from a'dam to addis to budapest to dar, jozi n back

on the title was shorts for
amsterdam (the netherlands)
dar es salaam (tanzania)
johannesburg (south africa)

I was compiling texts and images for B-CONNECTED 07's country pavillions. so.. stumbled on articles about the music/hiphop scene in SouthAfrica (via BBC's Global Rhythm), Tanzania (via interview in, and Holland (via
liat websitenya sziget festival of Budapest.. cool
so .. kayaknya bakal write some stuff about contemporary music scene in those cities.

beberapa items:
1. general city info: map, language, country flag, population, ethnicity
2. tourist attraction
3. food
4. language (with a list of words)
5. transportation
6. graffiti (humm.. blm nemu banyak sih)
7. contemporary music scene
all are supplemented with relevant pics :D

btw trailer TMNT yg baru udh ada.. yay..

ulma, jgn lupa:
1. email craig
2. email lina

ah ya, krn sedang berusaha mendalami dunia musik pop lagi, sy mensupport mood dgn radio heheh..
gila websitenya dah tambah keren aja.. n so much advert -.- skrg lg bikin acara: Rap Around the World, artis2 rap di sini ngeliat situasi rap di negara2 lain, including Indonesia
mtv is pop, theres nothing we can do to say no to it :p

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