Valley's success is an acceptance of multimillion-dollar cock-ups. Billionaire venture capitalist John Doerr says a VC isn't seasoned until he's crashed the equivalent of an F-18 fighter jet--booted $20 million on a startup that didn't work. In countries where bankruptcy laws are too tilted toward creditors, you get fewer risk takers.
    hmmm.. risky,..

  • Social mobility must be applauded. Why would a French entrepreneur want to struggle for success, only to find at the head of the receiving line someone like Dominique de Villepin, a haughty mandarin eager to cut him down? One of the reasons Silicon Valley surpassed the Boston area in tech leadership is that Boston was more class-riven. Graduates of Harvard Business School, wanting to protect their social status, tended to go into white-shoe consulting and banking. Graduates of Stanford Business School felt less social pressure and gravitated toward misfit startups. In the U.S. the best entrepreneurial hives offer the most social mobility: New York City, the New South, the West.
    pretty much ppl in Indo are like this..
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