before this go away

yeah, why not making a new year's resolution.
i nvr had any bfore.
n i promised myself to be a better person

how many resolutions can you make and keep it feasible?
lets try 5
*) live in a more healthy lifestyle. seriously gw dah mo 22 *sigh* at least bener2 harus jaga makan. try to do more sport (in plan: swimming-related sports or yoga), reduce smoking (also for financial reason :p)
*) POSITIVE THINKING n try to keep my mental health in balance *oooohhmmm* remember zen :p gara2 sering denger kata itu (zen) recently. zen has a lot of meaning, true. but what i meant is the "mental peacefulness"
*) finish my school assignments :D
*) do proper finance management
*) belajar (untuk lebih) sabar :p (im sorry for the times that i shouted/get quickly mad at you)

yay.. five

lets hope that i can do that!

ow the Memento Mori short-story made me realize more that there ARE times that you have to really remind yourself. Earl wrote epriting down bfore he forgot. my memory is still better than him, but i know that there are times that i umm not behaving as well as i expected.

dan kata bu Nio "changing is hard. but you can do it if you really push yourself". masalahnya selama ini i dont push myself at all.

dan d memento mori juga, lupa exact wordsnya gmn, tp yg jelas in human's life, there are moments where one can find tranquility and get inspired to do great things. tp its a rare moment and some times the moment passes just like that.
well coz i hv a religion i would say that those moments can be increased if you have frequent connection with The One Above (Bahasa: Yang Di Atas :p) and, op kors, Dia adalah Yang Maha Memberi Petunjuk

Hmm ya.. im not a very Faithful person (yet). (Kenapa ga dimasukin di resolution list? umm *blush* dunno. guess im still afraid that i'll let myself down. and again, i think for me its the thing that should be on my list every day of my life -> jawaban bluffing *sigh* will be good if true, though)


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