eXERCise to pRoducE a Gr8ter seNse of Well-bEing

Assume the position.
Kneel on a rug or mat with your knees together, your shins flat on the floor, and your feet under your buttocks. Bend forward as far as you can. If possible, try to rest your stomach and chest on your thighs and your forehead on the floor, with your hands placed palms-down on either side of your head. If you are overweight, it's okay to let your knees come apart to allow space for your abdomen.

Move with your breath.
Inhale deeply and rise up, spreading your arms. At the height of the inhalation, your upper body should be straight and your gaze toward the ceiling. As you look up, raise your arms with your palms open.

Lower your arms.
Do this on the exhalation, bringing your arms down to cover your heart while you chant. 'Yam.' This is a traditional chant word that allows for varied expression and intonation. When chanting, repeat the sound as often as you like, drawing out the 'a' sound in Yam, then closing your lips to produce a long, humming 'm' sound.

Coordinate your movements.
As you inhale again, raise your arms again to the open position. Exhale and return to the crouched, kneeling starting position.

Repeat one to eight times.
Chant 'yam' every time you change from the upraised-arms position to the hands-on-heart position."

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