menjelang 2007

so this is the most do-nothing nite bfore new year i've ever had :D
and i can see it in many ways.
for the past couple of hours i've been:
-playing monopoly tycoon
-wondering should i eat again or not (scrambled eggs?)
-watched Russell Peters again and tried to convince mr. boyfriend how funny he is
-watched other funny stuffs in youtube
-read funny stuffs at
-watched mr. boyfriend's sleeping face and got amused realizing that this guy has sleeping hours as much as babies'
-texted Dad
-wondering what my friends are doing (chicken wings and spring rolls and friends exc. me); vina ifta n dita are at rina's place; dad with grandma in the hospital; mum's with my bros n sis watching telly; ...
-not grasping the fact that Saddam has just got hanged (n it was really his face shown on the internet)
-editing my boyfriend's thesis

i need a new 2007 agenda
still need to straighten up my life
cover lies with more lies (?)

waxing gibbous 92% = nice

btw we watched memento.. so friggin awesome!
i know tht dian had recommended me this movie since.. uhm
couple of years back
tp baru kesampean nonton semalem
MY HEAD HURTS from watching it ;P
overload information, heheh.. or simply just plain s-l-o-w :D

abis nonton itu you will end up with loads of question.. so we went to IMDB's discussion board. lumayan helping, until we went to the website (its memento spelled backwards, cool huh?).. baru lumayan tambah bisa ngrti.

so its better if u watch it first n then go to the website after :D for double-mumet effect..
KEREN pokoknya :D

i wanna read 'Memento Mori' short-story dr jonathan nolan, brothernya si christopher nolan, sutradara pelm, yg dijadiin base dr filmnya. and christopher nolan is the guy who made 'batman begins' humm.. yah anyway. peace v ^^

4 komentar:

vien mengatakan...

i thought you are with him.. :(

well you were, but..i thought you r celebrating it with him..

you know..

gee..sorry :(

the mouse mengatakan...

we had great fun -.-
its just "new year" thingie.. who cares.. :P

dian mengatakan...

maaaaaa aku kangen
so u watched it. pusing tapi bikin ketagihan yak hehehe
u take care there

have a great year ahead!

much love from the loner

the mouse mengatakan...

cariin kerjaan di KL doonng :D
jadi gw bisa k sana nemenin eluuu hehehe

take care juga ya :)
met liburan n hv a succesful year