Mid-Term Evaluation Form

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Mid-term evaluation form
School of Communication, Media &Music
International Business Communication

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Assessment of intern conducted by the placement supervisor together with the student

1. Personal Details
Name Intern
Student number
Name of firm/organization
Name Placement supervisor
Name Academic supervisor
Period (semester)

Ulma Nurriva Haryanto
AEC -Association Européenne des Conservatoires,
Christine Masure
Craig Whittaker

It is important for all parties involved to have an assessment of the intern approximately halfway through the placement period. Would you please fill this form out and return it to the student’s academic supervisor via email?

2. Please asses the student according to the following criteria – type an ‘x’in the appropriate spot

A. Insight into business processes

1. Daily work - Very good
2.Contact with colleagues - Very good
3.Contact with placement supervisor - Very good
4.Structure and culture of the organization - Very good

B. Working style

5. Planning and organization of work - Very good
6. Proactivity - Very good
7. Effort - Very good
8. Work tempo - Very good
9.Problem-solving capabilities - Very good
10. Organizing own work - Very good

C. Work output

11. Quality of work - Very good
12.Communication skills - oral - Good
13. Communication skills - written - Very good

3. Points for the student to work on

4. Final assessment
General assessment - Very good

Date 15-06-2005
Other Comments
Ulma has been the best student intern ever working in the AEC office. The intelligence, efficiency and collegial manner has been a great asset to the organisation; she has been more than a colleague than a student intern.

i'm glad they didnt mention: "excessive user of the telephone and coffee machine"

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