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Indonesia is a big island-rich country in the north of Australia. Of the 13.700 islands only around 1000 that r populated. The capital city is Jakarta on the Java island. In 2004 Indonesia was largely afflicted by the devastating Tsunami, more than 200,000 people in Aceh, and the northern part of the island Sumatra. Around half-million people lost everything, tens of thousands are still missing.

There are around 70 million children younger than 18 years old. In Indonesia, young people are common victims of cruelty. There's a lot of child labour, and they work in the street or in clothing factories (talk about H&M... Anyhow the government tries to change. They tried to be against sexual exploitation of children, and signed a treaty that they will end human trafficking. But in practice, children r still victims of violence.

Children who can go to school, take education very seriously. But those who don't, help their parents at home or work. Many also roam the street, becoming beggars or cleaning the windows of cars that wait for the red light to change. More and more children use drugs. The young people listen often to Indonesian Pop Music. And Indonesian boybands are very popular among the girls
(hey wait, the paragraph only told a little bout the pop music)
Geez, knp mesti nunggu uluran tangan dr luar negeri sih? mana orang2 kaya Indonesiaaa?
fyi - this project is sponsored by Plan, an originally British NGO that helps children in need all around the world.

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