ulma went clubbing

it was saturday nite, n me went clubbin
u see all weird ppl
chinese women shaking their head non stop
from midnite to mornin
and weird guys asking you questions
with their half-closed eyes
and beer in one hand
and people sway their hands
their troubles once forgotten

i met some friends
i saw the other side of them
one i know had a wife
but a woman is dangling on his neck
introduced herself as her girlfriend
and the music went so loud
bodies movin glasses breakin
dj's quite good though

drank 3 baileys n 3 kahlua
my friend pushed me to drink some more
but my stomach felt so full
i couldnt take it
so she danced away
jigglin wigglin with another guy
whom as she told me the next day
she just knew that night

and it was 5 am
she's too drunk to open her eyes
i ask that guy she'd been wriggling with to help me
drag her carry her find a cab
and clilmbed the stairs (two floors)
till we got to her house
open her shoes, took off her earings
put a plastic container on the bedside
if she ever wanted to throw up

took off my lenses
brush my teeth
went to bed

the next day woke up at 2 pm
she said to me
"i never throw up before, however drunk i am
even 6 shots of tequila, wont ever got me drunk
maybe after 3 weeks of not going to the clubs
i am not quite used to it anymore"

dont u ever heard about self-control?

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