gimme all the hate
gimme all the fear
the anger and the rage
say nothing coz i wont hear

gimme depression
gimme cyanide
im in a recession
i want to run and hide

gimme the darkness
the death and his sickle
im trapped in this loneliness
stab me in the middle

gimme ur hatred
that pity and the sweet talk
wont work anymore im throwing everything
inside my head into your face
i want to get angry
to be furious and shout
at you people
and scream until my voice went hoarse

im tired with your laughter
i cant smile with the lies anymore
why does everybody have to pretend that they're happy?
why are those masks?
why snickering at the back?
tell me straight on
dont pretend u care about me
dont give me that shit

im full of this hatred
yes its me
dont pretend u can accept it
dont pretend to tolerate

2 komentar:

elvin.priyadi mengatakan...

then scream

maybe it would make you feel better

the mouse mengatakan...

neah.. only the cavemen from 'the descent' could make me scream :p