I think somebody changed the height of my chair .. leher gw skrg pegel banget, my working position is uncomfortable, but i dont know how to change the setting of my chair =S

hari ini i dont feel so grounded

dgn enteng blabbing to epribodi bout anything that came to my head.

dan hari ini senen, jd meeting mingguan kantor.

Starting fr feb (eh or march?) i will be assistant to executive director of music mayday international :|
*mati gw*

well fyi MM-I itu entar berarti cuma dua orang.. saya dan ex.dir, si ruben :D
tp like i said bfore, i would love to do something for B-CONNECTED and YSCE (turns out now it's empowerment, not development.. yah, namanya juga divisi baru :D)
daaaaan juga
theres this probability (small sih) klo i can go to Tanzania (or Ethiopia) for the International B-CONNECTED meeting. emang awalnya yg bole pergi adh mrk yg punya dutch passport. tp the managers r trying to find a way to get around it.
so i will hv to be on my best performance for this couple of months!

meetingnya will be around march/april or june/july

my mom already booked my flight to indo in march


dah ngimel para atasan
tinggal menunggu balasan

seprtinya mesti asap pergi k gemeente amstelveen

dan perpanjang passport

tp pokoknya besok k elvin :p
maen sherlock holmes.. nonton stephen chow :D
he' he' he'..

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