long time no c...

klo udh lama ga ketemu orang gitu.. and kebetulan tu orang dulunya deket ma kita.. psti feels weird, dan maybe wlo ga enak, msti accept the fact juga.. klo people (two friends, a couple) sometime grow apart.

sukur2 klo pas ketemuan lagi bisa work out the differences, and develop a (re)new(ed) relationship. some might just be frustrated with the change and decided to stop seeing each other again, or stop wanting to have any kind of relationship with the other.

right now saya sedikit anxious saja, kecampur curious. bakal ketemu lagi ma anak2, ma "temen2".. wlopun ga ketemu cuma setahun, tp aku ngerasa, we all have changed. I have. wktu "dilempar" ke acara PPI, I found myself being a mouse again :D (meminjam istilah dari mas berly, yang juga pernah dipakai Nik Healey when he made comments after my group's presentation).

anyways, i didnt feel ready to see such crowd of people i hadn't met for a year (some were even more). so i silently drew away from everybody, found myself a nice corner, and stayed there (like a mouse :p).

so i guess i just have to wait and see. fourth year is supposed to be fun (or not?)
oh yeah, i have to think about thesis and planning how am i going to start my report, and those resits that i still have to take, oh dear oh dear oh dear..

teman-temanku.. wlopun ga keliatan on the surface (i am not at all competent in showing or expressing my feelings), i'm happy and will be waiting for your return ^^

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the mouse mengatakan...

hehehe.. gw sekalinya niat ngeblog langsung ngepost 3 sekaligus dalam sehari xD

(termasuk ngomentarin tulisan sendiri)

Anonim mengatakan...

yeah ! it 's great !

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the mouse mengatakan...

DODOL! apa hubungannya?? xD