suatu pagi di souvenir shop


this is my third week working at a souvenirshop in renaissance hotel.
i hv to start 8 am in the morning.. and by the love of God its very rare of me to wake up before 10!!!

last nite i stayed at elv's house it was her birthday the day before, so anyway i had to leave around 7.. imagine.. 7 o 'clock in the morning..

but i like working there. the pay isnt much but theres almost nothing to do as well :p in addition to that, i can read the (international porn) magazines n the newspapers all at my heart's content.. biasanya sih baca newsweek ato ga the economist :p

again, going up and about before 9 am is very hard for me. but nonetheless i did wake up 6.45.. sprayed some deodorant, got into my jeans, etc. and wlked out of the house 15 minutes later.

its a weird feeling, walking out while your "soul" is not really completely restored. i mean i always feel like im 3/4 awake when i walk out of the house going to work. like a quarter of my soul is still sticking outside of my body and that at this level im aware that i'll be more snsitive towards the "spirit" world.

staying awake while shop-attending is a real struggle. Regular coffee really cant do the job anymore. what i need is ESPRESSO.. pls somebody shot me with a double portion of it! (my mind -or whats left of it- screamed)

another advantage of working in a souvenir shop is of course you get to meet with tourists. so i can talk in english and not dutch. there was this japanese couple that mistaken me as one of 'em (hahaha.. oh yea i had the same experience with chinese ppl before). And then there's always this occurence of english ppl seem not to believe that the shop DOES sell english-newspapers, and that we sell TODAY'S issue, not yesterday or the week before.

Those guys keep coming in and asked "do you sell english newspaper?", "what time does today's english newspaper come?"
ehm sir.. the newspaper rack is in the front of the shop and if your eyes still good you can see that its today's edition.


with this new souvenir shop thing i have to be satisfied with 4-5 hours of sleep on weekends. saturday n sunday's work schedule for me would be more likely as 8-11.30 at the shop, 3.30-11.00 (or later) at the restaurant.
oh blm lg mesti babysit on weekdays and then sometimes the shop also needs me then.. furthermore i might hv to work at this indonesian take-away to replace someone who's on holiday..

Merciful God, please help me.. heheh emg butuh duit sih,.. tp capek juga :p

you guys reading this n u want to replace me pls say "ay"

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elvin.priyadi mengatakan...


you need vacation :D

loooong vacation.

la la la la la la love songgg

the mouse mengatakan...

oh i love that song! <3