you're active, i'm passive

chauft did the personality test, too yesterday. this is his result (listed from lowest to highest, score kira2, klo ga salah inget):
* The Achiever (#3) - 0.49
* The Leader (#8) - 0.58
* The Perfectionist (#1) and The Observer (#5) - 1.08

Klo si elvin = ibu rumah tangga yang baik XD
Klo Chauft.. well he can be a good docent :D and a good team-leader in a research group :D
Ternyata kmu tidak se-laidback yg saya kira :D

Observer yang perfectionist. so i think he's an active-observer. kebalikan dr saya. im a diplomatic observer. cenderung pasif :D

Ngeliat kombinasi leader-perfectionist-achiever juga ga ngagetin sebenernya. so he really striving to get the best out of everything, and not hesitant to lead.
bandingkan dgn saya yg observer-diplomatic-loyalist --> traits passive semua :D dont ask me to lead anything,.. nge-lead diri sendiri aja masih susah xp

Wlo sy punya juga trait perfectionist, tp rasanya itu cuma sy pake klo di kerjaan, dan a little bit in life. nothing in this life's perfect, so why sweat on it? :p perfectionist also strive for betterment. (mine's 0.5 n chauft's 1.08.. im 46% of chauft's spirit to drive everything to perfection :D)

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