the philosophy of an idler

i love just to sit down n do nothing. daydreaming. in the middle of a hectic day in the office i would steal some time to just stare blankly at the monitor, my mind just wanders off, mouse pointing n clicking purposelessly.. idling.

and this guy (man) wrote a book about idling.
idler means someone who does no work.. :D

well Mr. Hodgkinson (the author of How to be an Idler) was putting it this way, "It wasn't exactly the old 'do nothing all day,' it was just that youa ppreciate the value of a good portion of doing nothing in your day -- for your mental health, your physical health, your relationships, that sort of thing. But also appreciate the importance of getting out of this wage-slavery thing, more or less, and try to look after yourself."

An Idler's Life

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