6.15 pm

It’s 6.15 pm and I have only drunk 4 cups of coffee (including the one at the poffertjes-house) today. So-not-normal

Pingin nelpon itha, pingin nelpon elvin, pingin nelpon chietra, pingin nelpon B :p, pingin nelpon ... heuheuhue… my last day, dan hectic ( senangnya…

7.40 pm: all this time i thought lute is a wind instrument (why? because it rhymes with flute :p)
tapi ternyata it's a mandolin-string-instrument thingy.
Some links on lutes (kayak penting aja, Ma xD ..dhee biarin napa sih)
  • The Belgian Lute Academy
  • The Czech Viola da Gamba and Lute Society
  • Air Lute: A Short Historical Perspective
  • The Italian Lute Society
  • How to read lute tablature --> penting nih! :p
  • dan yang tak kalah pentingnya: The Lute - A Brief History

    enjoiy ;)
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