on a Sunday

wake up: 11.40 am
eat: tosti hazelnut n gevulde brie 60+
drink: coffee
read: all email messages; some blogs; news

to-do list for the coming week:
wau sat n sun
spread out party flyer
send email to craig
bersihin lantai koridor + wc (thu)
ke elvin

News of ppl i know:
Hasil pemilu PPI dah keluar. Wiby won, Nez, mas Momon n Nefry jd pengawas.
Indah finally tunangan sama Greg :D
Barry will start his internship with UPS in Feb

other news:
Indonesia masi struggling dgn bird flu. altho i think sutiyoso hv shown good examples in his struggle in eradicating this illness: sertifikasi unggas for free. bakar2. larangan pemeliharaan unggas non-komersil (i wonder what would that be). (source: various news from ANTARA)

ad earthquake deket Sulawesi - 7.3 richter scale (bbc news).. sebelum2nya juga ada gempa di jogja, maluku tenggara

altho the UN-Conference in Bali on world peace gave this country some positive credits.

back to my self-contemplating mood.
my dad always said that most of the time im too self-oriented.
setelah sy pikir2, true.
but he also said that since im with "him", ive become less self-oriented.
but then i thought, everybody has to be self-oriented
if not they will be lost. ikut2 ga jelas ke sana dan ke sini.
but on the other hand im a very insecure person.
so i always think n re-think every little bits n pieces that happens or going to happen.
dan with all of that evaluation ive been doing with my supervisor
had made me think even more inertly
palagi abis ini TMMF dibubarin :p
i really hv to think what would i like to do for MM
yg ada di pikiran saya sih
i work 36 hours a week
12 for b-connected (soalnya i was hired for this)
12 for yscd (youth social and cultural development) -> wanna try this one
12 for being ruben's pa (personal assistant). tmmf bubar, n ruben will be runnin it on his own.
n i still hv to graduate :D
which is scary as well.
i really prefer to stay here n b with him

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gempa, birdflu, and storm in here.
geez...its scary


lets play sherlock lets play sherlock :p

our life is probably too short
lets live and enjoy every second of it.